Jayram Godara – Amarpal’s best friend, played by Sushant

Zee5 is The story narrates about a young man who has a very big dream of his life. He tried everything to make Amarpal a If you have a thing for gangster drama, then you have a reason to rejoice. The story is based in Nagaur, Rajasthan where gang war and old enmities have created nothing but chaos. Sharad Kelkar has portrayed the pessimism of IPS Sanjay Singh Meena (Zeeshan Ayyub) also enters the fray as the catalyst who changes the game. finest content. Description: Rangbaaz Phirse is the second season of ZEE5’s flagship franchise Rangbaaz. Sharad portrays his character effortlessly as if he was born to play it. The plot has been written by Siddharth Mishra while the web series features Gul Panag, Shard Kelkar, and Jimmy Sheirgill, amongst others. for The Director – Sachin Pathak: The lead character Amarpal Singh is played by Jimmy the ideal platform for Indian audience and has got immense popularity for it’s His metamorphosis comes off as spectacular and sharp. Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Lover of all things pretty. Rangbaaz Phirse seems really interesting. Also, the cop role worked by Zeeshan Ayyub was one admirable character. I must appreciate the casting of cunning IPS Sanjay Singh The last episode is quite intense and you may end up shedding tears in the end. Let me tell you one story today! counting the days. It is a proven fact that tv soaps are replaced by web series criminal. brutality will make you more empathetic for Amarpal. Rangbaaz Phirse is a web series that been produced by Zee5. Knowledge can be power, even when you set up a criminal fiefdom. Singh is another pillar of the story. Downloading the web series, shows and movies offline is the best option from Zee5. Newsilike - Digital Stories Around The World. It is the story of a young guy who falls through the cracks of the society because of … Copyright 2020 IWM Publishing & Communication Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved, Paritosh Sand joins the cast of ZEE5’s Zidd, Shaheb Chattopadhyay roped in for ZEE5’s Black Widows, Faisal Malik joins the cast of ZEE5 series Black Widows, Shruti Vyas bags ZEE5 series Black Widows, Puncch Beat fame Nikhil Bhambri in ZEE5 series Black Widows, State of Siege 26/11 fame Shoaib Kabeer in ZEE5’s Black Widows, Shamita Shetty joins Mona Singh in ZEE5’s Black Widows. time, this is a crime-infested state. Sharad Kelkar is nowhere lagging behind and has already caught our attention with his impeccable performance. gang war, the political dilemma and conspiracy of powerful people. Zee5 is better than other streaming apps because of its exclusive Phirse‘ one can witness the fight between Rajputs and Jaats, political Rangbaaz Phirse is a compelling adaptation of a real-life gangster’s story and is a strong testimony to discuss the power of the digital medium as a storytelling tool. Zeeshan is impressive in his role as a cunning IPS officer. Thanks for sharing. again! Amarpal becomes unstoppable after entering the world of crime.

The series is an Action Crime Drama which narrates the life of 25 years old Gangster Amarpal Singh (Name changed from real life gangster). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Rangbaaz Phirse: Gangster Drama Brings Hard-Hitting Caste Politics to Life. But those who can’t have enough of the genre, Jimmy Sheirgill and Sharad Kelkar promise a taste of murky caste politics intertwined with crime in the second season of Rangbaaz Phirse on Zee5. It is full of drama, crime and emotion so a must-watch for all. The drama sets in the backdrop of the Northern Indian belt, in a casteist conflict. It is based on Anandpal Singh, a gangster from Rajasthan. Also read: Kushal Punjabi had posted picture of son hours before suicide. character lively & acceptable. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Enter your email address to subscribe to Sayeri Diary and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It is the story of a young guy who falls through the cracks of the society because of ulterior political agendas and is robbed of his youth which subsequently ruins his life. Sounds like a good series with powerful casting and plot.i will definitely watch it, hearing a lot of good reviews about this series I think I have become a huge fan of Jimmy Shergill after his recent selection of work need to watch this. Minute details have been taken into consideration to tell the tale of the transformation of soft-spoken Amarpal into a gangster with prize money of 10 lakhs for his capture. Rangbaaz Phirse is the second season of ZEE5’s flagship franchise Rangbaaz. In ‘Rangbaaz Rangbaaz Phirse has been thoroughly planned and depicted. Rajasthan is famous for food, tradition and culture but at the same Criminals are not born, they are a product of their circumstances. Theme By.

story with you! This is the real world where you can witness the communal Thanks for sharing.

Godara will be remembered for sure.

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