No other shield is gold enough. When starting use the mace and have a few blessed pages on hand for the couple of bosses. First, make a mage character, picking an amber idol as your starting item. Long range attack, hit super fast with Mossy charm. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Start as a mage and work your way to the Order of the Betrayer, join the order and collect all of the dark spells. There is an excellent shield, the Teuthis Shield, for sale for 500 gold from the blacksmith in the sanctuary at the Village of Smiles, and it makes fighting The Queen of Smiles a lot easier. You also mention divine blessed weapon being good, how deep in the cleric tree is that? Armor: frayed sugegasa, cavalier's cuirass, tainted gauntlets, umbral rhinegravesWeapon: kureimoa as primary, secondary to your taste, no shieldCharms: mossy for kureimoa, any other for secondaryRings: to your taste. TL:DR Just cast Divine Armor and Ethereal Intervention to buff up both physical and elemental resistance. It's behind a secret wall under the merchant of that area. Also, be aware that heavy armor is pretty bad at the start of the game.
transmute your Shrouded bulwark or kureimoa into the black widow. Beginner : The mace with zero requirement which can be obtain from cleric, or certain loot somewhere. This way sucks because Wisdom doesn't help these prayers all that much and if you had started with a Cleric to begin with, those four black pearls could have gotten you another health flask and an energy flask (a couple more Mendings, basically) already. You'll have 10 Wisdom at that point. Avoid the Purifier's temptation to acquire wisdom as you will have little use for it later. I kinda wanted to see what other people have used but the template is full and some of the filled spaces dont seem very serious. Could probably work as an alternate to Magic, but offensive miracles are quite a ways into the game.Worst part of the build is trying to find what you want with 6 spells and 2-3 items in the middle of the fight. Did all of the old builds on this page just disappear, or is there something wrong with my computer? If you take a beeline through the Cleric branch, you'll have a total of 25 Wisdom. Find a boss. First of all, be aware that points you spend on nodes that unlock equipment also boost a related attribute, so even if you never use a whip it's still a point in Willpower, which boosts your maximum stamina (which is a major concern for greathammer users for much of the game).

Holy Damage Buffs + Defensive Buffs + Guardian Blade = Righteous Fury. Swap out your Blessed Pages for a different buff on bosses resistant to holy. This goes without saying, but obviously get and use the Bloodflower charm after the Queen of Smiles boss fight. Focus on getting light armor 4, sword figther 5 and shield 3. Another reason you might want to do this is to speed up access to Cleric 4 to get Ray of Searing. As the reddit says, this is probably the best vanilla starter option. (This build can easily take down the final boss by consistently stun-locking him with Dark Coil). Not all builds are optimized for damage, so read up on the creator's explanations and ideas before you commit. Whips and Daggers both boost Willpower, so even if you're going for a Strength build you don't waste points hitting Dex nodes or anything on the way over. Also one of the best classes for defeating the Unspeakable Deep. And they shouldn't really be getting hit in the first place, either. Acquire any additional Endurance necessary to wield it while wearing the Kraeken and your chosen boots/gloves, then pump strength with any further points. Then I went magic to cheese. Put all points into magic, and rush casting 3 as soon as you can. Whether you decide to use a shield or a big two hander, both of those options open up at about the same time when you get to the Village of Smiles sanctuary. When you beat Carsejaw The Cruel, you can buy his armor and use his sword instead. After that go to the forest area in the sunken keep of course. I just thought the name fit for this build! This build is easy for NG and NG+ and beyond as well. The second way to get Cleric 1 is to path through four Wisdom nodes attached to the central health flask. Try Splendior's hous covenant. Divine Blessed Weapon is a 4th tier prayer, so it's pretty far into the Cleric tree, requiring a total of 15 levels worth of investment before you can cast the spell once you find it in Haegar's Cavern (or buy it from a cleric if you're a follower of Devona, which I recommend as a starting faith to get orange potions and early access to purchase more advanced prayers if you level up your devotion after placing a Leader in a Devona sanctuary). It will help you out a alot. of course there are Wisdom weapons, but they're a bit meh IMO. Umbral Aegis can be acquired earlier than Mirror Shield as well. Fast rolling, double the heals, and wound removal on top of that beats starting with plate and waddling around with 97% encumbrance. Press J to jump to the feed. Start out with The Three as your covenant, and then proceed through the game, grabbing the Claymore (Or however it is spelled in this game) along the way . Early access to miracles lets you remove wounding penalties, which is very nice. As far as the more nuanced stuff, you can pick any creed however I stuck with The House of Splendor for the goldenwine buffs. It turns out that low level prayers include some really useful stuff that either doesn't scale meaningfully with Wisdom, or doesn't scale at all with Wisdom. Stagger boss better compare to Trinity Bardiche, overall usage that led me to use it for a few NG games. :p. Probably the best starting class, you get 3 Blessed Pages, which let you do double damage to the Unspeakable Deep for 90 seconds. Rushing to the Dome of the Forgotten and casting Ray of Searing (found in the Castle of Storms) while standing at the icon at the first sanctuary just inside above the entrance kills the four Whispermen on the floor above you, giving 1600 Salt approximately once per five seconds with zero risk. You can get White Knight set for doing the fetch quest for Fern as soon as you hit the far beach after the fort beyong the mire. Then i get a balance between mossy pessmud and wraithfang. Stacking multiple poison inflicting and poison complimentary features to achieve very fast poison build up, while also being able to combat poison immune/resistant enemies or capitalize on already poisoned foes. Dagger was my favorite play style. After that you want to rush to the Sunken keep. The whole idea is to have your trusty pillar buffed with a stained page (item buffs are superior to spell buffs) while your enemies are debuffed with a flask of defilement, you have to be in the betrayer creed.

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