On paper, the Saleen’s 687 lb-ft splits the difference between base (656) and Redeye (707) Hellcats, but the Saleen doesn’t unleash full boost unless you’re high on revs and deep into the throttle. Please contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in buying, selling, or consigning a vehicle.

Saleen Automotive has been in the car customization and racing business since 1983.

Unfortunately, its throttle response can be inconsistent. If you are interested in trading your high quality car for one of ours, simply fill out this form.

Adding to the problem, the traction control intervenes with a heavy hand.

Scott’s first Mustang was a black-over-grey 1987 GT that would go on to both fuel his addiction to black cars, as well as the quest for a real Saleen. The Saleen has a sharp turn-in and it takes a nice set in fast corners, with very little body roll, but it doesn’t have the lateral grip or athleticism of a Shelby GT350 with the optional Handling Package. Scott is also an active member of The Saleen Club of America which, as he says, has brought together so many people from across the country who share a passion for Saleen automobiles.

Saleen’s have always looked cool and this one turned heads and drew stares from motorists and pedestrians all over Los Angeles. * Saleen Signature Series High Performance Exhaust More importantly, Ford’s own supercharged Shelby GT500 will be packing 760 hp for $73,995. A member of our sales department will be in touch within 24 hours. Call, click or visit https://www.RKMotors.com for more information!

Eight hundred horsepower sounds awesome in theory.

As a true daily driver, Scott has driven this car to over a dozen states and has taken it to two different Saleen Nationals plus Ponies in the Smokies. With a fully redesigned body, independent rear suspension and a host of other upgrades, Saleen raises the performance bar to even higher levels. White gauges take the place of the Mustang's standard readouts, and a boost gauge is fitted atop the dash. Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/registration fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered. Instrumentation includes a tachometer and speedometer with inset coolant temperature and fuel level gauges as well as boost and air intake temperature readouts on top of the dash. Saleen starts with a stock Ford "Coyote" engine and throws on a complete supercharger system with intercoolers, upgraded intakes, and a free flow exhaust system. And now you know. The SA10’s base car, a supercharged Saleen but not an SC, came with 325 hp. All S351s received Alcon brakes as a standard feature in 1997.

Heated & Cooled Seats To sum things up, this six-figure Mustang is simply in a league of its own.

This 2015 Saleen Mustang S302 Black Label was purchased by the seller from Saleen prior to being displayed at SEMA and the San Diego International Auto Show in 2015, and has since been driven approximately 26k miles. * Saleen 14-inch/4-piston power rear disc brakes / Red Saleen ColorLab calipers As part of the Saleen manufacturing process, each vehicle is catalogued and serialized with its own unique Saleen VIN, a process that lends itself to the collectability and high resale values that Saleen vehicle have been known for over the past 30 years.

It was early morning and the roads were still damp with morning dew, so we were extra cautious with the accelerator, but as we built up speed we were impressed with how well the S302 gripped the pavement, especially at the back. The photo shoot was amazing and the video was outstanding.

Question of the Week: What Cars Look Better With the Bumpers Removed and Which Look Way Worse? The Fox-body Mustang came to an end in 1993 which coincidently was also Saleen’s 10th year of production. An auxiliary gauge pod adds instruments for boost and intake charge temperature, however, we think Saleen should also add oil pressure and oil temperature dials like you get in the Shelby. After nearly 20 years from his first encounter with a Saleen Mustang, Scott purchased his first one, a black 1987 convertible. Fill out the form below to be contacted by RK Motors when a similar vehicle is available!

Turn it off and the Saleen spins its rear tires through the tach's top half and it’ll keep them lit through all of second gear. And before you manipulate any of the controls—especially in anger—you need to think carefully about what will happen next. We asked a Saleen rep about the problem, but he offered no explanation. One Mustang driver even pulled out his phone and recorded the car in traffic, while several onlookers complimented its Orange Fury paint job. The entire suspension and steering systems are reworked with components custom built by Saleen for off-road use and durability. The transmission is a massaged 6-speed MT82-D4 manual unit.

What was the original cost for this special Saleen? Thirty-five years later his early Fox-body machines have become bonafide collectables, and his SN95 efforts aren’t far behind. Whether it’s a new Saleen Mustang for sale or a used model, this vehicle has a distinct bodywork — the product of ingenious designer Phil Frank.

They currently develop bespoke supercars such as the old S7 and new S1, and develop and offer a range of hopped up Mustang packages, which is what they are known for. It’s worth noting that at the same time we drove the Black Label car, we also had an S302 White Label, which combines many (but not all) of the Black Label’s suspension, airflow, and interior upgrades with a non-supercharged 430-hp engine.

It’s louder than the Roush. It’s easy to keep a seriously quick pace. In 1990, the SC cars were rated at 315 hp, which was a lot of power for the early ’90s.

The body is finished in Saleen Maliblue Metallic and features a vented hood, tinted windows and lights, and a rear spoiler as well as a carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser.

During our photo shoot on the city’s famous Angeles Crest Highway, a couple of millennials pulled up in an E46 M3 on oversized rubber. While this car started his journey into actual ownership, it would be the special ones mentioned above that he would ultimately end up with.

My official seat-of-the-pants acceleration readout is "f*cking quick," and there's enough power to get you up past go-directly-to-jail speeds before you reach the end of second gear. Smooth progress requires shifting up early, and that puts you a gearchange away from showing off the Black Label’s potential. Dealer not responsible for errors and omissions; all offers subject to change without notice, please confirm listings with dealer.

This has the advantage of giving you better control over the power, but it also means the throttle response is ridiculously twitchy at high revs and low accelerator positions, to the point that a bumpy road can shake your foot enough to set the car porpoising rather alarmingly. In fact, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that come on the stock Ford Mustang GT with Performance Pack 2 are a far superior choice, both in daily driving comfort and outright cornering grip.

The BaT Service Fee is 5% of the bid, with a minimum of $250 up to a maximum of $5,000. You've seen this formula before: Take a stock Mustang GT, tweak the bodywork, upgrade the suspension, bolt a supercharger onto the engine and give it an exhaust that'll wake the neighbors. Let's take a look. With an original sticker price of $58,287 and the additional labor costs, plus $4,286 for the supercharger install, this car topped out at $66,573! With its revs held high, the Mustang explodes from corner to corner, putting its power down cleanly and pulling with considerable might to its 7,400 redline where it hits the mother of all fuel cutoffs. As an avid Mustang enthusiast, the performance capabilities of the Saleen-modified ones always peaked (piqued) his interest. Unfortunately, its throttle response can be inconsistent. Service records are also included in the sale. Original Article: HOTROD.COM.

The radiator and clutch have been replaced by El Cajon Ford under current ownership.

* Saleen Window Sticker ($102,175)   |   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Features: Full carbon fiber option (+$9K).

The Shelby’s stiffer suspension also delivers a more locked down feel than the Saleen’s.

* Ford Shaker 500 audio / SYNC3 infotainment / Voice-activated touchscreen navigation

And it sounds great. Because of the racing intent for this particular SA10, it would become the most-optioned build, and was built by Joe Gosinski and his team at Saleen.

Otherwise, the Black Label's cabin is like any other Mustang, festooned with Saleen logos in the appropriate places.

Please enter the information below to begin the financing process.

The 302 Black Label just doesn’t hit that hard off idle or for the first third of its tachometer – there just isn’t much grunt below 4,000 rpm, much like its Roush counterpart. For 1993, four cars were ordered. SOEC is the official independent, non-profit organization for owners and enthusiasts of vehicles by Steve Saleen and Saleen Automotive, Inc. Thumbs down on Brenspeed's B326 shortblock. Why a Saleen, of course!

Scott’s 1993 #02SC originally stickered for $39,990 and was used as a daily driver during the first part of its life, where it was traded between collectors.

* Saleen 15-inch/6-piston power front disc brakes / Red Saleen ColorLab calipers Simply put, the S302 Black Label is our most advanced Mustang produced to date.

But as far as fast Mustangs go, you're better off with something like Ford's Shelby GT350, with its razor-sharp handling that rivals the world's best sports cars.

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