:). It is the vanity set made for Redigit, lead developer of Terraria. (9001?). The Terraria community is really the only one I am involved in and they are awesome. Due to time constraints there are things I left out of the update that you will see in the 1.2.1 update and if time permits I am also planning on adding a Halloween update. I am doing great, thank you for asking. Have you tried that? Starting out it was just me doing graphics for the game and I was limited to what I was able to draw. I think it would be cool if there was a hardmode weapon that directly uses the hallow or corruption as ammunition. Or are you still working on that? What was the hardest part of creating the 1.2 content update? What excites you the most as the Terraria universe moves forward?

chouryujin28 karma2013-09-27 17:06:44 UTC.

What was your experience/education with coding before Terraria? I can't wait to have time to try out Saints Row 4 and Cubeworld. :p Merci beaucoup pour ce jeu :), There are a few things that did not make it to 1.2 that I am planning to put in 1.2.1. First I absolutely love this! Sounds awesome and I am all about it! I can make lots of Spelunker Potions to help out, but that's a pretty substantial grind in itself. If yes, can you tell us some of the things? of consumed corruption (But not the actual amount, just a number based off it).

Thing: Bubble Machine...because....bubbles. Do you think Terraria should (eventually?)

There was such a huge demand from the community and I wanted to give them something back for their continued support. That's all I got for now, I'll probably edit this post if I have any more questions. From the little I have seen of Starbound I do not think that it will continue the progression of Terraria and it really seems to be trying to separate itself from Terraria as much as possible. Her and I were playing the game in December...By the time January came around she had me convinced that the game needed more content and brought me back to the community. Lose a finger? I read somewhere that there is no "Alternate" to the hallow like Crimson is to Corruption.. Is this true? 8.what is the best armor? I think Terraria is going to be one of those games we'll be talking about well into the future, so way to freakin' go. Once I have the sprite I could do this process in less than 5 minutes. Re-digit. that is all and keep up the awesome work Redigit. 36 hours is a long time how did you stay awake? :). Will your green hat be available in-game? 2 - I'm also curious about Terraria 2.

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