Sessrin fans’ sole purpose isn’t really to defend their ship, per se, but rather to deflect and antagonize. That’s how manipulative groomers are that they can legitmately convince you that maybe you’re wrong in questioning their motives. Even if all you literally say is that you don’t like the ship, they’ll gang up on you. Does that make my love for them any less unique?

They go in circles and never expand on their perspectives. They informed me that they used to live vicariously through Rin and ship them together, as well.

They in no way reflect the opinions of any companies, shows, or networks I work for. What if in this case fiction is enough for them, but who’s to say it won’t eventually manifest itself in other more dire and far-reaching ways?

Alternatively, I'm that actor guy you hate who sucked in that show you couldn't stand.

For instance, it’s normal that some childhood friends begin to like each other as more than friends years down the road. I know she’s one of the biggest catalysts for his character growth- if not THE biggest- but how and why does that need to turn romantic? In fact, if anything we’re attempting to demonstrate just how crucial this correlation is between them. Seeing as how for me this is more than just a matter of opinion- it’s a moral responsibility and even an obligation. Inuyasha was such a huge part of my childhood, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m anxious as hell that Sunrise will ruin one of the best things I loved about this show. Nevertheless, whether you do or not, I personally hate that this non-canon satire is even associated with the Inuyasha name to begin with. And they say we’re ridiculous and taking this way too seriously? Throughout this blog, I admit there were moments where I got frustrated and took some jabs at Sessrin shippers. it’s just really important that everyone in this fandom comprehends the extent in which Sessrin going canon is catastrophic. These are my personal musings and opinions. I’d just like to add that if we’re overreacting to this fictional ship like they love to say we are then technically so are they. Hi!!

Do you honestly believe that Inuyasha and the others would take kindly to this? They’ll taunt and bully anyone who disagrees. I’m seeing lots of different issues over the years - the Star Wars drama comes to mind - where actors/writers/directors wind up withdrawing because of drama. No offense to anyone (just stating facts), but more times than not antis like myself feel as if we’re talking to a brick wall when we interact with Sessrin peeps. You see what I mean here??!

Many fans have already proven how fucked up and inaccurate it is to label whole countries and cultures.

They like to mislead in order to shift the focus/blame onto their opponent or something else that’s not related so that they can stray from the main point. We don’t have all the details yet, and afterwards we probably still won’t. That supporter tried to defend the ship by stating that we aren’t allowed to use Sesshomaru as an example to judge by since his kind don’t exist in the real world. (Yes, I’m American. It’s almost as if the universe is trying to tell them something they refuse to listen to elsewhere.

I highly doubt you would want that- or at least I hope not. GET OVER YOURSELF. It is paramount that we educate ourselves on how to be more critical of some of the harmful tropes and images that are still way too prevalent in mainstream media. I’ll clarify soon down below. Or even worse, can you picture this happening to one of your own children??!

HE WAS STILL INVOLVED IN HER LIFE, Y’ALL. Where do you think we get ideas for all the stories we tell?

Therefore, for those of you who disagree or who still plan to enjoy this new series, respect the fact that some of us fans will definitely “cancel” it if we feel that’s what we have to do to come to terms with it and move on. It’s for everyone’s benefit, not only yours, I promise! Freedom of speech doesn’t equate to freedom from consequences. Many fans have already proven how fucked up and inaccurate it is to label whole countries and cultures. Anyway, at the end of their scene you can hear Jaken ask out loud, “what should we do for dinner, Lord Sesshomaru?” And that’s about the most domestic thing I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth. It’s like the title says, meaning fiction does matter. Click here and here. He is an actor and writer, known for Dinotrux (2015), Spy Kids: Mission Critical (2018) and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010).

I got news for those fans who don’t view Sesshomaru as a father figure to Rin.

I’m not just talking about Sessrin here but about the sequel in general.

Of course they’ll never admit to them, because instead they rather double down and grasp at the same old straws as long as it means their precious ship is protected at all costs. I mean, who calls out people behind their backs while they’re just minding their own business??

It appears they discovered that he didn’t like Sessrin based on how he had been replying to asks, and just for that reason alone they thought they had the right to harass him.

a fanatic Sessrin user on Tumblr- who’s also been known for hateful remarks on Twitter but those tweets have of course been deleted since then- went out of their way to not only lurk in a group chat they don’t belong to on here but to then proceed to harass a few of us in there.

So at the end of the day, all they’re actually achieving in doing is making dumb and entirely unrelated accusations based on nothing just to lead to deductions that are equally unfounded.

How is this any different than Sesshomaru hooking up with Rin later? This is how all of their arguments go by the way, where you’ll constantly witness a cherry-picking approach.

But strip away all the demons and magical components of this show we all love so dearly and what are we left with? Well, that is if you choose to recognize the drama CD. Just the idea of pursuing a romantic and/or sexual relationship absolutely repels me. Remind yourself that these are complex AND objective terms that we have no right to fiddle with to serve our own selfish purposes. And Sessrin shippers wonder why they got so many haters. Powered by Tumblr. He has been married to Becky Cox …

Please believe me when I say that I do not and would not ever wish any of you ill will. And he didn’t even assist in helping raise her but look at how they reacted! Okay, moving on! This is precisely why I could never in a million years view those past students of mine in a romantic light.

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