Applied research is based on the theories, principals discovered through pure research. The difference between pure and applied research depends on the goal of the research. Such studies always have a particular goal in mind and compared to pure research, can be a lot easier, since one already knows what he’s aiming at. Pure research, which is also known as basic or fundamental research, is conducted without a specific goal in mind, whereas applied research is carried out with the goal of solving a problem or answering a specific question. Applied research, unlike pure research, is conducted in order to solve a specific and practical problem. Applied research, on the other hand, aims to solve a specific and practical problem. Pure research, also known as fundamental or basic research, is conducted without any specific goal in mind. For example, applied research has been for different studies, i.e. Side by Side Comparison – Pure vs Applied Research Moreover, the results of applied research are usually intended for present use, not for future. Applied research is conducted with a specific goal in mind. The pure research and applied they are two modalities of scientific research. AppliedResearch:& Applied research is designed to solve practical problems of the modern world, rather than to acquire knowledge for knowledge's sake. Applied research is used in a variety of fields such as medicine, technology, education, or agriculture. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. Findings of a pure research usually have a future use, are not just meant for use in current time. 2. For that reason, it tends to be descriptive in nature. However, applied research is often based on basic research or pure research. Definition Basic research (also called pure research or fundamental (research) is a systematic study directed toward greater knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomena. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. Pure research identifies new ideas, principals and innovative ways of thinking. As it is involved with resolving practical problems, it usually attempts to include empirical methods in it.

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between pure and applied research. Findings of applied research are always focused on the problems at hand, rather than the ones that can rise in future. It is also important to note that applied research studies are always based on the information or theories discovered through basic research.

CONTENTS If we only did applied research, we would still be making better spears." Sadhna Joshi and Research Group” (CC BY 3.0) via Commons Wikimedia, Filed Under: Education Tagged With: applied research, Applied Research Features, basic research, Basic vs Applied Research, Compare Pure and Applied Research, Fundamental Research, Pure and Applied Research Differences, Pure Research, Pure Research Features, Pure vs Applied Research. Pure research is more exploratory in nature. Applied research is also based on the findings of pure research. going to develop from basic research. Reference: “Dr. That is also important to note that applied studies are always based on the information or theories learned through preliminary research. 5. 1.”Types of Research.” EResearch Methods. Definition of Applied Research.

Research is a process through which it is possible to acquire knowledge about any natural or human phenomenon. The main aim of pure research is to advance knowledge and to identify or explain the relationship between variables.

@media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } Hasa is a BA graduate in the field of Humanities and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in the field of English language and literature. Sometimes pure research can act as a foundation for applied research. Thus, it advances fundamental knowledge about the world, and introduce new theories, ideas, and principals as well as new ways of thinking. Applied research, unlike pure research, is conducted in order to solve a specific and practical problem.

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