I’ve seen some riders on Reddit and Onewheel forums claiming crazy fast speeds… The fastest speed I’ve heard is one Redditor claimed he hit over 28 mph on his Onewheel XR, which ended up causing him to nosedive and end up with some scratching and bruises.
Hope you are enjoying it.

Charge time: after exploring other PEMD, I’m seeing that the charge time is standard on most devices, from my electric skateboard to my EUC, the standard charge time is long ranging from 2-3 hours and most venders offer an upgraded fast charger. Thanks alot, exploding hoverboard batteries!

@blkwalnutgrwr How many miles do you get out of a Soccasin and what’s it like to ride on concrete or asphalt with it on? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronics_right_to_repair. Forget tall dark and handsome, I want small, dark and zippy. Plastic footpad: remember when skiis and surfboards used to be made completely of wood?

If you are an advanced rider or if you don’t like it, turn it off! Either way, still, at 11 miles a charge, that's some 150 or so charges. I’m the guy behind OneRADwheel and you may have seen me on YouTube. The Pint is no different. @Senior-Coffee I thought they were setting up firewalls to not allow for 3rd party battery mods?
I may be alone on this one, but I welcome anything that makes the Onewheel safer. I ride delirium always, not sure how that relates to skyline on the Pint, but it's basically sport mode, which is the only setting I use on my motorcycle as well, LOL. Over 20 Common Complaints about the Onewheel Pint, America would truly be greater if everyone rode mo, Regardless of whether you lean left or right, in t, Fun fall ride! Softer ride, but affected mileage, and realized I kinda like feeling every bump in the road..TY. I just don't know what the names would me! My go to lock for the Pint right now is this titanium lock that I will be doing a review on soon. Decreased top speed: Pushback happens at 15 mph, earlier and harder than on prior Onewheel models. Clearly out of my league here. @McFloaty I think @OneDan sent his XR in to FM for a battery swap and cost about $500 with shipping. Checked tire pressure and 20lbs went to 16lbs with time and weather change. $950 Slate Shipping: Free. . Hopefully FM doesn't go this way, but if they are successful enough I'm sure their peers in Silicon Valley will mercilessly deride them for not locking down their hardware. I love these boards.

Follow this GUIDE for module removal and shipping instructions. @OneDan and @Kielanders, I ride in Florida, would the temperature and how flat the land is have any effect on range or speed? 1. Will be over 300 today in Snoqualmie. Custom screws are Apple's favorite approach. Riders seem a little divided over which brands are best to go with but mostly mix it up with Craftandride , thefloatlife or Jessup griptape sheets among other brands. 11. I'll soon be doing a two-x upgrade along with a fender. Looks like my elbow when I nose dived at 21 mph! My XR has most of my limited miles. XR VnR (Fender) Regular price $99.00. Yes, the Pint is smaller. Now I alternate between two range extension systems for my V1.

XR VnR (Backpack) Regular price $119.00. It’s not XR money, but it’s still not chump change. 14. Update, I canceled my pint order because I determined that the range is not going to be enough. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Over 20 Common Complaints about the Onewheel Pint Posted on 08/27/2019 10/06/2020 by oneradwheel To put out a product that looks and feels refined and performs like the Pint does is very impressive considering the cost… but it’s not all amazing. But it also costs almost half as much! FM has already started with providing visual indicators to reduce cell phone usage. For close to 50 miles I have ridden it -- the traction is phenomenal. @LidPhones 16. And to make up for the loss of top speed, we get increased torque which makes the board feel more zippy and quick. . Ships from Stock. The new pint has an led strip which produces a lot of information.

Great info. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. oneRADwheel.com and Jimmy Chang are productions of Just Create Ltd. You know what they say about guys with big feet? We were spoiled by the charge time of the Plus at 20 min. The V1 is my tank. I'm not sure if the Pint has the same battery tech as the XR (I know the + doesn't), so maybe the Pint is more like the XR when it comes to mileage per charge as the batteries age. It's always been that way, the colder the temp, the less distance I get on a charge. Pushed through pushback for first time ever and had a cutout recently. I'm not sure where you'll be riding, and I'm certainly no OW expert or have ridden a Pint, but your weight seems less than the average weight by which they calculate expected mileage. @McFloaty Learn the tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones safe and successful on your e-rideables! Still getting a solid 7-8 miles under normal conditions, but nice to know future costs for happy floating. Also a community of DIY guys who replace cells. Their toes will hang off the edge of the Pint. 15.

When riding below 50 degrees where I am, with hilly terrain, I lose probably lose 30% to 40% of my range.

I envision just a couple more upgrades from now a phone/bluetooth/app won't be needed. Are the leaves changing where you a, Cleaning out my office I found this artwork my dau, Giveaway Time! Appreciate any info you can share once you are able to ride from 100% down to low battery push back/Up (Captain Morgan). Plus & V1 - Ego EXTENDER VnR Complete Kit (Fender) ... Onewheel Silver Charm Profile with 24" silver box chain (men) Regular price $59.00 Sold out Strong pushback: what’s worse, strong pushback or a nosedive? Chris Richardson got 17 miles when he tried to set a range record. I own a V1 along with the soon to be shipped pint. The first method of extending range on your Onewheel is by plugging an external battery to your Onewheel through your charging port, otherwise known as the XLR port.

Frustrating. In fact I'm going to make the statement now that it will happen with the next 2 years. I could get up to 7 miles on a charge when it's warmer out, say 80F or higher, but when it drops to below 50F, I can usually get maybe 5 miles. . 6. The Pint can’t handle going off road. 5. If anything, I’m going to complain we don’t have a better system of warning you of an impending nosedive… something like an audible alert system. @Ethan_Sonberg You'll be on the high end of that range I think, especially in warmer weather! I have bluetooth everything, from my car to my earphones and they all work perfectly. i've only managed 8 miles total so far -- this month has been stupidly busy for me, and i can't find time to ride! For people not in the USA. Consider getting the hypercharger or adapter from Land-Surf if you already have an XR charger. Wear? Connecting the EGO battery directly in parallel to the Onewheel stock battery, referred to as the parallel installation method. But honestly, I hardly ever connect my app to my board. Keep logging in those miles and days on that V1. Bluetooth connection: what’s new? Do you think slightly lowering the psi in the tire could potentially flatten it out giving the tire more grip, or would that be too inefficient for rolling resistance. A tippiness of Vega on snow with a Soccasin feels a little like the tippiness of a Hoosier 5.5 on pavement -- to me, I love it. I want to go over some of the common gripes and complaints about the Pint and see if they hold up. would have been my wrist! About 3 months ago I purchased a very lightly used XR (30miles) locally through Craigslist. It doesn’t go as far. in the summer, the percentage i'd drop would be closer to 5-7% for the same route. 6’2” 180 lbs, size 12 shoes. Most of my knuckles and both knees were also scraped up and I broke my left wrist guard . However, up until that happened, it seemed I still had that good range (in the warmer weather, of course). It’s not an XR! @McFloaty said in Pint range 1500 miles in-battery life questions: Paranoid now, good bit of blood involved. Or was it beginning of the fall, LOL. I grew-up in Orlando, flat and warm are the words to describe Florida. 17. Take it for what its worth but here is my onewheel story. Have a hard time getting a morning float in cause it’s in the 40’s... but dry, and beautiful; obviously forget how lucky just having weather to float in is. @Franko Paranoid now, good bit of blood involved. Sure, skateboards still use wood because it is cheap, durable, and mostly because its flexible. Update, I canceled my pint order because I determined that the range is not going to be enough. Paranoid now, good bit of blood involved. I’ve tried various locks and my go-to mini U-lock which is great for my XR and Plus will not work on the Pint. I just had the batteries replaced as it was doing low battery pushback at 59%. @Senior-Coffee i've been seeing reports of 11 miles or so on the Pint, but it's true that there's a lot of factors that go into that range. It’s less stable: call it squirrley, wobbly, or nimble and maneuverable it’s all about perspective. 2.

Your feet will hang off the edges if you have big feet. 3. This can be a better option.

XLR Port Installation Method. The rest of the Soccasin fabric still looks like new. Can’t argue that. 8. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Unless they build some kind of a booby trap where once the board is opened up it causes the circuitry to sort of self-destruct. This topic has been deleted. Why can’t they get this right? Range. 12. What range have you gotten on your Pint? Install service now free!

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