Secondly the shape of the fuselage and the cockpit windows are designed very similarly to the A320. These figurines are very common tourist merchandise sold in New York City.

Ready meals abord the plane respawn after a certain amount of time. However, it is widely speculated that the flight originated in New York City, as several of the suitcases contain a statue of liberty figurine. All Discussions ... "Holly xxxx it is randomly generated!" This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 06:16.

The aircraft. The plane crash incident was of an unknown flight number and date. First flown on 4 April 1980, the aircraft had completed 15,451 flights with a total flight time of 83,011 hours before its fatal flight. Next to Geese Lake 2. There are several set spawn points.

(performance) New lods made for: Cannibal hut, Cannibal fire details,Massive rock, Background mountains,Plane crash, waterfall, pinetree top heavy, New player/timmy animations added to opening plane crash, Fixed bug where camera could be sometimes slightly offset after plane crash, Improved timmy model/textures during plane crash, (multiplayer) Lowered chance of enemies finding players straight after plane crash, Fixed camera seeing down neck sometimes during plane crash, (Balance) Some laptops have a chance of being around crash site, Fixed plane crash going through water and terrain at some points, (hopefully)Fixed some issues with enemies running into plane crash and getting stuck, (Audio) Added player stand up sfx at end of plane crash, Fixed timmy’s shirt clipping through body during plane crash, Fixed Alt tab breaking opening animation of crash, Survival book pickup added to the start of plane crash sequence, Fixed plane going through water briefly sometimes during crash, Fixed player camera occasionally facing the wrong way during planecrash, Added screen distortion effect to plane TV screens when plane begins to crash, (Multiplayer) Clients now start the plane crash in separate seats from host, and watch timmy taken away from different perspective, (Multiplayer) client player body and skin materials are now correct during opening plane crash, Improved ai pathfinding around cliff edges and plane crash sites, Improved animations for client during plane crash sequence and waking up on plane, Fixed player camera sometimes facing seat during plane crash sequence, (multiplayer) Fixed game seeming to crash/take a long time loading for clients during loading of particular scene, Suitcases around the plane crash site no longer respawn, Added new hair to player crawling forward during coop plane crash cutscene, Fixed slightly laggy movement on player camera during plane crash, (Multiplayer) Fixed other players visible during opening plane crash cutscene.

Draws now fly open, luggage gets sucked out! The place where the plane crashes is randomized and happens in a different place every game. What is known is that the aircraft involved was an Airbus A320-200 and that at some point during the flight there was a malfunction (As of the new update there was a storyline ending added explaining this) and the plane split into several parts; one of which (which the player happens to occupy) and the other being the cockpit which both land on a mysterious island called Peninsula, home to "The Forest." New improved opening plane crash sound effects I apologize to the people that have emailed me- updating the data has taken much longer than I … The plane axe found in the flight attendant is carried on some Airbus aircraft in the cockpit behind the F/O's seat.

The game starts inside the plane wreckage and once left can still be re-visited. Stewardess with plane axe sticked to the body, Passenger manifest, food and booze at the back. The Forest Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.

South west of the biggest cannibal village

New Plane interior art and exterior crash art, (multiplayer) Fixed remote players name showing while game is loading on their end or during their plane crash sequence, (multiplayer) Fixed client seeing tree stumps host doesn’t around plane crash, More plane crash animation added – more debris flying around, especially towards end as plane crashes, Ensured better randomness of plane crash site roll The aircraft involved was a 19-year-old Boeing 747-200F freighter registered HL7451. Locations of items, tools, utilities, caves and more.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. the front of the plane is in the frozen area and has the flare gun in it and ammo for it, Left of Plane Wreckage Note the Circuit Boards. It was an invisible plane that casted shadows can could be jumped on and ran into, and it is possible that it is an Easter Egg. Lastly the Side-stick seen in the cockpit, which is only used in Airbus aircrafts. The plane hits the ground though at an angle that prevents it from being completely demolished on impact. Added clouds beside window in opening plane cutscene. It is heavily suggested that the plane was brought down by the power obelisk, operated by Dr. Matthew Cross. Minor refresh (10/5/2011) I have been busy with other things for almost a year now, and have neglected updates. It has a tail section, broken main wings, and its nose is bent and smashed. Lastly the Side-stick seen in the cockpit, which is only used in Airbus aircraft. Currently the crash scene occurs at night time. The crash scene has received many changes since the original release of the game. Secondly the shape of the fuselage and the cockpit windows are designed very similarly to the A320. The logo on the tail of the plane seems to be taken from German airline Lufthansa, which also provides speculation of the flight originating from New York; however, the Lufthansa logo was removed from the, The aircraft after close evaluation appears to be an.

In much older versions of the game, it occurred during the day. After the update, the type of aircraft made more probable the theory that affirm that the plane is an Airbus A320-200[1]. Post-v0.18 planes include overhead luggage compartments, a lavatory, and a modified posterior end of the interior., Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in, You can press space to skip opening plane crash, Added more randomness to plane crash possible locations, Fixed plane crash location that was set too steep and where players would die instantly if they fell out of without eating medicine first, Fixed camera position on during plane crash so you can no longer see down your own neck. (particles) Added broken glass particles to plane crash scene The evidence for the aircraft being an Airbus A320-200 varient is the sharklets (wingtip device) which were only fitted onto the 200 model.

Fixed trees visibly popping in after plane crash sequence

When outside, practice getting in and out through the right side door. There are different variations for both single player and multiplayer.

(audio) Ambient sounds no longer briefly heard before plane crash starts, (multiplayer) Fixed plane not aligned for clients if host plays crash sequence all the way through, (Audio) Fixed plane crash SFX playing again if you skipped the intro cutscene after the plane had already crashed, Fixed mutants sometimes spawning very close to plane crash on first day, Audio – plane crash sound now gradually fades out if plane crash is skipped

Firstly, when facing the opening where the axe is in the womans corpse there is a door way on the right and the left back towards the tail end of the plane. Each new game will bring a new location of the plane crash on the peninsula. Screens on the rear of seats become static, the plane shakes and begins to lose altitude.

The game starts inside the plane wreckage and once left can still be re-visited. I figured out that its best to use the plane as a base.

The place where the plane crashes is randomized and happens in a different place every game. Added press space to skip tutorial to opening plane crash, Fixed missing mesh renderer at front of plane crash(animated forward hull), New Plane interior art and exterior crash art

There are several set spawn points.

Plane crash set to nighttime and relit plane and abduction scene, (Multiplayer) Client’s in game day time is now local until end of plane crash sequence for both host & himself, Player can no longer die from staying too long in plane crash sequence. After standing up, the player can now interact with items within the game. McAwesome. Interactive The Forest Map. The starting location of the game, the plane crashes in the mid western side of the island with its tail pointing north. The same air hostess from before yells over the microphone: Some of the passengers and crew can be seen being launched through the air, and outside of the plane. The front of the new plane's model where the cockpit separated also includes a more ripped and bent metal look. He is sitting next to his son Timmy, who is in the middle seat numbered 36F. Heres how.

Debris and lose items throughout the plane can be seen flying over head and around the plane. To do this you need to jump up onto the box and then crouch. It is also possible that it may be re-added to future versions of the game, or moved to the Mountain Area. In the woods to the north of the Yacht 3. The secondary player is sitting a seat across from the host/main player, he witnesses him pick up the book, and the scene plays out until you're knocked out. The evidence for the aircraft being an Airbus A320-200 variant is the sharklets (wingtip device), which were only fitted onto the 200 model. Each new game will bring a new location of the plane crash on the peninsula. Specific plane crash location Discussion I'm trying to have my plane crash wreckage be in the location with the red circle around it while playing on Normal mode and must have re-loaded at least 30+ times and still can't get it to appear there. After the nose of the plane breaks off, the plane hurtles down onto the peninsula where the body crashes through the bushes and branches before coming to a stop where the beginning of the game takes place. The player, is sitting in the window seat numbered 37F. If the aircraft was an A321 the wings would be much further forward on the fuselage.

The plane slides across the ground before coming to complete halt. You wake up in your chair, than proceed to get up, ending your start. The list below is incomplete.

Red Man approaches Timmy and picks him up.

The Cockpit, part of the plane, spawns every game in the mountain area. The power obelisk functions as an EMP-type device, and Dr. Cross knew this before using it.

It is also likely that the plane originated from the Toronto Pearson airport, in Ontario, Canada, as the developers are located in Canada, and the airport code of "YYZ" is shown on the passenger manifest.

The player crawls towards the Red Man before passing out again.

The plane begins to rumble, one of the air hostesses states over the planes microphone: A short time later the plane experiences a critical malfunction. The crash scene is initiated when the player presses interacts with the book which is placed in front of Timmy.

The Forest Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As the plane halts, the player is knocked unconscious. It may also be involved in the story, possibly being the source of the Survivor movie producers.

During the intro animation there appears to be an explosion from the right side of the plane where the cockpit detaches from the body.

The aircraft in the game appears to be Airbus A320-200.

Next to the abandoned film camp 4.

The starting location of the game, the plane crashes in the mid western side of the island with its tail pointing north.

I had 4 maybe 5 different plane locations... Last edited by Pagan_PL; Jun 2, 2014 @ 12:22am #6. This page was last edited on 17 April 2019, at 10:42. The Crash Scene is the opening segment when you start a new game in The Forest. Fixed crash clearing not removing trees on loading a save game (fixing issue where trees would sometimes block exit from plane or from home you’ve built near crash site), Fixed trees visibly popping in after plane crash sequence, New plane dirt chunk added to plane crash, Fixed camera looking down neck on plane crash intro. 1. – Don’t skip crash! Added more randomness to plane crash possible locations v0.08c: Fixed plane …

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