We don't even need to come up with hypotheticals for plot holes in the original Star Wars. Affiliate links used for Amazon and other vendors. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language? I think it’s only fair I preface this topic with what spurred it on. "Excellent advice.I always groan inside when the hero staggers out of a building two seconds before it explodes. Then he began to experiment, with some rude apparatus of his own contrivance. , Although Jake’s story seems to be a contrivance, the incident happened exactly as he told it. Perfect name for them.

(You must log in or sign up to reply here. The death star plans aboard that life pod later resulted in the destruction of the death star, moments before it would have wiped out the primary rebel base. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. END SPOILERS. Now of course, the modern SJWars and the "writers" who crank it out would never realize this, because basically they'd have to actually watch the previous films and recognize what an ACTUAL writer is capable of, e.g, setting up stories years in advance and developing them to a logical conclusion based on a singular vision that the author had from the start--or as it was known in the olden days when Lucas was first writing the series, "genuine fucking effort". The idea in a romantic story arc, usually in a fantasy or at least a fanciful setting, that two star-crossed lover will just bump into each other with no preamble or idea of who they even are and somehow form a lasting relationship from this. General rule of thumb: If the contrivance hurts the protagonist, it’s usually okay.

The show is Doug (the Nickelodeon version, not the Disney one), and the episode was “Doug’s Comic Collaboration.” A quick run through of the plot for those of you who have never seen the show is the title character, Doug was fond of making up a comic book adventures for his self-insert character Quailman, and one rainy day when him and his best friend Skeeter were stuck inside with nothing to do, they decide to write a comic book together.

The only thing that prevents the conflict's resolution is the character's constant avoidance or obliviousness of it throughout the plot, even if it was already obvious to the viewer, so the characters are all "idiots" in that they are too obtuse to simply resolve the conflict immediately. This could well be a result of Darth Vader's demonstrated policy of executing officers who fail under his command, which prevents them from becoming experienced enough to make good decisions. That power happens to be magic, this is plot contrivance. When the victim is running all over the place, but the villain happens to wait for the victim at the exact place she will end up. This becomes difficult if they are surrounded by skilled professionals, paid to intervene and help if called. And so no, tv does not get a pass on plot convenience. ( Log Out /  "[3] Alternate formulations describe only the protagonist as being an idiot. What Makes a Good Middle. It turns out the whole reason Edward could never read her thoughts wither his special Vampire powers is because Bella had some latent Vampire power of her own. Number 5 annoys me the most. The story is filled with plot contrivances that do not fit the ending. Except for the maybe beginning. What does the South African term inyanga mean? Fine, look I'm sorry if in a previous post I insulted you or someone else because of my political views, please don't troll me.

A thing which is created skilfully and inventively to serve a particular purpose. It shouldn’t exist and there’s always a better way. Plot Contrivance Something that happens in the plot that is highly unlikely to happen, though still technically possible. ‘Further plot contrivances abound, including a gunshot wound that Michael simply shrugs off, all the priest's suspicions about Angela inexplicably dropped, and an illogical and ham-fisted final twist.’ ‘Neither contrivance serves much purpose story-wise, other than to advance time and create tension during commercial breaks.’

The same group of rebels later grew and successfully overthrew the empire.

, The new filling contrivance is so effective that many people are expected to lose their jobs at the bottling plant. courtesy of http://dougfunniesjournal.tumblr.com. That’s generally how I tell the two apart, the convenience is the part of the story that just happens to help the story along with no basis or logical contingency to it. These are generally the times when plot convenience crop up in spades. By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy I love villains. [2] It is a narrative where its conflict comes from characters not recognizing, or not being told, key information that would resolve the conflict, often because of plot contrivance. Okay, whatever Stephanie Meyer, we’ll let that one slide. Plot convenience! Ermm, I dunno about this, but after three books of her being a clutz, maybe I’m okay with this? Don’t be confused. She’s got a super useful shield around her mind that she pretty easily learns to project around herself and all her allies to protect against the Volturi. ( Log Out /  When I ... By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy Every time I debate what idea to write next, I go through a bit of an evaluation process. In literary criticism, an idiot plot is "a plot which is kept in motion solely by virtue of the fact that everybody involved is an idiot,"[1]:26 and where the story would otherwise be over, or possibly not even happen, if this were not the case. A scene featuring Q giving 007 his gadgets is a staple of James Bond films. The first of which is that despite the fact it took all of the Cullens quite awhile to abstain from drinking human blood, including her precious Edward who had a good number of “oopsies” along the way, Bella is able to pretty instantly abstain from killing anyone including her own half human daughter and fully human father. Not in a tv show though.

But then later when the Cullens learn they have to take on the Volturi, they do a training session with the family and some of their allies, and guess who’s a natural fighter? So what’s plot contrivance? When we insert them in a story, readers tsk-tsk. One end of term later and one empty pocket, and I find myself making time to do freelance again.

, The teacher quickly saw through the boy’s contrivance to avoid completing his assignment. There's a gaping one early on. It's always easier to spot them in someone else's work than in your own, though.

Science fiction writer and critic Damon Knight, in his 1956 collection In Search of Wonder, attributes the first use of the term to author James Blish. Plot Contrivance (spoilers) spoiler For me, this show makes such a point about depicting the blunt reality of organised crime and does it so well, that the times when the plot is … Over the Thanksgiving holiday, an individual requested I look his short story over and give it my standard critique and line edit.

But when the characters have depth and their decisions have consequences, I grow restless when their misunderstandings could be ended by words that the screenplay refuses to allow them to utter. It happens in a lot of books, though I have seen an entire set of memes devotes to HP being the luckiest orphan alive and that he does nothing to solve anything :) Goes to show anything can be done and still be successful, even when it breaks all the "rules.". "But for the most part, institutions and your neighbors are portrayed as sheep, so that only the hero's actions truly matter. It happens, but plot holes will break the bubble of belief or any so-called reality. A plot device is an element introduced to a story to affect or advance the plot. What does the South African term nunu mean? It’s a redundant contrivance since the kids and girlfriend were already awkward. But it is a rather small one, as it's easy to imagine an officer making an incompetent on the spot decision. I agree this is a plot hole to the extent that the officer should have known better.

I think a plot hole is a problem. Contrivance definition: If you describe something as a contrivance , you disapprove of it because it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples For example, BB-8, the droid with a piece of the map to Luke's location, happens to be found by Rey on Jakku, while Poe being captured leads Finn to a "spiritual awakening" that results in him breaking …

The contrivance is the thing that makes the convenience so i.e. The unassuming individual who takes it upon himself or herself to point this glaring inaccuracy out is instantly crucify, vilified, and asked if they’re so smart why weren’t they hand picked to write the script for the show like the brilliant writers who were picked to craft this masterpiece? The business actually did give me some decent side money, but going back to school made it difficult for me to keep it going. Focus is important where that is concerned, I believe. What does the South African term dagga mean? He told the story honestly and without contrivance. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A lost sorcery from ages passed, or so I been told. ( Log Out /  Hey–oh, but wait, no that’s not the best part, guess what else she can do?

The protag doesn't look like a skilled sleuth, the villain looks like a bumbling moron. SPOILERS so in Twilight: Breaking Dawn after Bella becomes a vampire, a series of plot conveniences occur to help the story along. This happens a lot in movies. We all make a point to finger the sore thumb like Waldo at a mime convention, and then bemoan the author taking the easy way out out by writing in a solution rather than figure out a solution that makes sense given the rules of the world and the materials his characters have to use at their disposal. … , Every smoker believes the cigarette tax is yet another contrivance designed to take money from hardworking men and women.

The use of skill to create or bring about something, especially with a consequent effect of artificiality. There might be another one. An improbable thing happening isn't a plot hole. , Since the plumbing contrivance does not work very well, it continues to sit on store shelves. In the Screen Rant Pitch Meetings video for The Force Awakens, an exchange between the Producer and the Scriptwriter describes "a string of coincidences" that more or less summarizes the entire plot of the film. "[4], "Our Favorite Cliché — A World Filled With Idiots…, or, Why Films and Novels Routinely Depict Society and its Citizens as Fools", "Movies that would be over in minutes if the characters weren't complete idiots", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Idiot_plot&oldid=977719919, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 15:20. That said, like I always say, whether it’s tv or a novel, they all begin with words on a page. Contrivances that help the protagonist usually feel forced or overly convenient.

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