It has 15's. I used all stock suspension bushings and stock bearings. Not sure how you deduce “low miles” from “original floor pan”??? High Performance build your Porsche 356 - 912 - 911 - 930 engine.

Lovin that McIntosh, but the faceplate is shiny black glass. I still have a few things that are good alternatives to the Mig clock. I may not use it as a daily driver, but I'd like it to be daily drivable in all but snowy, or extremely cold weather. The OEM 9x15 Fuchs extremely rare and difficult to find. Looks that way. It ought to be totally fine. The LSD should help a lot, but this car is going to be a real handful.

No early 911 interior is, really. Just That gives it a power to weight ratio of 6.7. Suede dash and some interior details will be a little off from the RS, but they're aesthetically (and sonically) worthwhile trades IMO. 3/6/2012Freedom any way to tell is this was a real one? I hope the McIntosh looks right. It's used, but looks new. @dno76 it was the sense I got while taking the car apart based on other indicators like ignition and door lock feel, switch feel etcetera. 5/5/2012Try taking a black sharpie to the grooves in the faceplate. When you enter the #'s into the PET, you get a "superceeded part #". The Carrera RS had 15" wheels. Classic Volkswagen and Porsche Air-cooled replacement parts can be found here. A really good RS clone would be impossible to tell apart from the real RS just by visual inspection. Precision motors tend to have catastrophic failures that cause tremendous replacement costs. As to taking a black sharpie to the grooves on the faceplate, the grooves are black and the raised part is chrome. I have been in the process of restoring a 67 912 for about 3yrs. There were also exhaust differences among real RSs, so you can't really go by that either. A 2011 Corvette Z06 has a p/w ratio of 6.4, If my car would have 320 hp (which is quite easy to do), it would have a better p/w ratio than the vette. voilla!!! They make me want to achieve some kind of success so I can have such fun. Regardless, nice to know car has original floors. *Engine or Parts

In the other left-side quarter behind the left rear wheel, houses the spin on WIX oil filter. This is the perfect segue to state that all suspension bushings and all wheel bearings are new. As you can imagine, this post (about the radium) caused quite a stir among those who are intimate with my car. It's the last and best of the air-cooled engines. This is what I listen to records on at home.

The interior will be somewhat of a departure from the '73 RS style anyway. The reason why the original fuel tank nearly popped^^. The other hides behind the right rear wheel. Obviously, the heart of every Porsche is its engine, and like every vehicle, over time engines either wear out or parts break. Worst case scenario is that they can't find them and they have to hammer out the Carrera fender flares so they're a bit taller at the brim and look identical to the real ones. It's a big dilemma. The car still retains its original steel bumpers and doors while featuring, exterior upgrades such as: custom lids, custom fenders by GT racing, H4 headlights, composite R door handles, vintage SEV, People's Choice Award at the annual Hershey swap meet, a. This is from his website (about the wheel I bought): "this wheel is a very accurate reproduction of the special wheel fitted by the factory to the 911ST as well as other Porsche racing models. Looks real to me from the shape of the flares. This build features a custom and completely rebuilt suspension.

This is a 912 Outside Temp gauge. Absesnce of Carrera script and stripes don't really count, but are suspicious. Hmmmm. BreitWerks has relationships with different vendors and depending upon your goal, we will select the most effective option with you. Enough said? Bagels??

ProtoSport's claim to fame is their Motronic Twin Turbo system(s), developed by Tod Knighton of Protomotive. 912 var innstegsmodellen til Porsche, og var en kompakt fireseters sportsbil med god drivstofføkonomi.Denne kombinasjonen ble gjort mulig med kombinasjonen av en svært effektiv motor, lav vekt og god aerodynamikk. Here it is opened up. Everything else has been replaced. I need to get a set of 8's polished for the front in that case. I have located a pair of orriginal 1973 RS fender flares in the UK. How do you guys and gals feel about early 911 green gauges?

It just came back from being speed balanced. Tack on 5 percent, and you're looking at a starting price of $83,220—almost twenty grand cheaper than that $102,032 Carrera. document.write(''); Bore and stroke are at the heart of the engine.

..the trust you must put in me to DIR. The 912 then disappeared for 6 years. The clock is merely a test fit. As distributors and ignition wires wear out, your engines ability to burn fuel is lessened. Since this was a '76 and had the exact same body as a 911 and a 2.7 flat six, It never even occured to me that it might not be a 911. Carrera tail replaced the standard decklid. They ought to be able to chnge those needles for me. email: Good enough for me.There was a huge problem with the gas tank. (vestis= latin for dress / clothes). I'm not 100% sure these are the authentic ones, but I believe them to be. They have a bit of rust on them.

This one has the soul of the '73 RS. Product names, logos, graphics and trademarks of other companies which are referenced and/or shown in this site remain the property of those other companies or individuals.

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