Descendants of Rurik (Prince of Novgorod) Edvina 850 - Rurik (Prince of Novgorod) 830 - 879 Alfrind Orvarddi 842 - Prince of Kiev Igor 877 - 945 Saint Olga 879 - 969 Malusha Of Lubech 944 - 1002 Svyatoslav 915 - 973 Predeslava Of Hungary 930 - Olga Predislava 945 - 959 Oleg 954 - Yaropolk 972 - 980 Rogneda Of Polotsk 962 - 1002 Anna Byzantine Empire 963 - 1011 Griechen Von Ohningen 963 - … June 16, 2010 Descendants of the 1,000-year-old Rurik dynasty, which ruled Russia until the … The federal government is not opposed to historical restitution in principle. On account of these Varangians, the district of Novgorod became known as the land of Beginning with the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the Muscovite branch used the title "Tsar of All Russia" and ruled over the Tsardom of Russia. By Flora Collins. The Princes foundation is also planning to claim rights to about 60 other ancient fortresses and historic buildings nationwide, including the Pskov Kremlin, which was partly destroyed in an April fire that started in a privately owned restaurant located on the premises. Contribute today. Raffensperger, Christian, and Norman W. Ingham, "Rurik and the First Rurikids". Yuri's son Vsevolod the Big Nest was Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal, a precursor state to the Grand Principality of Moscow and thus of the Russian Empire. There is only the president's order saying that it is his residence," Kubarev said. On Wednesday, it introduced a bill in the State Duma proposing the transfer of numerous state-owned buildings confiscated from religious organizations by the Bolsheviks back to the original owners — primarily the Russian Orthodox Church. It was registered by the Justice Ministry with great reluctance in May 2009, Kubarev said. The raid was led, according to the Primary Chronicle, by a king called Igor. This not only indicates fear of another surprise attack, but an increased Kievan presence in the Black Sea. The scholarly consensus[5] is that the Rus' people originated in what is currently coastal eastern Sweden around the eighth century and that their name has the same origin as Roslagen in Sweden (with the older name being Roden). [23], One of the largest military accomplishments of the Rurikid dynasty was the attack on Byzantium in 960. This view started in Moscow as ruled by the original Rurikid dynasty between the 1330s and the late 1850s. The following image shows the descent of the leading (historically most powerful branch) of the Rurikids, being the descendants of Vladimir II Monomakh through his sixth son Yuri Dolgorukiy (known as "Yuri I" and "Yuri Long-arm"): Coat of arms of the Belosselsky-Belozersky family. Medvedev confirmed its status as a presidential residence after taking office in 2008. They [the Ruriks] should turn first to those institutions before going to court," Zakatov said. In the 10th century the Council of Liubech made some amendments to a succession rule and divided Ruthenia into several autonomous principalities that had equal rights to obtain the Kiev throne.

The oldest, Rurik, located himself in Novgorod; the second, Sineus, at Beloozero; and the third, Truvor, in Izborsk. Kubarev said he was always aware of his heritage and several years ago began to organize meetings with other Rurik descendants. Danila Yaroslavtsev, a lawyer for the foundation, said preparing a lawsuit that contested the rights to the Kremlin was hard, but noted that the suit had been accepted by the court. The Izyaslavychi who ruled Turov and Volhynia were eventually replaced by a Monomakhovychi branch. Tsar Mikhail's first wife Maria Dolgorukova was of Rurikid stock but their marriage produced no children. It was a loosely bound, ill-defined, and heterogeneous conglomeration of lands and cities inhabited by tribes and populous groups whose loyalties were primarily territorial."

(This year is also identical with the beginning of Russian statehood) The Rurikids were the ruling dynasty of Kievan Rus' (after coqnuest of KIev in 882), as well as they ruled the successor principalities and prince republics such as Republic of Novgorod, Republic of Pskov, Principality of Tver, Principality of Ryazan, Principality of Smolensk, Principality of Galicia-Volhynia A long line of diplomats urged Belarus authorities to halt the crackdown on demonstrators. "The Rurikid dynasty ... attempted to impose on their highly diverse polity the integrative concept of russkaia zemlia ('the Rus′ land') and the unifying notion of a 'Rus′ people'. The Rus' used log rafts floated down the Dnieper River by Slavic tribes for the transport of goods, particularly slaves to Byzantium.

There was no law among them, but tribe rose against tribe. In June 941, the Rus' staged a naval ambush on Byzantine forces, making up for their smaller numbers with small, maneuverable boats. The Rurik dynasty underwent a major schism after the death of Yaroslav the Wise in 1054, dividing into three branches on the basis of descent from three successive ruling Grand Princes: Izyaslav (1024–1078), Svyatoslav (1027–1076), and Vsevolod (1030–1093). These treaties deal with the treatment of runaway Byzantine slaves and limitations on the amounts of certain commodities such as silk that could be bought from Byzantium. The descendants proceeded to establish the Princes foundation, whose full name is the Fund of Assistance to the National and Religious Consent of Princes. ', in. Most notably, the Ostrogski family held the title of Grand Hetman of Lithuania and strove to preserve the Ruthenian language and Eastern Orthodoxy in this part of Europe. Russia edges closer to Armenia. The Kremlin is state-owned property managed by the Federal Property Management Agency.

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