The spoor looks almost the same as the Oribi's. It feels comfortable when there's patches of grass or bush nearby to hide in, or otherwise it will make a squatting sound. For the European wild goat sometimes known as "Steinbock" or "steenbok", see. The territory is marked by both sexes by using dung heaps. Steenbok are active during the day and the night; however, during hotter periods, they rest under shade during the heat of the day. There is a black crescent-shape between the ears, a long black bridge to the glossy black nose, and a black circular scent-gland in front of the eye.

circle of white hairs, and there is a slender black triangle which starts This species appears to live In combination to it's habit of stopping and looking back, hunters have often take advantage of this halt.

Steenbok are known to live for 7 years or more. Suborder: The feet are just wider and more straight and even a slight bit bigger than the Oribi's. Gestation period is about 170 days, and usually a single precocious fawn is produced. (After IUCN Antelope Specialist Group, 2008), Click on the pictures above for larger views of the photographs, © Brent Huffman,

The horns, Steenbok resemble small Oribi, standing 45–60 cm (16"–24") at the shoulder. Oribi (Ourebia ourebi) are similar in color and form to the steenbok, but are larger and more slender. Monthly Optimization Call. There is a black crescent-shape between the ears, a long black bridge to the glossy black nose, and a black circular scent-gland in front of the eye. found only in males, are straight, sharp, and very upright. Ready for your own success story? In central Kruger National Park, Steenbok show a distinct preference for forbs, and then woody plants (especially Flueggea virosa) when few forbs are available. Backlit male showing white fur in ears, Tswalu Kalahari Res. Join Thousands of Companies Using Oribi. The Oribi, just as the steenbok, prefers open country, but can handle highland area better than the steenbok.

Add your logo, highlight your achievements, and schedule your reports to be generated and sent automatically. It has a fairly high white rump with a distinct black tail with a long neck (and is slingtly larger than the steenbok).
Aardvark burrows may Escaping steenbok frequently stop to look back, and flight is alternated with prostration during extended pursuit. If danger lurks too close, it will take off at a dazzling speed with an alarmed squeak. Phylum: If the threat continues to approach, they will rocket Steenbok have few distinctive markings: the large eyes are ringed by a fine Females become sexually mature at 6–8 months and males at 9 months. The estimated total population of steenbok is over 600,000 animals. Steinböckchen, Isha, Dondor. 1976. The tail is not usually visible, being only 4–6 cm long. away for a short distance and then try to hide again. with some being quite reddish and others more gray.

Scent marking is primarily through dung middens. [4] At least in the central part of Kruger National Park, South Africa, Steenbok show a distinct preference for Acacia tortilis savannah throughout the year, with no tendency to migrate to moister areas during the dry season (unlike many larger African savannah ungulates, including species sympatric with Steenbok in the wet season). (Latin = Ourebia ourebi , Afrikaans = Oorbietjie, German = Bleichbucken), Numbers: LowWeight: 10 - 17 kg (22 - 37 lb)Shoulder height: 59 cm (24 in.
is a light golden-brown color, although there is some variation among individuals

Steenbok tend to be most active during the day, although when temperatures )Females horns: No. of east Africa. The underside, including chin and throat, is white, as is the ring around the eye. At the first sign of trouble, steenbok typically lie low in the vegetation. at the nose and tapers upwards.

Baby steenbok may be born throughout the year, and can stand and walk just There are two distinct clusters in steenbok distribution. This article is about the African antelope. They are known to take refuge in the burrows of Aardvarks. The oribi reaches nearly 50–67 centimetres (20–26 in) at the shoulder and weighs 12–22 kilograms (26–49 lb).

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