" We also have similar cultures; we care a lot about contributing to our communities and we have a huge focus on safety and sustainability," added Ryan Childress, Dominion’s director of business development. Last year, tech giants with data centers in Virginia, including Microsoft, LinkedIn and Apple, demanded the utility deploy renewable energy to meet any increase in power, rather than natural gas-fired power plants proposed by Dominion.

(This calculation does not take into account pipeline methane leaks, estimated to be 2 to 3 percent.). They're planning to spend $500 million building the infrastructure to capture methane from hundreds of hog farms, mostly in North Carolina. RNG and its negative emissions accounting is key to Dominion reaching its carbon neutrality goal by 2050. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. "Smithfield is saying that they're going to come in and cap these lagoons and solve this major climate crisis. Andre Villasenor. Send request. The two companies announced at the end of last year they are doubling down on their program Align Renewable Natural Gas, a partnership spearheaded in 2018 to produce biomethane (also known as renewable natural gas, or RNG).

The partnership brings both companies closer to their sustainability goals.

Dominion Energy .

"We've got half a billion dollars behind it. Ryan Childress, Manager, Business Development, Dominion Energy Blaine Collison, Senior Vice President, David Gardiner and Associates Brian Jones, Senior Vice President, M.J. Bradley & Associates Childress compares the clusters to a hub-and-spoke model, with a gas-upgrading facility in the center connected to each farm via plastic pipelines. Community activists say that capturing methane, by itself, is not the answer. "What changed, fundamentally, is the market for renewable natural gas, [and] the market for carbon, have allowed us to develop a business model, an economic model, that works for everybody involved," Westerbeek says. Childress was an intern with the company from 2008-2009 and joined the company full-time in 2013 as a Business Development Consultant in the Alternative Energy Solutions Group.

Smithfield is striving towards an absolute emissions reductions of 25 percent by 2025, meaning it needs to take into account the emissions associated with its entire supply chain — including the methane from the 15 million pigs it raises annually, which account for about 40 to 45 percent of the company’s emissions.

They want to expand this to industrial scale. Director, Business Development. California Energy Commission. When it comes to climate, Smithfield Foods has a tough row to hoe. We intend to see that through and make a big difference for the environment, for farmers, and for customers who are looking for low-carbon energy.". [ …

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The utility is touting its expansion of RNG, along with its solar investments and offshore wind leadership, as evidence of its climate leadership. "Recently, we have begun to hear of investor concern that at least in some states, municipal-level ordinances could limit overall demand growth for natural gas utility service," Farrell said. They want farmers to adopt new technologies for handling hog waste that get rid of lagoons altogether. Others, however, may not see much benefit. The total investment will be $500 million through 2028.

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According to Smithfield, though, they cost too much to adopt on a large scale. He is responsible for sourcing, analysis and execution of new business strategies for Dominion Energy’s Gas Infrastructure Group.

Ryan Childress. Smithfield is appealing those verdicts.

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