Dorm 1 houses 128 offenders participating in our PLUS Program. “I can still see her now. He also won huge public affect­ion with his “And finally” quip at the end of each bulletin before introducing a quirky or humorous item. Guards spoke of her being a “female Charles Manson”, accusing her of being the most manipulative ­prisoner they had ever had to deal with. “I would never want to subject myself to that again,” he admits. It’s one of his life-long passions and he has a new role as the president of Surrey County Cricket Club. Facility Overview | Facility Contacts | Visitation | News & Events | Programs | Facility History | Volunteer. Find a career with the Indiana Department of Correction. Inside Death Row (with Sir Trevor McDonald)Plum Pictures/ITV. These days Sir Trevor, who was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 1999 for his services to journalism, is content to take life a little more easily. It was difficult to switch off. “She spoke quite calmly and matter of fact about how the bullet went through his head,” he says. "She talked well and seems to have had a good education and knew about some of the interviews that I had done in the past. Arriving back at his hotel after 12 straight hours filming in one of America’s most notorious women’s prisons, Sir Trevor McDonald is in no mood to socialise.

News veteran admits it was 'difficult to switch off' after interviewing baby killers and murderers at notorious US women's jail, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz.

How they act, what they encounter and who they mix with will determine what prison life will be like for the rest of their time behind bars. But Sir Trevor says Pender is not as bad as they say. Women Behind Bars premiered in the UK on ITV on September 26, 2013. Women were forced to communicate by sign language. It’s also nice not to be travelling as much... travel these days is so ­complicated. Breaking Down the Bars, filmed at the Rockville Correctional Facility, premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on Tuesday, February 14, 2011.

Could a career in comedy, music or acting help rehabilitate some inmates?, Lock Up: Indiana State Prison44 Blue Productions/MSNBC, Indiana State Prison was built during the Civil War to house prisoners of war. Rockville Correctional Facility is a correctional institution in the Indiana state prison system, which is part of the Indiana Department of Correction. The building contains two ranges, each with 12 single cells. It’s extremely tough work, but these civil servants offer the ex-cons something rare: a second chance. Dorm 2 houses 272 offenders and serves as the intake unit for the Department of Correction female population. Follow the Indiana Department of Correction on Twitter @IndianaDOC, For current news and happenings, you can follow the IDOC at: With extraordinary access from the Indiana Department of Correction and the Indiana Supreme Court, Lockup: Pendleton Juvenile takes cameras inside one of America's largest maximum security juvenile prisons to document the daily lives and struggles of nearly 400 teen boys work toward rehabilitation and a future free of crime., Lock Up Special Investigation: Lake County Juvenile JusticeCalamari Productions/MSNBC, From the confines of America's juvenile detention facilities to the razor wire of juvenile prison to the heart pounding juvenile courtroom hearings where everything is on the line, Lake County Juvenile Justice explores where juvenile crime begins, how it evolves, and what's at stake for kids, families and professionals in the system. Welcome home: newly arrived offenders line up at the Rockville Correctional Facility (Image: ITV). Dorms 4, and 5 have a capacity of 272 each and house general population. A link to the Twitter page can also be found on the IDOC’s homepage. First Week In44 Blue Productions/Discovery. No Twitter account is necessary in order to view the updates! The first part of the video features interviews with men who went through the ISP education program, and the second part features a role playing demonstration of how privacy needs to be guarded when dealing with offenders in all settings.

Rockville Correctional Facility is a state prison located in Adams Township, Parke County, one mile (1.6 km) northwest of Rockville, Indiana.A part of the Indiana Department of Corrections, it is the largest state prison for women in Indiana with approximately 1,200 women. No Facebook account is necessary in order to view updates! Parole Diaries premiered on TV One on September 12, 2012. Episode 1, “Having a Baby in Prison is No Picnic” Donna focuses on surviving an otherwise harsh life in general population; Bobbie makes it a priority to become the mother she never was; and Balbina hopes bonding with her baby allows the opportunity to get back the life she lost to drugs.Episode 2, “I'm a Dangerous Criminal” (TV-14)The program represents a chance at redemption for Rebecca; Tammy is solely focused on learning to be a good mother to her disabled daughter; and Heather wants a chance to make amends by learning to become a responsible parent., Breaking Down the Bars44 Blue Productions/The Oprah Winfrey Network. Vectren and Energy USA provide natural gas to the facility. “When you drive around in the evening and you see all these people standing around in the afternoon outside the pub, you see what you have been missing. I have covered a lot of nasty things as a journalist but the idea of someone putting a gun to your face was just too much. Over the course of the next three years, 23 structures were demolished, 5 were converted to stand alone heating systems and upgraded in other ways, 13 new buildings were constructed, and the whole of the facility’s infrastructure was replaced. "Young Kids, Hard Time" explores post-conviction life for children staring down decades behind bars, illuminating the effects of sentencing kids to the adult prison system, and whether or not this practice leads to a safer society. Instead he discreetly slips away to his room to contemplate the harrowing stories he has heard during the day.

This completed unscripted project is about redemption and second chance. The 13-episode series, produced by Towers Productions, offers a look inside the parole officers’ day, working with sex offenders, convicted murderers and addicts. MSNBC’s Lockup Extended Stay explores some of the country's most dangerous maximum-security prisons throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. But her notoriety soared in 2008 after she seduced a prison guard, used him to help her escape and then spent months on the run before she was recaptured.

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