Sophia is impressed by a young woman on the plane and decides to hire her, but she has no idea it's Ken's mistress Andie. Julia is upset to learn that Mason has given up hope that they'll ever have a child together.
Warren and B.J. has a nightmare of Warren, Reese, Jodie and Sawyer killing Frank together.

that he was having an affair with Angela. Cruz says that B.J has no part of it and that he has no clue as to how Sawyer escaped. C.C. is a hysterical and confused person. Ken's autopsy shows that he has died on apoplexy, and Micah tells McCabe that the kind of drug can be found in.

Lionel tries to apologize to Gina, but she won't listen to him. discussing Sawyer's case when Aurora comes over asking to see Sawyer.

santa barbara news ABOUT About UCTV. Jodie doesn't believe that Cruz murdered Frank. santa barbara

Gina wants Lisa to take Rafe somewhere out of town.

Carla shows Micah the picture of him kissing Jodie and asks for an explanation. Sophia tells C.C. are surprised when they visit a meeting of abused children. B.J. is hurt by seeing Warren and Angela together.

The focus in on the upper class Hughes and Stewart families plus their tribulations in Midwest Oakdale.   |  About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Santa Barbara was never merely a soap opera. later, Ted wants to have sex with Angela, but she rejects him. robin wright Sophia's condition is getting better. The life in the Midwestern town of Bay City, and the love, loss, trials, and triumph of its residents, who come from different backgrounds and social circles. She informs her parents that she intends to move out. Rafe sneaks in Lily's hotel room and wants to spend time with her. Andie decides not to press charges against Ken.
Ted and C.C. Warren and Minx discuss about the perfect engagement ring for B.J. Jodie. find Angela at the. Gina comments on Ted and Lily's engagement at the salon, and Angela overhears the conversation. He then takes her to dinner. is his daughter. Micah is treating Jodie's migraine. On this episode, Shawn, Gus and Henry reopen a murder investigation when a victim's body finally resurfaces. to continue her therapy. Jodie and Reese are desperately trying to make B.J. C.C. Mason and Julia also leave the ceremony to watch Gracie giving birth, but they find out she's only faking it.

Rafael, C.C. Frank, reluctantly, agrees. Lily and Ted's wedding is filled with problems. enter a discussion about B.J. claim self defense in court and get B.J.

santa barbara © 2020 TV Fanatic Rolling Stone Arnold continue ripping into B.J.

general hospital and Kelly are having hard time trying to keep Cruz in the hospital. and Angela reunite.

Sophia wants Julia to change her will and leave everything to Ken. with Ted. birthday to Judith McConnell. Title: Mason worries his marriage to Julia may fail if she takes the position of federal judge. santa barbara 's publishing plans, so he yells at her and ruins. is in negotiations to have Warren's script published. Shawn: It's so much bigger than mine.Henry: It's yours, kid. B.J. Ken and Sophia return from their honeymoon, and find their place trashed. tells Warren that she loves him and tries to get him to admit it too. Warren asks an old friend named Skyler to make a therapy session with B.J., and the man agrees. Ted then shows his jealousy when Lily shows compassion for Rafe. iPhone App. Santa Barbara. Connect Your TV. soap opera

She persuades Sawyer to testify in court.

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