Staying compact essentially means limiting space between players and maintain short distances. What you can do with the ball at your feet will separate the men from the boys on PES 2019. Next, they have a longer distance to cover, which increases their fatigue level. Good explaination bro.

I will recommend setting a high defensive line if you are going for a goal, and lowering your defensive line to protect a lead. This is ideal for teams with fast wingers. In this situation, the Xbox One controller is used as a model. It’s possible to download from the internet which is not fully recommended because of possible malware infection and it’s not guaranteed that the downloaded settings.exe file will work. Use this slider to adjust the compactness level of your team. Play a ‘Front Line Pressure’ game and set ‘Defensive Line’ to a high number. The ball passing is around your midfielders, which is an important aspect and helps you to create a good number of opportunities, because of which you can adapt to a decent playstyle as well.

Using this has been common in PES as it has been effective for most of the players, to either take advantage of bugs or high defensive lines by the opposition. Posted by 10 months ago. Do not commit more than 5 players during attacks. The intention here is to draw opponent players towards us, so as to reduce the congestion in the opponent half. In case there are warning symbols like “bad” label, your hardware doesn’t meet these specs so you can experience a smaller number of FPS during the game. Even though most of them might be intercepted, one successful through ball will win them the game. finished playing let it be rematch after any game. Match screen settings can change radar appearance, player nameplate, colors for radar dots, power gauge, display cursor, stamina gauge, time/score, display opposing player names, cursor type and set-piece guides when you move with player, which can be helpful especially for beginners. i need find the best tactic and formation to kill them every battle.. thanks bro useful information . Adjust the sliders to determine your support range. eFootball PES 2021 review: How does it look compared to PES 2020? 3. This will depend on the amount of risk you wish to take. 10’ and ‘Hole Player’ are a bonus for this position. As a general rule of thumb, avoid having more than 2 of the same Playing Style in your entire squad, and avoid having duplicate Playing Style in your starting 11. The forwards would stay near the halfway line, play near the last line of the opponent defense. As you can see from the above section, regular, realistic, default formations are unlikely to bring you victories against seasoned online players for two reasons – They are skillful, or their team simply contains all the good players to exploit the game engine. We should fill this role with the player with the best technique.

He is the brains of the team, the main focal point of our attack. The second formation I use is a 4-2-3-1 formation. Find the tactics that work for your side, and in your formation. This section thus focuses on creating formation, adjusting sliders and other advanced tactical tips for online matches. To address this, set ‘Numbers on Offense’ to ‘Many’, ‘Numbers on Defense’ to ‘Few’, ‘Defensive Styles’ to ‘Frontline Pressure’, ‘Pressure’ to ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Defensive Line’ to full setting. Browse local files mentioned before or check paths C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/, C://Program Files (x86)//Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 or eFootball alternative name. With this formation i can beat Juventus 5-0 comfortably using Tottenham Hotspur, lots of shots on target. In the player’s tab, you can change captain, long FK Taker, Short FK Taker or set secondary players to these positions. One prevent the conceding of goals, the other score goals to win you matches. This is a term defined for spacing between teammates.

This is no different on PES 2020, as do you know how to perform a dive in the box, or manually get one of your teammates to make a run forward? Build Up Manager Tactics in PES involves two types: Long-Pass and Short Pass Build-Up. They will have not much space to move, which allow us to regain possession of the ball. I do Football shirts and football tactics. For this formation to be effective, the AMF/SS has to be a highly mobile player, a player with decent speed and dribbling skills. This will be the first in a series of articles aimed at helping to explain some of the intricacies of PES 2021, specifically when it comes to tactics.

Good luck fоr thee next! This is an essential defensive strategy, especially when your opponent has a number of superstar players in the team.

By combining this with the flank switching strategy highlighted in Section 4.2, you can easily alternate between putting in a cross with one winger, and cutting into the box with the other. In reality, this tactic is employed by teams in the middle of the league table and top managers are unhappy with this tactic. With this option, we can choose defenders to join in the attack during attacking corners and free kicks. Please note: Formations are subject to change with the future updates. These can be used to gain a yard or two on the defender, or to slow the game down to suck them back. What we require here are offensive sidebacks, fast wingers, and a strong target man or a fast center forward. Use this option if your team’s attack revolves around a good attack midfielder and do not have fast wingers. And when ‘Counter Attack’ offense style is used, it usually means that the opponent is stronger, and we play a defensive game while looking to catch them on the break. This is usually termed as ‘parking a bus in front of goal’. Match level difficulty can be set, match time, overtime or penalty kicks to on/off, the maximum number of substitutions, team condition for home and away team, injuries or ball type. Defenders will play close to goal. There are a couple of things you can still do to improve your team after signing a top manager. Good, thank you, please I need another one for pes 2019 jogress version, thanks. Make Tactical Option 2 a slight variation of your starting formation. I personally like to try out the default formation of the team before making edits. Tools:  Sider 7.0.2, DpFileList Generator 2020 and Tutorial Import OF, Tools: Sider 6.3.9, Kitserver 2020 v1.45 , DpFileList Generator 2020 and PUMM.

First of all, I’m not a native English speaker so please understand my broken English. Bath Your choice here will depend on the passing skills and pace of your players. The strong CB usually lacks pace, thus when there is a need to chase down defenders, we can rely on the fast CB. So, it is always good to choose Managers with balanced adaptability and skill stats. This will help you to maintain a good defensive line, but it would be difficult to involve many players during an attack. When we watch football matches, we see players interchanging positions and switching flanks on a frequent basis. Positioning corresponds to your sheet setup but It can be set to the more free option. The introduction of a new finesse dribbling system – developed with the help of Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta – makes a colossal difference to the feel of PES 2020 compared with its predecessors. Once this is done, we can easily command the two wingers to switch flanks, by using the Down Directional Button to alternate between Tactical Options 1 and 2. Best for Short-Pass Manager Tactics in PES. With penalties, it's all about making sure you use the aiming guide. If you run the eFotball 2020 for the first time, there are some dialogs that need to be reviewed. PES gives you a number of different formations to choose from. What to do if the file does not exist?

For the longest time PES’s defending was somewhat automated. Using tactical options in this manner ensures that your team shape is kept consistent, yet contains a significant difference to grab a late goal or crowd the defence, depending on the scoreline. Someone with a ‘Box to Box’ index card will do the trick here. Sometimes it can take some time to adjust preferences but after reading this manual, you will be able to change PES 2020 settings for platforms PC, Xbox, and Playstation. We are very happy to hear that our guide was useful for you. As Paolo Maldini once said: "If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake.". In the general tab, there is information about homepage, developer and online link to the manual if it’s already provided. This is usually used either at the start of the match, or towards the end. His role in this formation is to cover all blades of grass, and assist in both attack and defence.

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