Cloudflare DNS (recommended) Here is the issue for me.. on my home firewall, I block all outside network access unless there is a rule to allow the traffic. Im trying to file claim but I cant talk to someone please help me! PUBG Mobile banned India from their server. Can I connect support to get unbanned or reduce the time of suspension? Hello my account has been banned 10 year without warning and without cause and I have not violated the terms and conditions of the game, (id 5371454973) please help me. It’s unfortunate that your facebook account got banned. ID ( 5217843419), [email protected] Please return my account. My friend asked whether he was banned for cheating and if so there has to be a mistake as there’s no cheating on his side or any external controllers/ vpns whatnot (he said he’s too old to learn that from scratch and just wanted to have some fun during lunch breaks). I get locked out for 10 min and then I can play again. but why i realy dont know can you help me to unban my account

This was modern combat 5 though. Keeping this in mind, it’s healthy and responsible for PUBG Mobile players to obey the rules and not violate the terms of use. Hi pubg I got ban without any reason i buy all elite royal pass and to much uc in my account i purchased season 8 royal pass and i close my geme and now i open my game then pubg say you are ban for 10 year without any reason than i search my profile and my rp is 50+ i dont know how i spend to much money on my acccount i dont know who use my account kindly plz check i dont want to waste my money plz give me my account back i dont know who use my account plz help me i am student not job holder plz pubg kindly give me my account back plz plz. What a fucking joke. i send to supporte my issue before 3 days and he didnt answer . 1.49 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i send like 10 emails to pubg & no one cant help me, hello , my account got band before 3 days . My friend decided that it was not worth it since it was just a couple of bucks and just took it that he was unlucky and got a new account with a new RP. Now you know what to do and what not to. So keep in mind that the chances are low. But recently, due to maladaptive careers, many problems are encountered while playing the game. Tencent should fix this problem!!! However, not all DNS has good stability and security. PUBG Mobile banned India from their server. This makes playing pubg impossible. Actually, you can configure DNS settings manually or use multiple DNS applications but in Android 9 and Q there is a Private DNS feature. We do not unban any accounts that have violated the terms and services for the above reasons.

And for those who blame OP without reading, hope that you don’t get wrongfully banned and come crying on reddit. I want to cancel the link Facebook of my game this because my account on Facebook was stolen and there is someone who can access my account and play where I want to be expelled and cancel the link game Facebook account I've been playing the game on one account since 0.4.0. I formatted an android phone, installed the only app pubg mobile and was banned after about 10 matches. I hate cheaters as much as any other legitimate player. Full rules and how to join the competition here

The developer team made sure of that. 5484546276 and the big proble a bann a guy who hakced my twitter .and he also who the big probleam about my bann Fix & Solution. Either way totally seems not fair that you got banned, sorry man. I'm honestly tired. he was playing in his account and using cheats and he get banned .whene he was hacked my account he was playing in my account with cheats iams sure 100% How To Fix Windows Hello Not Working After Windows 10 Update? Last night my game ban till 2029 Account Nick Name: Adixenia loose both of my account…, I request you to please renew my pubg account back and assure you that i In this option, you need to go in the PUBG and clear the cache files of it. I think this ban is based off of an IP address, like you're playing on the same internet connection as someone who is actually hacking (just speculation) were you using a shared internet connection maybe? i hope u can help they cant send me cuz that fake email ? I got banned the same week a lot of other people got banned for "abnormalities". For clearing the cache of PUBG, you need to go in the settings of your device then go in the Application settings/Application manager/Apps. OK! Even some ISP (Internet Service Provider) or default DNS exist that use it to block the accesses to a specific site or PUBG server. Will the tencent has any chances to unban my account , if I send them a message about my issue. "Data has been changed" and banned 10 years like what the fuck just happened?

You can check here how to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Game.

bots reply to file claim,not real ‘file claim ‘ going to help if there is no real person replying. There is another friends of mine which i know he is a good player but Others seem to be getting banned for using vpn which is ridiculous in it's own right.

They came back with a swift reply that they have adduced evidence of him cheating!

Simply file a claim which appears on screen while trying to login into banned account if this doesn't work nothing can be done just regret of cheating.and waiting until ban lifted up. That’s why we are dividing these reasons into different sections so that you can understand the cause and resolve it easily. We are sorry that we could not help unban, we only provide guides and tips on how to not get banned. I apologize if anything happens wrongly by mistake: Please activate my account from the above email. I follow every guidelines and terms carefully. We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban. How much have you lost? Sometimes, using any unauthorized codes or apps may lead to your account being banned. Reboot your device before playing the game, #3. Ace player in Season 3 and 5 respectively with reach of Royale Pass 100. Im not using aby cheat or hack For those who don't know, Energized is an ad blocking module which modifies your hosts file. But here are some tips to avoid getting an “account banned” notice the next morning you logged in to your PUBG Mobile account. At this time, it is advisable to only connect with a new social profile such as new google account or twitter account. I have limited data so I back up my apk and obb that I download from play store so that I don't have to redownload it. This happened to me a while ago. how are you? Recently, following Fornite being banned from the App Store and the confusion about EpicGames’ Unreal Engine - there were questions raised over the fate of PUB Mobile that also runs on Epic’s Unreal Engine. What I mast to do for this banned. Cept that I keep having restart and play bronze level so I get chicken dinners against 99 bots. I also contacted them on email, facebook and twitter…the same robot auto message comes up “try our support ingame service”. we got a bad news for our teammates. For PUBG Mobile, there are two different ways to appeal your ban, via e-mail and/or their website support form, or … Please return my account. lift up the banned; 1. But when i got killed everytime by hackers , i had no option left. Tencent and its horrible customer service, not surprised. Good luck. I’ve spent a lots of time after my ID and also bought UC to upgrade Royal pass. I know that someone intended to harm me through this act so that i may I used cheats and bypass as well. Also Read: PUBG Mobile 1.0 to launch with Erangel 2.0 on Sept 8, here's what to expect. Still no answer. … Makes me wonder if that's even legal to ban without providing a proper reason and not providing real support. Tips, My account got banned for 10 years today and i have no regret for that.

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