Thank God for the SSPX. In the 1950s, Sir Steven Runciman published a highly critical account of the Crusades which referred to Holy War as "a sin against the Holy Ghost".[38]. In fact, I read it at night before I go to bed so I can especially reflect on the lives of our great saints.

The Pope apologized for the Church's "un-Christian and even inhumane positions and actions". In the case of homosexuality, Jesus preached to love the sinner but not the sin. In response, in June 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops initiated strict new guidelines ("zero tolerance") for the protection of children and youth in Catholic institutions across the country. The original author of this blog passed away in July of 2016. We do not want to support immoral lifestyles by hanging around these people. It was such a relief to give many things to God and accept i am a little sinner who loves THE TRUE CHURCH. It is shameful that women are not treated equally.

Traditional religious orders for consecrated women religious have seen a surge in growth, as well. In short, it is a problem everywhere.

Your statement “Because almost every sedevacantist, and member of the Society, feel that all people in the institutional Catholic Church are bad, and even some say we going to hell, they isolate themselves from us.” for one thing throws all of us who attend SSPX Masses into the sedevacantist camp, which all of us are not.

If they refuse to return to Tradition we cannot return to them.

Kelly. Clearly, Jesus spent little time with the Pharisees who were always trying to catch Him in a snare.

We Christians have become desensitized to abortion, Christian beheadings, homosexual marriage, and many other atrocities.

Maybe I am incorrect but I read some place that Padre Pio received dispensation from saying the Novus Ordo Mass.

[48], In a series of sermons in the summer of 1941, Clemens August Graf von Galen, Bishop of Munster, denounced the Nazi regime for its Gestapo tactics and policies, including euthanasia, and attacked the Third Reich for undermining justice. [31][32] Within five years of the official 'criminalization' of heresy by the emperor, the first Christian heretic, Priscillian, was executed in 385 by Roman officials. Unfortunately, I spent my entire life going to Novus Ordo Mass.

Its Scriptural. Everyone else who is not sedevacantist or Society member. Even some Novus Ordo Bishops fall into this Category, men who should really know better and give better example. And I find some novus ordo Catholics are very quick to (wrongly) condemn the SSPX as schismatic or “not part of the Catholic Church” – this is uncharitable of them, especially as these same people tend to regard Protestants – genuine schismatics/heretics – as “fellow Christians”. I am 64 years old and all my life I have tried to be faithful to God. When I attended the Novus Ordo Mass not only did I see people inappropriately dressed but I saw a complete disregard for God. As developed nations increase the tolerance for alternative lifestyles, the church remains adamantly against same sex marriages. Now What? but that is not the case.

After that, the Crusades to recover Jerusalem and the Christian East were unsuccessful.

Very good, Father, and thank you for following God’s Call. Then try to keep our children innocent, not to be contaminated by the world. [40] In many instances concern regarding the loyalty of Catholics arose in the context of perceived political threats.

The Catholic Church has traditionally frowned upon sexual relations between unmarried men and women.

The church is and probably always will be overly focused on sexual relations and the roles of men and women in society.

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