Strangely enough, the girls’ parents treat them differently as well; Ragini is showered with a lot of love, as if trying to make up for the rejection she deals with on a day to day basis, whereas Sadhna seems to be punished for her looks. [34] Following it, in August 2010 Sulagna Panigrahi was cast as Sakshi opposite Hasija. Bidaai is the first offering of Producer Rajan Shahi under Director's Kut Production. Misunderstandings develop between Sadhana and Alekh after his recovery, however, they also get cleared up eventually, and they all live happily together for a while. Top 10 Best Looking Actors In Bollywood 2020. Who Is The Best Pair For Deepika Padukone ?

Slowly but surely, their love wins over their families, especially their opposing mothers, and they eventually marry.

", "Work hit as 1.5 lakh cine workers strike work", "No more repeat of TV soaps as TV industry strike ends", "No more repeat telecast of TV soaps as strike ends", "Cine workers on strike, TV shooting schedules worst hit", "Apoorva Agnihotri in, Kinshuk Mahajan out", "Is integration between two shows working? Things return to normal, and Sadhana gets a new job. [50] When the nine year dominant number one position of StarPlus channel was beaten by Colors TV channel in week ending 11 April 2009, Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai were the top watched Hindi shows with 7.4 and 7 TVR. Nawazuddin Siddiqui Stuck In A New Issue! [53] In early March, it occupied second position after Yeh Rishta with 6.8 TVR. Actors, Serials Chopra, Alia The Sharmas suffer from major financial problems and are threatened to lose their house. The title track of Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai is still immensely popular with the audience, being sung by one of the greatest playback singers of that time. After Sadhana and Ranveer's deaths, Alekh has lost his mental balance once again but eventually recovers thanks to the care of a girl named Sakshi (Sulagna Panigrahi) who comes close to him. The first few episodes portray the death of Sadhana's mother due to her illness, and Sadhana's father being incapable of saving her due to him having an insufficient amount of money. Both couples take deceased Sadhana and Ranveer's blessings and perform the Bidaai (farewell) ritual. [21][22] On 19 November 2008, the strike was called off after settling the disputes and the production resumed.

[45][56], Writer Shoma Munshi in their book Prime time soap operas on Indian Television had included the series among her five specific serials chosen for analysis stating, "I chose ‘Saat Phere… Saloni Ka Safar’ and ‘Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai’ as a counterfoil, because they were the first to challenge the K soaps’ supremacy, and both were issue-based, focusing on the dark skin/fair skin thesis. Awards & Events ... Sapna Babul Ka.... Bidaai (2007–2010) Episode List. One day, the news comes that Sadhana's father is returning from California and will take Sadhana back to Udaipur. "[57], On January 2008, creative head of Zee TV and the writer of Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar accused Bidaai as a copy of Saat Phere, where both of them deals with the story of a dark complexion girl with different story lines for which Producer Rajan Shahi stated, "Why is the comparison being made after four months of Bidaai’s launch? However, it is later revealed that Sonia is a gold-digger who only attached herself to Ranveer for his money.

Bhatt, Anushka SERIALS Ranveer and Ragini, both get to know that Sadhana knew about their real identities all along and blame her for hiding it from them. He has a brother Alekh (Angad Hasija) who is mentally unstable. [55] Between June and July it ranged between 2 and 5 TVR. [33] In June 2010, to increase the ratings, one of the main characters was killed, causing Sara Khan to exit the series. Ragini thus decides to raise Sadhana’s daughter up too along with hers. Unfortunately, due to the violent weather, Sadhana's father's plane crashes and he dies. Ranveer started investigating what happened with him that diwali night so he Ragini and Sadhana plan to recreate that diwali night once again as Alekh see that moment again he remembers that Ambika killed his grandfather and he was told by Ambika to Alekh that his grandfather was killed by Vasundhara . [3] The series was replaced by Gulaal.[4]. [45], It also became the first Hindi GEC to beat Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to the top position at that time garnering 5.28 TVR during first week January 2008. "[42], Praising the two shows Bidaii and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai of Rajan Shahi's Director's Kut Production as game changers of Starplus which do not have excessive camera moves and mother in law – daughter in law melodramas unlike previously aired dramas, The Times of India stated, "The shows adequately highlighted the quintessential emotions with loads of romanticism and simplicity in story-telling. [5] Soon, when a generation leap followed, one of the male leads Kinshuk Mahajan quit where his character was also killed and Apurva Agnihotri was cast as the new male lead opposite Parul Chauhan. [62][63] However, court dismissed their queries and stated them to face the trial. Vasundhara tricks Sadhana by accepting her demand, but it is only a facade. Anmol promised Ranvir to look after his family and as a result, he lives in the Rajvansh household as Tamanna's father.

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