Initially the book felt a bit slow since the storyline wasn't focused on the charming & gallant prince Vandhiyathevan Vallavarayan. A great piece of literature that every tamilian can be proud of! A woman like her, in any Tamil movie now, is usually killed or tamed by the hero in the end. Nithyan, thanks for your comment! The character building and the world building is excellent literally makes you time travel. Hate to finish it.. Kalki is one of the best writer. True, it would have been interesting if Kalki weaved in more historical facts and presented a social & political discourse along the way, but I think the book's immense popularity is due to the emotional aspects of the story and the memorable characters :).

The first four books are points of a complex twisted web which gets neatly correlated and connected in the fifth book. I hope I can read this series sometime and impress my mom ;-), You definitely should - you're sure to be impressed with it before your mom ;), Yay, you finished !

Kalki is a master storyteller. Can't believe there's still another volume yet to read. Reflections: The Unicorn Expedition and Other Fant... A Handful Of Numerical Integration Techniques, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. I highly recommend the spotify audiobook version by Sri for anyone who wants to listen rather than read. If the translation is this good, I wonder how good the Tamil literature would be. Did you read parts translated by different authors? It feels like I’m back from a time-travel of the past, and have returned with renewed pride and attachment towards my native land! We’d love your help. Very addictive Novel.

I just finished Ponniyin Selvan in Tamil.

It was nice to be transported to a more pristine and simpler time when people did change! I'm glad so many people enjoy this masterpiece even today :). The makers of Mani Ratnam's much-anticipated film, Ponniyin Selvan, are planning to resume the film's shooting in Sri Lanka, next month. Hey Neeraja, came to your blog from Google while searching for reviews on Ponniyin Selvan translation by Mr.C.V Karthik Narayanan. Recently, there were reports that Baby Sara, who made her debut in Tamil with Theivathirumagal, has been roped in to play important role in the flashback sequences of the film. For reprint rights: Syndications Today. Sure, there are a few flaws here and there and some unanswered questions in the story. I am a die hard fan of this book and am thinking of gifting the series to a non Tam friend. The description of the places is literally so good, I am really hoping to travel to Tanjore and Sri Lanka and the complete route. Hats off to such a brilliant fusion of imagination and historical events! An official announcement regarding the film's schedule will be made in the coming days. Veteran actor Nizhalgal Ravi has also been brought on board.

It’s been a long time since I was this addicted to a series. What happens here is refreshingly modern.

“இளவரசே! Ground report: Farmers, workers cry government's apathy in Bihar's Motipur, Covid-19 fatality rates have reduced in Delhi: Satyendra Jain, Copyright © 2020 Living Media India Limited. The only down side (just a little) is that it makes some of the characters seem a little inconsistent and fickle... although it’s not Kalki’s fault. 1. So much drama and action has peaked to a thrilling, heart-rending climax. I think this was a literary style of the 50's. I would say that the author takes us to those days of Chozha Kingdom, which was one among the Greatest /Bravest Kingdoms in the world, in ancient times. Also, at places, Indra Neelamegham's writing was a little literal and needed a bit of editing. But I'm sure no translation can do justice to the original! Does anybody know if any of the older versions are for sale? Ponniyin Selvan is sure a master piece, however a little more historical research would have helped it better. It was a magnificent journey. There are lots of twists and turns.

கதைகளிலே காவியங்களிலே சொல்கிறார்கள். The description of the places is literally so good, I am really hoping to travel to Tanjore and Sri Lanka and the complete route. Kalki is an amazing author to say the least! I could find this especially because I finished the series in 2 weeks - all my spare time went for the novel. I have to admit - I didn’t expect the finale to contain any more sudden turns of events, but how wrong was I! I’ll leave it at that, before I spoil the suspense any more, unless of course, you’re well versed in Tamil history and already are aware of how the events turned out. Both authors are good, but Karthik Narayan's books are easily available through McMillan Publishers in India, and make for a nice gift set :). Kalki is the main reason I loved the book. I also didn't like the way he handled the 'older' Mathurantaka's storyline. It was a magnificent journey.

Evergreen Tamil classic with fantasy and historical accuracy intertwined appropriately, The fifth book (Part 1) of Ponniyin Selvan, Great read racy climax. 2002 Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Watch video. She lights up a scandal by marrying a sexagenarian strongman of the Chola Empire. This is definitely one of the best books (series) I’ve read. Yes, it is indeed a very addictive book. From here onward assuming you are reading in Tamil. If the translation is this good, I wonder how good the Tamil literature would be. Everything is there, love, trust, obedience, betrayal, friendship, hate, anger, lust etc. ALSO SEE | Mani Ratnam heaps praise on director Lijo Jose: I am a huge fan of his work, ALSO SEE | Throwback Thursday: How Mani Ratnam’s OK Kanmani normalised live-in relationships in Tamil films, ALSO SEE | Suhasini Mani Ratnam talks to son Nandan across glass wall. Kalki (Tamil: கல்கி) was the pen name of R. Krishnamurthy (Tamil: ரா. This book is a masterpiece by any standard you choose! Welcome back. I am happy to see this smiley in this review :) :) so happy that you joined the club. The first part, which is currently under production, is slated to hit the theatres in 2021.

Like an old Tamil movie, or a Dickens novel, good and bad were delineated sharply, and the turn of events (many by chance) came together to bless the good! what a series! Recommend to anyone if they had only one book to read in their lifetime. The character building and the world building is excellent literally makes you time travel. And finally, here are my concluding remarks on this epic series!

One of the best magnum opus of historical fiction ever written in tamizh. Extraordinary articulation of ancient times but at the same time using words that you can understand from current age. However, the novel coronavirus outbreak brought their work to halt. It was engaging, entertaining and was crafted expertly to create multiple dimensions of suspense and mystery. The Ponniyin selvan comes to an end with the last and final book.

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