To turn on notifications for a friend, you can add them to your Close Friends list. Sony just needs to add a few things to the PS4. It's an option on the PS3 anyway, so not including it on the PS4 as an OPTION would make the 2000 friend limit a … It's 2p co-op drop in drop out. also, your ps3 friends cant see that you are online. With firmware 3.50, which goes into beta tomorrow—final release TBD—Sony is adding some much-needed features to their snazzy console including the ability to appear offline, which is something people have spent years requesting. Top New Games Out On PS5, Series X/S, Switch, And PC This Month -- November 2020, The PS5 And Xbox Series X Launch Lineups Are Weak, But That's Not The Whole Story, PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking. I was wondering why they left that out. They certainly do. Choose the color of pop-up notifications. I'm fine with waiting an update or two, but it would be nice if we were at least told this was coming. Also, Sony says they plan to bring Remote Play to PC and Mac, which doesn’t seem nearly as useful as getting it on Vita but may be helpful for people who have to share TVs. I agree with the 2000 friends getting annoying after awhile but maybe it could notify you if your friend just logged on and is playing the same game? To adjust notifications for a Page: Go to the Page. And of course the stupid mind behind default settings thought it would be cool to leave it at "friends only", so you might wanna check your options , then invites and set it to public. Click then select Follow Settings.

To display the notifications as pop-ups, select [Pop-Up Notifications], and then select the checkbox for [When Friends Go Online]. Below Notifications, select what types of posts you want to be notified about and then click Update. This topic is locked from further discussion. Forum Posts. There is notifications for everything else but this. I would love Sony to add this. Archived. Appear Offline -Sometimes you want to play a game or watch a movie without being bothered by friends. I thought I read from here that there is supposed to be notifications when friends come online and when you receive a message on PS4 like a pop up or even a sound like the 360 has.

It also allows you to turn it off for video watching, or gaming notifications while gaming. It's the end of the year, and we're looking back at some of the biggest news stories of 2019 and why they matter. And the PS3 now offers that same 2000 friend limit, but they did not remove friend notifications. The PS4's next firmware update will finally let you turn on notifications for when your friends come online. I thought maybe there was an option to turn it on, just never looked for it. Hope this comes back. Select the checkbox to disable pop-up notifications during video playback. Reviews: 0.

It does get annoying when i'm on Netflix on PS3, and it keeps showing me who's loggin in and out. Kind of sucks. It allows for music in-game & does play list. They'll probably patch it at some point. PS4 won’t receive invites of any kind. Big thank you to Sony for finally adding this and a big F-you to those who rationalized the decision to keep this feature absent for so long. Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. When you clear the checkbox for [Display Pop-Up Notifications], notifications do not appear. Its just an oversight from Sony dont worry more features are on there way give them abit more time they have done the right thing focus on the main parts and the rest later.this is just the beginning. Receive notifications when Friends you have selected go online on a PS4™ system. Settings > Notifications. Followers. It still won’t let you change your username, but at least it’ll give you some privacy. Yes, and they also need theme support put on the PS4. Log In Sign Up. it doesn't really bother me, it would be nice to turn it off and on though. User account menu. Well even with the 2000 friends they should give us an option for the PS4 to notify us when certain friends log on. I wish they did that for the PS3, how hard can it be ? I signed up for Music Unlimited.

When you receive a message or other new information, a pop-up notification appears in the upper left corner of the screen. When I am playing a certain games and my friends log on to play another game, the console won't alert me of that.

Hopefully this gets added in the future. PS4 won’t receive invites of any kind. Sony, please make this happen. My friend who read up on this said the feature is available. When you turn on notifications, you'll get updates each time that person or Page posts something shared with you. I also got skins for my PS4s.

The PS4's next firmware update will finally let you turn on notifications for when your friends come online. Wiki Points. Close. User Lists: 3 #1 Edited By SpaceInsomniac. Receive notifications when Friends you have selected go online on a PS4™ system.

It makes the fan go louder. I don't know of an option on PS3, but if they took it off on PS4, thats a great thing. Would be nice to have the option though. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 41. Everything is so plain, I miss my campfire theme. Clear the checkbox to hide message details in notifications.

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