OSHA News Release, (November 9, 2017). In other words from the National Lightning Safety Institute, “If you can see it (Lightning), flee it; If you can hear it (Thunder), clear it.”. When it comes to training and speciallized services Crane Tech offers you the most flexible options. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, you should shut down crane operations if you see lightning or hear thunder. This is where many times the push and pull of risk versus cost begins.

Operating a crane during a thunderstorm can obviously be incredibly dangerous. OSHA 29 CFR 1926 SUBPART CC Rev1010 DRAFT. You should always wait about 30 minutes after a thunderstorm has moved on before using a crane again. We find it shocking how little direction is given on this very important topic! There are inexpensive portable lightning detectors on the market that can detect when there is a strike within a 10 mile radius, many smart phones also offer weather apps that can notify the user of lightning, or there are commercial lightning detection systems that monitor and notify of lightning activity. 1215 Millennium Parkway If lightning were to strike your crane while you were using it, it could prove to be catastrophic and could put your employees at risk. Call today and find out how easy NCCCO Certification can be with Crane Tech Service. We will handle all paperwork, processing, training, and testing for one low fee. In ALL instances, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to re-starting work. Crane Tech fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO tests.

Never lie flat on the ground. OSHA issued a final rule setting November 10, 2018, as the date for employers in the construction industries to comply with a requirement for crane operator certification. Recently one of our customers asked “Where can I find the guidelines for lightning safety with cranes?”  Unfortunately, lightning is not addressed in a straightforward way that Crane Tech wishes it was. Since lightning is unpredictable, how do you know if lightning is within striking distance and work should stop? However, this recommendation is intended to complement on-site monitoring, not to be considered a substitute for monitoring. While the first strike of lightning or the exact location where lightning will strike next cannot be predicted, it is easy to tell if lightning is in the area. Crane Tech is a proud

In other words from the National Lightning Safety Institute, “If you can see it (Lightning), flee it; If you can hear it (Thunder), clear it.” Crane Tech recommends that employers and supervisors follow these best practices for working with cranes, modified from OSHA and NOAA guidelines for workers whose jobs involve working outdoors: | Sitemap. If there’s even a slight chance thunder and lightning could be in your area, you should plan to either use the crane on a different day or work around the timing of the storm.

If you can hear thunder then you are close enough to be struck by lightning. Let us know—comment below or Email us. H��W�nI}�+ꑖ���H�%��*�L��j��,.��~�V�����c�x������ԩK�^>��������ڣi��;����kJ�����W�z�k���Lh��5�y��`�:��o�Ӟ�K{׭N�M�e@i�m�7M�,�,ҮO��z��/�����+��o\������%�K��Ԟ�[Wt�/�� ]�]&{�G�K^dwE����d�u�:){�n�r��u�r������w�z/XJ>�X��U��Eg��Y��S�s�����z�k������G0*| � ���� j�+����f�20�5��ur1����'�|+e��]7���� �Ż�(�;��H>0�D^��R�q/�#����j9��J�lԏD��NĮ\B���Fe%"M,B3A����N�����b��0DѶ!Ȱ��c‚��c��̌�xA�X7bˮR�J|/Et�+K�O~"���~��}.jb��e���(���\�w���~l�1�� ��a�fض��ѠK�H�[9�t�2�&)E�R�,-> ���� wdY�A�3��0��!1+�_І�*3�� �%�`Q^~��t.����ۀ����bA#�[U Kind regards! NCCCO Platinum Sponsor. Those are two signs that a thunderstorm is close enough to potentially put your job site in danger. Sit in a steel boat with a fishing pole in your hands just to keep fishing? So when do you cease work, where do you go, and for how long should crane operations be suspended? Avoid isolated tall trees, hilltops, utility poles, cell phone towers, cranes, large equipment, ladders, scaffolding, or rooftops. Simply put when a crane boom is stuck up in the air, it acts like a lightning rod. Many thanks to Krookid Photography for use of their crane and lightning photo! The rope may heat up at the point of the strike to such an extent that the steel starts to melt. Ajith P. I work by mammoet the netherlands by Mammoet world wide we do have info about this and we yuse this in toolboxes ect. So common sense must prevail in this case as well. Take a look at some of the safety precautions crane operators can take during a thunderstorm. Washington – Lightning is a frequently overlooked occupational hazard, according to a new fact sheet from OSHA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The same could be said when operating a crane near lightning. In most cases the standards either refer to the manufacturers recommendations to secure the crane at the crane operators/qualified persons discretion, etc. f���Y���Y�,`fJ�dAaAY���G�#�eKނ�W�W�W�W�W�W�pV:+��� At Astro Crane, we always stress safety above all else to our customers. Derricks Used in Construction • 29FR926, C 1 SUBPART CC NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR THE CERTIFICATION OF CRANE OPERATORS (NCCCO) Reprinted from Federal Register, Vol. 152 August 9, 2010. Brandon, FL 33511, Copyright © 1977-2020 Crane Tech LLC | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, take action after hearing thunder/seeing lightning, When the Thunder Rolls and Lightning Strikes.

Want to review the standards yourself? Have a topic you’d like more insight on? For more information on this topic, consult the recently updated OSHA and NOAA Fact Sheet: Lightning Safety When Working Outdoors.

Avoid open areas, such as fields. O���s����/Ӓ|o�%n�����B\ô�i��y�w?��qM�™} 0 ���M endstream endobj 444 0 obj <> endobj 445 0 obj <> endobj 446 0 obj <>stream While it may be hard to remember while you are waiting on a storm to pass through, one of the key things an employer can do is create a safe working environment by establishing and adhering to guidelines in order to keep workers safe.

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