we may have in common with that person, and no matter what superficial traits we may NOT have in common with each other. The road does, from one perspective, "limit" our path of travel, yes -- but we learned the hard way that some type of road is, Thus it is not "holding us back," it is freeing us because it makes an otherwise-dangerous journey, Let's move from the metaphorical to the literal:  There's an old dichotomy that paints culture and American politics as a struggle of "conservatives vs. liberals" --. This leads us right into how this "core principle precipitates outer reality" rule can operate destructively: Now, what might happen if we abandoned the principle of equality of opportunity in favor of equality of outcome?

The tots ($9) have become a runaway hit. You are laying the blame in the wrong place, so you will naturally address the "problems" your car is having incorrectly.

Equity means we are all given the same outcome, which requires everyone to be treated DIFFERENTLY, with different laws, different protections, and different opportunities. Clearly all interpretations of reality are not "equally invalid" (to defeat this core tenet of postmodernism from earlier). Well, you must create the impression that this is just not so. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business's suitability for you. Trade safe.

This is because humans, whether we know it or not, are constantly striving to reconcile our internal contradictions. When we demolish a core principle, then the ideas that were built upon it become isolated contradictions, and we will eventually need to reconcile those contradiction by demolishing them as well. There are deep-fried anchovies and chunks of hammer-pounded Thai-style flank steak at Whiskey Soda Lounge, a nonna’s version of true Italian meatballs at Ciccio, Kentucky Derby-worthy grits cakes crested with country ham at Maysville, and fish skins deep-fried by the chef Joe Ng and transformed into piscine chips at Decoy, the bar and Peking-duck shrine beneath RedFarm in the West Village. Anyway, that was brought to my attention last night, and given that it would institutionalize a Marxist ideal in the most powerful institution in the world (the Federal Reserve) and the Federal Reserve likewise has a great deal of sway on the markets, it seemed rather important to be aware of.

Pretzel Logic's Market Charts and Analysis Investing.com's sometimes-popular author/analyst provides commentary and chart analysis using Elliott Wave Theory, classic TA, and frequent doses of sarcasm. N. I Have A Cassette Cat. And here's the thing:  You can actually make a pretty compelling argument for all of it!

So I think we can all agree that some ideas -- thus some ideologies, some social structures, some paradigms -- are, by logical extension, clearly better than others.

Whether we’re talking about the hot-dog threesome at Golden Cadillac, a bar in the East Village that does the hustle in the direction of “Charlie’s Angels”-era kitsch, or the $13 egg rolls engorged with cheesesteak and the $12 chicken-and-waffle sliders at Pork Slope, in Brooklyn, saloon bites represent a place where pragmatism and playfulness converge. We begin to embrace notions such as ", Which can actually be quite appealing. At Pork Slope in Brooklyn, from left, the chicken-and-waffle sliders ($12), a platter of loaded nachos ($8, small; $15, large) and Philly-cheesesteak egg rolls ($13).


SPX Update: Nothing to See Here, Just a Sea Change... On the Eve of Election, Liberals and Conservatives Must Unite, as America's Supercycle Peak Approaches, SPX Update: Target Captured -- Inflection Time, SPX Update: Preferred Count Comes Through Shining.

Assuming it's a repress based on information from the listing for 1978 ABC Records reissue, but center label and runout etchings differ. Materials will be unloaded from and finished products will be loaded onto flatbed trailers. As I said, I don't want to do this -- I'd rather just make jokes about Jay Powell and not risk offending anyone (well, besides Jay Powell) -- but I feel this is too important.

The first of those zones was captured on Monday, but it appears that was only the bottom of the micro third wave (see chart below). For anyone who hasn't done the math here, this is what has come to be termed "equity" -- which is political-speak not for equality of opportunity (which everyone should favor) but for equality of outcome.

We are now nearing a downside inflection zone, so we'll have to see how the market reacts to the break of the red base channel on the first chart. You can view it as a blessing that allows travel where travel was once impossible.

I mentioned (in the body of the article) that the lowest price point where a c-wave rally could complete was ~3467 -- and that may be exactly what happened, as SPX peaked at 3466.46 before reversing lower. Throughout New York City, bar snacks have become such a booming revenue stream (with the drinking coaxing us to eat more, and the eating coaxing us to drink more) that a professional drinker could subsist for weeks on little more than croquettes and chicken wings, sliders and skewers and shishito peppers, and a seemingly endless deluge of deviled eggs. Which, going back to our original point, would obviously not be an improvement, and would not "free" society (as its proponents argue), but would instead revert every one of us back to the chaos and danger of the vast, untamed wilderness. The eggs at Ardesia, devised by the chef Amorette Casaus, happen to be garlanded with chicharrón and pickled jalapeño, but these days you’re just as apt to find them with green tahini, sea urchin, Sichuan peppercorns or a glaze of Thai fish sauce.

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