The 115 proof expression represents a barrel sample that company president Owsley Brown I would have batched at the beginning of Prohibition.”. This is a great bourbon. If Brown-Forman really wanted to make an interesting bourbon, barreling some bourbon at 100 proof for a future release would be a more accurate reflection of a prohibition style whiskey. Let’s see if all that history and the extra proof make a difference. Medium-length finish with less heat fading into a pleasant dry and spiced warmth.".

By continuing to browse our website, you agree to first-party and third-party cookies being stored on your device. Old Forester Statesman was originally released as a tie-in with the 2017 movie, Kingsman: The Gold Circle. It’s nice to look at on the shelf, nice on the pallet and reasonable for the wallet. Strong “chewing” releases a rush of brown sugar, mint, corn, and vanilla frosting followed by roasted wood, fuji apple peels, and a dash of orange juice. The Whiskey Row series includes the 1870 Original Batch, 1897 Bottled in Bond, and 1910 Old Fine Whisky. If you have not tried this one I highly recommend it.

If I had one minor gripe, it would be that this expression likely started as normal barrels of Old Forester distillate, with a barrel entry proof of 125. Let’s see how it tastes. I still think the hype isn’t worth it. Again, there’s the same musty corn and wood, and raw dough smell with mint and pine. Old Forester 1920, at 57.5%, is the highest proof expression in the series.

Old Forester released the “Whiskey Row” line in late 2014 to celebrate the distillery’s history. Bottled at 115 proof this was the 3 rd release as part of Old Forester’s Whiskey Row series and instantly became the only ongoing Old Forester release with a proof higher than 100 proof. While most distilleries shuttered during Prohibition, Brown-Forman received a federal license to continue making Old Forester for medicinal purposes. Lol sounds like a freaking age statement means more to you than the taste! Inspired by the dynamic characters in the film,”Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” Old Forester Statesman offers bold flavor blended to a smooth 95 proof from hand-selected casks of our famed Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky from the warmest places in the warehouse.
The nose is sweet but more caramel and fruity. Where many had to close, Old Forester received one of the few licenses to continue distilling and selling for “medicinal purposes”. Age: NAS. You should try a blend of the two. It’s been recommended countless times on the Bourbonr facebook group. Score: 7.3/10 And this is where Old Forester 1920 takes off. Vital Stats: Since an age statement is not provided, and Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style is a straight bourbon whiskey, that means the bourbon is at least four years old (and maybe 4.5 years). More intense vs. the 1910. "The nose is light and primarily sweet with subtle fruit, spice and oak notes and noticeable ethanol. Even at over 57% alcohol, Old Forester 1920 is still fairly reserved, allowing me to actually taste what it has to offer. Finish: Long, slow, very satisfying fade of the heat and residual cherry cola.

1920 has more of the classic bourbon taste, and it is a solid dram. We talk about bourbon, rye, or any American whiskey here (yes, even Jack). Old Forester 1920 Prohibition style bourbon is easily my favorite expression of the Whiskey Row Series. It’s very similar to Knob Creek Single Barrel: high proof, rich, and hot. Palate: On the front palate, a very brief berry note leads off the front and the flavor transitions to caramel and toasted nut notes. The spice and heat is more present vs. the 1910. Is it WORTH $60 – aside from the “try for ‘science’ ” reason -? Caramel color added?
I like the entire “Whiskey Row” series. At twice the price, which is not. Distillery: Old Forester (owned by Brown Forman), Composition: 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley, Aged: Unknown, aged in virgin American white oak, Color: 1.2/2.0 on the color scale (chestnut, oloroso sherry), “This 115 proof expression is the third release in our Old Forester Whiskey Row series and celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during Prohibition. It has a hint of the cherry nose I’m used to with Old Forester. It’s like we don’t remember what a kick ass bottle OUGHT to be in the $50-$100 range. During Prohibition, whiskey was required to be bottled at 100 proof. And, I’m not sure how “Prohibition” is a style. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Happy you took a shot at it, and it sounds like you were not disappointed. I bought 14 bottles as soon as I tasted it. However, I’ve never loved anything they put out. Old Forester 1920 hits my tongue with dark and rich dried oranges, caramel, and corn, mingling with the brighter alcohol flavors. Both bottles have been open for over 2 months and I let each glass rest for 20 minutes, so let’s get to the Knob Creek Single Barrel vs Old Forester 1920 comparison. I sat down to find out and poured myself a sample neat and in a glencairn. The 1910 is lighter and some of the darker caramel notes reminded me of the Nikka from the Barrel. Great review. I opened up my bottle of 1910 over the weekend and I really liked it. But with such high acclaim going to bottles like Old Forester 1920, 1910 and their new 100 proof Rye, there seems to be an opportunity for some of that really good distillate to make its way into here. It is 115 proof and reminiscent of the style of bourbon distilled by the brand during the prohibition era.

The below table outlines key facts and figures for each bourbon. I agree with Ted in that a little bit of water or an ice cube added to the drink really opens it up and pulls those sweet notes out.

I associate the aroma of the 1920 more to the classic bourbon profile. Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. I detected lots of maple syrup flavors with Old Forester 1920, and this must be where Statesman gets it from.

Palate: Rich / thick body of cherry cola, dark sugar/fruit, and vanilla.

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1.2/2.0 on the color scale (chestnut, oloroso sherry), This 115 proof expression is the third release in our Old Forester Whiskey Row series and celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during Prohibition. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As discussed above, 1920 Prohibition Style went into the bottle at 115 proof. Take your spirits journey to the next level when you Where many tie-ins are often limited time offerings, Old Forester has kept Statesman on as a permanent line expression. Palate: A really strong crowd pleasing dose of waffles with cherry syrup, honey butter biscuits, a little bit of light red fruits and a bit of oak. Nose: Richer cherry, cinnamon, vanilla. Upon a recommendation from a grinned I bought a bottle and wow they really nailed this one. It’s weird because I can drink some of the Four Roses Private Select Single Barrels that are 120+ proof that don’t present themselves nearly as hot as this bottle but that’s the beauty and art of aging whiskey.

This is actually really impressive for 95 proof. It blends to oakiness towards the end.

So, similar to the previous two releases, 1920 Prohibition Style reflects the style of whiskey that would have been distilled and bottled by Brown-Forman during Prohibition. I’ve seen others write good reviews for 1920.

The Whiskey Row series includes the 1870 Original Batch, 1897 Bottled in Bond, and 1910 Old Fine Whisky. Old Forester 1920 is good.

This 1920 version is supposed to emulate what they made during prohibition. Required fields are marked *. The nose is very hot at first, spewing doughy alcohol and musty corn. Swirling ups the vanilla and buttercream scents mixed with darker charred wood, cinnamon, caramel, maple syrup, and other spices, but is bright and vibrant overall. After the initial aging in new oak barrels, the 1910 is dumped into lightly toasted, heavily charred barrels for secondary maturation (similar to Woodford Reserve Double Oak). I would have guessed somewhere around 90 in a blind test. Old Forester Statesman was originally released in July 2017 as a companion to the movie, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” This release is made from the standard Old Forester mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley and is said to be comprised of hand-selected casks from the warmest places in the warehouse.

Lighter spritzes of effervescent lemon and pine, like the L’Occitane lemon perfume with additional wood and mint follow the initial sweetness. To keep from adding too much water to the aged whiskey to proof it down to 100 proof, distillers also barreled whiskey around 100 proof. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style is the third expression in the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series. I’ve been a fan of Old Forester Signature, and 1920 Prohibition Style bourbon is has a similar flavor profile but much stronger. The funny thing is that this Old Forester is around $20 more expensive, but similar in quality. Old Forester was one of the six distilleries to hold a medicinal whiskey permit during prohibition. It tastes like Eagle Rare, which is a good thing. To pay homage to this era, Old Forester presents 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon at 115 proof to represent the rich flavor profile this bourbon had nearly 100 years ago. Out of all of the polarizing whiskey that has rolled out of Old Forester in the last 5+ years, there seems to be little fanfare over Statesman. Interesting yeah you can call it the 1915. Finally, I decided I’ve spent $60 on worse bottles of bourbon so why not give it a shot.

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