As a result, more cages are present in each level. Now making his way to the third mask, Rayman arrives at the Echoing Caves, after activating four switches in a non-linear area, he enters the caves themselves. Rayman's model is improved and there are many lighting and texture differences as well as some areas given a makeover. Cages work differently; instead of releasing Lums, they release various creatures that refill Rayman's health and extend his health bar slightly. Life meter

Other than Clark, all of our brave warriors have been captured...".

The strained face of Ly has just appeared in his mind. New content was added including several new minigames and three new bosses.

The second graphic was later used in the PC version of Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers. Polokus congratulates Rayman, takes the mask and attaches it to the remaining side of his four-sides stone column. Two graphics of a keyboard with unknown purpose. A new bonus level can be unlocked which lets the player try a stage from the 2D prototype. This list does not include the Game Boy Color version, which is a completely separate game. ManoCheese holds the N64 World Record and FreshToast the DreamCast record.

Rayman then returns to the Marshes of Awakening, where Jano now allows Rayman to enter the Spiral Door. The Lum guides Rayman to a safe platform, in which Rayman is able to mount a flying shell. The Dreamcast version of the game is based on the PC release, but received some minor graphical enhancements, some additional enemies, and a redesigned hub level that visually resembles an island called the Isle of Doors, rather than the surreal void used in other versions. "Get ready! A Spyglass pirate throwing helicopter bombs. At the beginning of the level is a side-path where Rayman can find a hologram of Ly the Fairy. PlayStation 2: Rayman may also encounter an entryway, leading him into a secret area within the Fairy Glade, where he can break a cage that cannot be broken by normal visit. 24th March, 2005

Rayman is able to grab the ledge of the Crow's Nest, and climbs up, unharmed. Within the mines, Rayman encounters Uglette, who is in despair over the loss of her babies, who are being used as labour in the mines, and Globox, who in the defense of their babies has been captured and sent to the Pirate's Prison Ship. The aim of the game is to defeat Admiral Razorbeard and his Robo-Pirates, and, by doing so, restore order to the world.

The musical group Royal V released an album with a bonus music dedicated to Rayman 2, under the name of "It's Good to be the King". If he has enough Yellow Lums, she will teleport him to a side-level called the Walk of Life. It's an amazingly well-crafted platformer, providing a variety of play that most modern platformers can't match. ", The earth suddenly begins to tremble...Several trees collapse, creating a passageway for an army of robots. Rayman's symbol once again connects to the stone; it slides open, and the second mask emerges. Ly gives Rayman advice in his stead, and she appears on all Stones of Thought in Murphy's place. "But...but...what about you?!" PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita: There's an unused door to a level with the filename. "Not bad, Globox!" Characters from each game made cameo appearances in the other game. Rayman is hypnotised by Jano and then transported to the Cave of Bad Dreams, and is challenged to find the treasures within before Jano can catch him. Early renders and textures of Ssssam show him to have originally been metallic. 29th October, 1999

A free-roaming hub world was added to replace The Hall of Doors and Isle of Doors. The ability to stabilize the flying shell was removed. In Tonic Trouble, Rayman can be seen during the game's end credits. Ly the Fairy telepathically communicates with Rayman explaining the consequences of the damage, with the Core's shattering into 1000 Yellow Lums, and the capture of many fighters. The levels are played in a linear fashion in a world map known as the Hall of Doors (Isle of Doors in the Dreamcast version), with most levels following a single path (though the Cave of Bad Dreams, the Walk of Life, and the Walk of Power are on side-paths). Doing this, will freeze the current Rayman animation (Not affecting the environment), and force the camera to move behind Rayman. Globox remains behind, stating that his spouse, Uglette, wishes to see him. [2] A video showing an early version of the Nintendo 64 version reveals an unused area most likely located in the Prison Ship. I wonder what are the differences between N64/Dreamcast/DS/3DS/PC/iOS and if so, why aren't they single-categories?

Several of the menu transactions are exclusive to this version. WIPE_10 seems to be a removed level which has references in the PC demo version, and the IOS version of the game. In most versions, excluding those based off the PC and Nintendo 64, a cutscene will play once the level is completed for the first time. Several more Robo-Pirates have been added as well as a new type which shoots bombs. Some levels do however have several new areas and some cutscenes have been changed as well. Some cages are also obligatory, as they contain creatures vital to completions of levels (typically, Teensies), and these cages are always in plain sight and impossible to miss. Polokus tells Rayman that, now that he has been awakened, he can destroy all of the Robo-Pirates in the Glade of Dreams, but says that he has no power in the air – Rayman himself must confront Admiral Razorbeard on board the flying Buccaneer. Overall, far less backtracking and secret-hunting is required to complete the game, but the player is rewarded for breaking cages, as every 10 cages freed extend Rayman's life bar. Fireworks are launched in celebration, and a message is displayed congratulating Rayman on his feats.

I can't tell for sure in terms of speedrunning how that version works. The font underwent changes before the final release. Main article: Rayman: The Animated Series. Rayman is able to elude the Warships, and moves on to the Top of the World. The game ends with the message, ‘Now rest, you may have to fight again. In this phase, Rayman uses the flying shell to manoeuvre round a chamber, or tunnel in the PlayStation version. Once the player has reached the end of the level, it is revealed that the Robo-Pirates have been able to bring Clark under their control using a device implanted into his back.

This page was last edited on 3 June 2020, at 22:24. The game features full voice acting unlike the gibberish "Raymanese" in other versions. The PlayStation version has significant differences made, and the peed is slightly different as well, and the PlayStation 2 version, Rayman Revolution, has the levels as part of unlockable minigames rather than bonuses, where the player has to collect all Red Lums. I'll find a way to escape and then I'll make you wish you'd never been born!". Although the Bayou is beset with Robo-Pirate Warships and dangerous obstacles such as helicopter bombs, Rayman makes it through the area unscathed. But what stays with me the most, over time, is the beautiful, surreal world that Rayman 2 takes place in. The god congratulates Rayman, takes the mask, affixes it to his stone, and sends Rayman back to the Hall of Doors. Versions like the PS1 and PS2-version have been seperated to have their own board as the PS1 removed worlds from the original and most worlds by themselves are completely different and the PS2 version has the overworld mechanic along with more objectives. They all make the same sound upon being collected: the "dizzy" sound effect that only plays in other versions when Rayman first lands in the Woods of Light, or is attacked by an enemy.

30th January, 2001 Rayman then parts ways with Clark at the exit of the facility, and finally leaves the Menhir Hills via a walking shell.

A lot of changes have also been seen in early trailer and interviews for the game. Nintendo 3DS: The PlayStation version has some debugging options which can be enabled with GameShark codes: Throughout the game, the tty debug console displays a lot of debug messages.
", cries Rayman to his friend. (Normal Globox icon is used in the final release). The Nintendo 64 version features a different soundtrack in MIDI format, which was later reused in the Nintendo DS port. The game featured enemies similar to the Robo-Pirates, and it also featured background platforming - using a device similar to a shower head and a toilet flush, Rayman could teleport from the foreground to the background (and vice-versa). Ubi SoftPublisher:

It was followed by ports for the Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation in 2000. In the Echoing Caves level, there's a teleport to the Fairy Glade, that might explain the initial purpose of this unused path. A little later, Globox, trembling with fright, desperately tries to make the robots rust up by creating little rain storms over their heads. In the PlayStation 2 remake, the Hall of Doors is replaces by free-roaming hub areas in a place known as the Front. On March 1, 2010 and March 25, 2011, two versions based on the Dreamcast incarnation of the game were released; one for the iOS devices, and a similar version for the Nintendo 3DS, under the title Rayman 3D. The following screens are included in vignette.cnt in the PC version, where the loading screens are normally stored. Eventually, he makes it to the treasure, where Jano congratulates Rayman, and offers it to him. A Henchman 800 riding or driving something. New music has been added in the new areas and for Robo-Pirate battles and new upgrades and minigames can be obtained by collecting Yellow Lums and by freeing Familiar Spirits from cages. This version also omits the Dreamcast-exclusive minigames and, like the DS port, suffers from unique glitches, including one in which a spiderweb fails to act as a trampoline, preventing the player from collecting the 1000th Yellow Lum without exploiting other glitches. Rayman 2 was first released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and PC. This is not visible to the user. 22nd October, 1999 The area contains a Pirate Fort, but it cannot be accessed via conventional means, as such, Rayman rides upon a rollercoaster-esque transport, dodging obstacles which are within the path of the coaster which can cause Rayman to despawn. At this point in time, he will refuse access to the door, as Rayman does not know where it leads, which is the requirement for passing through. 15th September, 2000 Once the device is broken, Clark lifts Rayman high enough to break the cage containing the Teensie to exit the level, and consequently exits the area. They reveal that Axel and Foutch have gone insane, explaining their belligerence towards Rayman, while Umber considers it "an honor to serve a hero such as yourself.". A lock

He then creates a Spiral Door to take Rayman back to the Hall of Doors, allowing Rayman to continue. However, the mask isn't located within the area, and Rayman moves on to beneath the Sanctuary. They will allow Rayman access to the Hall of Doors (Isle of Doors in the Dreamcast and 3DS versions), for the cost of all the Yellow Lums contained within the Wood. Foutch promptly hits Rayman, causing him to lose the Super helicopter power, and fall. The game has been included on several lists of the greatest games of all time. A remake of Rayman 2 was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2000, titled Rayman Revolution.

In Rayman 2, a salesman who previously appeared in the intro sequence of the PC version of Tonic Trouble sells the Grolgoth to Razorbeard late in the game. However, the room where you get out of the chair is also present in the first part of the level, with some collision and texture differences from the final room, with the most notable difference being the room's height.
This version has a bunch of bugs not present in the Nintendo 64 version. A third sphere (coloured red) is implemented, but never used. The names of a few characters changed during design of the game: the original name of. Ubi SoftPlatforms: Windows, Rayman's friends assume that Rayman has fallen. This is also the second version to feature full voice-acting.

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