The reason for the crash was later reported as tail structure failure due to co-pilot error while encountering wake turbulence. It drew widespread media coverage and was touted as one of the heinous terrorist aviation act. The loss of control of these key components resulted in the pilots losing control of the aircraft entirely. This meant that the pins did not extend past the torque tube flanges, allowing the handle to be closed without excessive force (estimated by investigators to be around 50 pounds-force or 220 newtons) despite the improperly engaged latches. Additionally, the NTSB recommended that upgrades to the locking mechanism and to the latching actuator electrical system be made compulsory. The accident was probably caused by a cargo door coming open during the flight, leading to a sudden loss of pressure inside the cabin and causing part of the flooring to collapse which damaged the controls and made it impossible for the crew to regain control. Flight Engineer Erhan Özer, age 37, had 2,120 flying hours experience. One after another, the autopilot, the automatic engine control system, and the flight computers shut themselves off. The cargo door design flaws, and the consequences of a likely aircraft floor failure in the event of in-flight decompression on the DC-10, had been noted by Convair engineer Dan Applegate in a 1972 memo. Fifty bodies had been previously recovered from the sea. The system has a hand crank provided as a backup.

Passenger flight Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17th July, 2014 after being shot down.

Temporary inconsistency between the measured speeds, likely as a result of the obstruction of the pitot tubes by ice crystals, caused autopilot disconnection and reconfiguration to. Near Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The collision was caused due to pilot error on the Kazakhstan Airlines aircraft. In particular: The BEA assembled a human factors working group to analyze the crew's actions and reactions during the final stages of the flight. Flight 981's Captain was Nejat Berköz, age 44, with 7,000 flying hours. Among the victims were 200 passengers, many of them British, who had been transferred from British Airways flights cancelled because of a strike by engineers at London airport. [104], After further attempts to contact Flight 447 were unsuccessful, an aerial search for the missing Airbus commenced from both sides of the Atlantic. Rescuers had great difficulty reaching the remote Japan Alps, 70 miles north-west of the capital, and heavy rain added to their problems. In 1979, when a DC-10 crashed on take-off at Chicago airport after losing one of its engines, the Federal Aviation Authority ordered a worldwide grounding of the plane until it was clear that no others in service faced the same risk. [155], The third phase of the search for the recorders lasted from 2 April until 24 May 2010,[156][157][158] and was conducted by two ships, the Anne Candies and the Seabed Worker. [243][needs update] In 2014, the FAA streamlined requirements for AoA indicators for general aviation[244][245] without affecting requirements for commercial aviation. Despite this, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not issue an Airworthiness Directive requiring these changes, instead reaching a gentleman’s agreement with McDonnell-Douglas to make some lesser changes to the hatch and no changes to the floor. Dedicated in memory of the victims and their families affected by the crash of Turkish Airlines, Flight 981 in Paris, France, 1974. [b] ACARS can be used by the aircraft's on-board computers to send messages automatically, and F-GZCP transmitted a position report approximately every ten minutes. ", The flight data recordings stopped at 02:14:28 UTC, or three hours 45 minutes after takeoff. [68][69][2]:198[70] First officer Bonin continued making nose-up inputs.

Aviation industry is one of the biggest industries in the globe. In the company's investigation, it was noted that during a stop in Turkey, ground crews had filed the cargo door's locking pins down to less than a quarter of an inch (6.4 millimetres), when they experienced difficulty closing the door. On 1 June 2009, the Airbus A330 serving the flight stalled and did not recover, eventually crashing into the Atlantic Ocean at 02:14 UTC, killing all 228 passengers and crew. Early today, 70 paratroopers descended on ropes from helicopters to start hunting through the wreckage. The fully recognizable bodies of the six Japanese passengers who were ejected from the aircraft were found along with the plane's rear cargo hatch, having landed in a turnip field near Saint-Pathus, approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 miles; 8.1 nautical miles) south of where the remainder of the plane was found. Without the auto-pilot, the aircraft started to roll to the right due to turbulence, and Bonin reacted by deflecting his side-stick to the left.

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