Making a ball dupe macro may be very nice. Peace. All three classes i suggested have a super which can wipe an entire rune-room full of adds including the wizard. All rights reserved. Zulmak tends to stay close to the Shrieker's room. You are not allowed to view this content. It's really fun when you get down to it, and speed running solo is really fun. Put simply, your goal is to kill the three bosses in the rooms, but if you know just a few things it will make your life a whole lot easier. I'll makes sure to add this to the bottom. I used the skip in my video, the timestamp is in the description. If you're a hunter, you can get away with running up to him and using your OTP shotgun in combination with anarchy if you have arc battery, but you'll need to time your melees so you can stay up to him and not be thrown away. Pit of Heresy Cheese method.

Unless you will end up actually dunking the orb if you don’t pace yourself. I'm glad you liked it! . Press J to jump to the feed. both classes should be placing arc webs to prevent cursed thrall from becoming too much of a problem.

Cancel Don't get close. But the macro is more reliable, because we are humans right? Orb duping is definitely your friend here. Well and bubble make this very easy, and nightstalker can, but it may be a bit more difficult. Swordbearers cannot go on the runways, but they can hit you if you're near the edge. How did you get past the pit, I follow a video and get stuck at the door?

I know this has already been done several times, however many of the guides simply tell you "Just don't die", or "Play conservatively". Welcome to Destiny Reddit!

I use a lot of pinnacle and raid weapons, however none are essential in my opinion. Thanks for the tips of what to run on other classes! Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging (bypassing the report queue) if you select a punishment. A 3 phase is very easy, and a 2 phase just requires some ammo drop luck and a well on both DPS phases. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. Please note that I completed this on a warlock, and it is much easier on a warlock in my opinion, but definitely very possible on any class.

Special DPS Procedure (Well-locks with 90+ mobility): Shown at 33:26 of my video run of the dungeon, you can use your grenades to get up on top of the crystal. Pit of Heresy - Cheese. Post, Download on the AppStore Run back to the totem and stand under it for a couple seconds to stop it from wiping. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Spec for survivability, and make sure you play carefully. How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan) Introduction.

E, 0.469 sec delay, 8 (weapon swap button), 0.2 sec delay, 8, E. NEW MACRO with the updated changes for the faster interaction.

You need to move forward and jump up to get to the stairstep ledge at that point.

NEW MACRO with the updated changes for the faster interaction. This is almost entirely false. A tip to speed up solo runs and even cheese the chamber encounter. This is a full guide to the Pit of Heresy and how to complete it solo. Good luck to your solo runs and the rest of your Harbinger title.

IMPORTANT: If you leave at any point during a solo or flawless run, it will NOT count for the triumph, so make sure to stock up on banners beforehand. Voidwalker (Attunement of Chaos and Contraverse holds)/Striker (Middle tree and Skullfort)/Gunslinger (Bottom tree and nighthawk or blade barrage and shards of galanor), Izanagi - spike nades/wendigo - recluse (Noticing a theme here?). Ok boys after patch old macros dont work, so I tried to find new one and soo far the best one for me is: E down - 0.07 sec delay - Wheel backward - 0.25 sec delay - E up, So enjoy <3 (It works like a 98% of all time I've been using it), Edit #1: I posted the macro for people, that are trying to get solo flawless, don't abuse it elsewhere. If you're like me and have the dupe not work as intended, try and get another orb. This was made during Season 10, so the dps meta may change in the future. Recluse (or any energy primary you’d like), Threat Level w/ Grave Robber Trench Barrel, R/W Throne Cleaver with Passive Guard seasonal mod. You have to be super fast on killing ads or you immediately get overwhelmed and die super fast. Zulmak's fire attack will almost always instakill on a direct hit. Fine tuned it over the weekend while running the dungeon for pinnacles. There are so many things that you can ignore or maybe won't even see with a team, and that's what this guide is for. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed.

Found this earlier today!!

they stay dead.

The Harrow is the easiest encounter (without a skip) in my opinion. Pit of heresy cheese! For starters, here is a video of me clearing the entire dungeon solo (Please forgive me if it isn't uploaded yet. Peace :D, yeah they made the dunk way faster but it's still totally consistent, Yea god forbid a game lacking in end game challenge have an exclusive reward that can only be earned through skillful gameplay. Chamber of Suffering is where the encounters start getting to be systematic. Took me like an hour and a half of experimenting to get this right. Shooting it with your primary from any distance will make them look at you. Would've loved to do this instead.

Nothing but the boss's weak fireballs can touch you up there, and your well will easy heal them. . With a few paragon mods and perpetuation x2 on class item. I have only done this on my titan and I can only recommend loadouts accordingly. Saving this for a good read at the campfire. Duping the orb causes a bug to occur which causes a second DPS phase after every normal DPS phase with no DPS available.

You can see one of these respawn spots at 4:55 on the youtube video. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The tunnels are a fun encounter, and may be a good spot to practice orb duping. Here is a fantastic map made by a fellow guardian which you should use if you haven't already memorized the layout and rune locations. #destiny2 #PitofHeresy.

Unlike solo flawlessing any dungeon really, this is less a test of skill, and more a test of will.

Hello my fellow guardians. Which point are you getting stuck on?

Privacy Policy, Destiny 2 – How to Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy (Titan), Destiny 2 – How to Play Gambit Properly (Tips and Tricks), Destiny 2 – How to Farm Glimmer and Bright Dust, Destiny 2 – Simple Titan Guide ( PvE and PvP), Destiny 2 – Quick Gambit Basics (Prime and Normal), Destiny 2 – PvP: Map Control (or when Zones Matter).

Is it the same way on the knights and Zulmak? It's not very solo friendly.

This is one of these encounters that's just "Don't die", and doesn't have much of a definitive solo strategy past knowing how the knights and ogres work. I played this on a warlock, but all encounters but the boss fight will work with the same strategy. This is just a witherhoard bug works on a ton if enemy's like the blessed knights in crown or zulmak poh boss. Comment Reply Start Topic. I know this has already been done several times, however many of the guides simply tell you "Just don't die", or "Play conservatively". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A charged vortex grenade will fully recharge and kill and entire wizard, making it very easy to just throw on onto the wizard. I used the out of map cheese, as it is simply easier, and unless you're going for flawless, it tends to be much faster. I tried the Xenophage cheese approach to finishing the quest solo by bypassing the encounters in the Pit of Heresy and was struggling to do much damage to the boss when I discovered this tidbit: the boss’s invulnerability drops a few seconds after you die. I'd recommend grabbing one orb, then running around and duping it.

Whenever you are about to go near a bridge, watch for an ogre. Play nice. Let me know if you have any questions that I may have missed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LowSodiumDestiny community.

Make sure to clear adds. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Meta. Except for the part that I either don't have a lot of the items/weapons required or the terminology is beyond me.

Use your izanagi's burden to take them out in one shot. My effective strat was wormhusk crown with top tree nightstalker. I'll take any cheese I can but I can't seem to get past the first cheese.

I'll be honest this looks like something I'd wanna try myself.

This guide is here to show you all of the nitpicky things about encounters that you can exploit to your advantage. Orb duping will make this encounter exponentially more easy, and is almost as good as a straight up skip. Fine tuned it over the weekend while running the dungeon for pinnacles.

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