Rapunzel discovers that Cassandra has a new crush, but could Cassandra's new beau be interested in more than Cassandra's heart? Mini-Episode 5: When Raps camps out under the stars, Max has difficulty guarding her when he is plagued by a single mosquito. Rapunzel talks about her best friend Cassandra. When their caravan breaks down, Rapunzel and Cassandra wander off, where they eventually meet a couple only known as the Mother and Father, who trick them into drinking a tea that turns them into birds. However, everyone starts to become obsessive over the idol, desperately wanting it for themselves. Max, Pascal and the animals must rescue Rapunzel and the gang from being trapped forever in a magical prison. Nearly a week after her coronation, Rapunzel and Cassandra seek out an alchemist in their first attempt at solving the mystery as to how and why Rapunzel's 70-foot golden hair grew back. Rapunzel and Cassandra come across an abandoned magic stall while searching for parts of their destroyed caravan. Marinette and Adrien, two normal teens, transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir when an evil threatens their city. The group finds themselves lost in the mysterious, ever-changing "Forest of No Return". Rapunzel follows the black rocks to the Dark Kingdom to uncover the truth behind her destiny. (previous working title: 'The Fate of Corona'). The comedy-adventure series chronicles the high-flying adventures of trillionaire Scrooge McDuck, his grandnephews - Huey, Dewey, and Louie - and temperamental nephew Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley, and her granddaughter Webby. Rapunzel paints a mural of Pascal and Little Big Guy to cheer Pascal up. Cassandra and Eugene work together and manage to take the brothers down and (with Rapunzel's help) escape through the secret passages beneath Corona. During a love festival, Corona displays a book full of signatures of lovers in honor of an old ruler's falling in love with the leader of a rival kingdom.

The sheriff declares Eugene to work in the deadly copper mines and soon the rest of the group are thrown in jail.

When Rapunzel gets booed, she becomes determined to win over her naysayer, a little old man who is loved by everyone in the kingdom. Edmund and Eugene decide to go and retrieve it. Through their quick thinking, Rapunzel manages to save everyone and trap their doubles. After parting ways, Rapunzel and the group learn the third scroll piece contains an image of a hooded male figure. Nevertheless, his attempt fails, only for him to realize that the golden flower's healing magic now exists within Rapunzel. Angry and Red subdue the criminals, but Angry is left upset and hurt. Unfortunately, the Captain of the Guards, who happens to be Cassandra's father, shares Cassandra's loathing of him. Rapunzel ends up finding Pascal and the dragon and names him Little Big Guy. In order to prank a rival monarch, King Frederic recruits Eugene to help pull off a scheme. The adventures of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and their friends in the time between the film, 'Tangled' & the TV-Movie 'Tangled: Before Ever After' to the short film, 'Tangled Ever After'. The very next day, the dragon has grown and is very dog like. As a stand-in queen Rapunzel must face some hard decisions where she must decide to either listen to her advisors or follow her heart.

Xavier reveals that the blizzard was a curse sent by Zhan Tiri, an evil monster who attempted to destroy Corona but was defeated and imprisoned in another realm by his enemy, alchemist Lord Demanitus, who used a device to redirect the blizzard. Rapunzel and her friends journey to Old Corona, which is now overgrown by the Black Rocks. Mini-Episode 4: Upon opening it, he discovers a warning from Demanitus, saying that one member of their group will ultimately betray Rapunzel once they reach the Dark Kingdom.

Old Lady Crowley is the grumpiest person in Corona, but that doesn’t stop Rapunzel from trying to make her smile. After "stealing" a telescope, which was a present from her father, Rapunzel is cursed by Vigor the Visionary, as she and her companions traverse a mountain pass. She has Lance and Eugene help her save all of Cassandra's mementos and personal belongings, but she becomes saddened when Eugene reminds her that Cassandra turned her back on "her". She was only the slightest bit less. With help from Sprig, she must adjust to life in Amphibia and discover her first true friendship in her life. Rapunzel recovers her positive attitude. Rapunzel is accidentally zapped by a memory spell, and forgets everything that has happened to her since leaving the tower. Rapunzel discovers that Cassandra has a new crush, but could Cassandra's new beau be interested in more than Cassandra's heart?

Unfortunately, the elixir reverses everyone's character, making a mess of the royal visit. With an implication from Owl, Rapunzel and Eugene board a hot-air balloon and return to Tirapi Island, where the Lorbs dwell, in the hope of finding Cassandra. After discovering a map to a mythical treasure, Rapunzel believes that holding a race to claim it will be just the pick-me-up the people of Corona need. Rapunzel and her friends journey to Old Corona, which is now overgrown by the Black Rocks.

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