In a way, Nine Day acts as a self-release. With this in mind, we can start considering how Polley’s choice to include certain snippets or position footage in a particular way highlights her views. The idea of family is strained by the pressures of war as many family’s sons and husbands where away at was leaving the other members to adopt other roles. Moreover, in spite of her declaration that “equal weight” will be given to all experiences, does Polley’s use of Michael as narrator and his constant presence in the formal setting of a recording studio provide his version greater significance than Harry’s - who notwithstanding his involvement in the story as Sarah’s biological father, is resigned to providing his interview somewhat informally in a home setting, in the same vein as the rest of the storytellers? Every man is the same. - Brontë sisters Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights – Their reference is used in discerning a customer’s knowledge on the texts but reveal only a surface level understanding due to the novels carrying a certain cultural value. 0000012380 00000 n Likewise, Rooke’s perception of a gun that speaks a language that “does not require listeners” emphasises his natural tendency to think as a linguist. However, recent media has drawn attention to cries of 'cultural appropriation' towards Indigenous Australians and other cultures, claiming that we fail to appreciate and respect cultural values when we take others' culture for our own (whether it be fashion, music, food, or otherwise).
Our Teacher Edition on Nine Days can help. - Varied depending on the character’s perspective and time of perspective. Thus, on the one hand, you have this disillusionment and loss on innocence, but on the other, you also have this shift in worldview that may well be valuable in the long run. The issue of abortion is later revisited when Charlotte becomes pregnant in the 1990s, where the contrast between the time periods becomes evident; while unplanned pregnancy is greatly stigmatized in the 1940s, the 1990s offers Charlotte a far wider array of options. Koreeda‘s After Life (1998) immediately comes to mind.

For a detailed guide on Language Analysis including how to prepare for your SAC and exam, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Language Analysis. Do you agree?

Thank you! Your download should start now. We also contended that courage is linked to empathy, another key value that he imparts as it helps to overcome social barriers like discrimination. I know the web of them, every lane in Richmond.” (p.21), “When they put me in the grave, I know what it’ll say on the stone, if I get a stone, if they don’t bury me like a stray cat at the tip” (p.29), “I didn’t say goodbye to Dad! However, recent media has drawn attention to cries of 'cultural appropriation' towards Indigenous Australians and other cultures, claiming that we fail to appreciate and respect cultural values when we take others' culture for our own (whether it be fashion, music, food, or otherwise).'. These are the kinds of questions coming to mind upon seeing that quote alone, which all provide hints as to how I might tackle this prompt. Born to Mary and Alfred Du Bois, he was raised to believe that hard work was the key to success. - Titled Nine Days and composed of nine unique perspectives on life at a given time, Jordan offers insight into the emotional livelihood of each narrator and attaches both intimate and historical significance to their stories.

See how Lisa achieved full marks in her SAC with her Advice for A+ Oral Presentations guide! Even before they disappear into thin air, this one happy memory remains the summary of their soulful existence.

The aim was to build an essay on a contention that clearly props up the body of the essay itself, even when we were more confident with some other themes, and I think this plan does a pretty good job of covering that. Below are some possible prompts for In Cold Blood, and possible ideas to begin writing an essay.

I’d die a happy man.’ (p.284), ‘If we have to send boys to fight … it’s layabout boys with no responsibilities, the Kip Westaway’s of the world, who ought to be going.’ (Ava, p.102), ‘That shilling. Notice that I call them souls because, in spite of them inhibiting a grown-up body, Will gives them all names on arrival. The theme of family is a recurring one that develops over time. Within Stories We Tell, unearthing the ‘story’ of Diane takes centre stage for a majority of the production, and Polley hints towards this goal via her inclusion of Bon Iver’s folk ballad Skinny Love. Before exploring Polley’s depiction of the truth, it’s important that we fully understand what the truth is. The narrative begins with the ‘storytellers’ providing loving, yet somewhat conflicting recollections of Diane as Polley seeks to understand who she was.

Remember to analyse major techniques in the title if there are any during the body of your essay! The list is intended to help you brainstorm different issues you may wish to debate in your speech, with the contention left for you to decide once you have researched enough on the topic! 0000031937 00000 n As such this dictates his response to conflict: blaming himself or withdrawing. Composed of nine chapters and subsequently nine unique perspectives of life, their family home in Rowena Parade, Richmond, becomes the focal point for Jordan’s exploration of femininity, masculinity, family and Australian society. Their public schools are better than ours”, ACT has recently legalised recreational cannabis, “Nation’s capital legalises cannabis for personal use”, “Peter Dutton: government may overturn ‘dangerous’ ACT decision to legalise legalise cannabis”, “Australia could be the first country to legalise ecstasy – are we going too far?”, “Canberra women with endometriosis are medicating with cannabis, but legalising the drug might not help”, “Australian farmers muddled in mental health crisis”, “Australian town breaks record for mental health awareness following devastating flood”, “Australian bushfires could lead to a mental health crisis, expert warns”, “Mental health issues increasing among young Australians”, “Push to get wellbeing counsellors into schools as mental health bill costs Australia billions”, “What’s driving poor mental health among young Australians? Discuss. By setting a few minutes aside before even beginning your essay to plan everything out, you get to see the necessary elements which you will want to address in your conclusion. The novel sees another shift in ideology represented through Alec, as his generations perception turns to a more commercial view. 0000089026 00000 n Before we dive into To Kill A Mockingbird, I'd highly recommend checking out LSG's Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. This is for good reason, however, as I found this to be the primary theme running through Stories We Tell, through the journey to discover Sarah’s paternity, the affair and conflict over whose story it is to tell. Click the button below to read a free sample of the ebook on our LSG Study Guide App! In accordance with the American Dream, In Cold Blood also explores the concept of what is considered ‘normal’ in America, and what can be revealed as the darker underbelly of its white picket fence ideal. Such a line of thinking directly correlates to the postmodernism literary theory - notable for being hostile to absolutes such as truth, and not creating a text in isolation.‍. 0000047081 00000 n Each form has its own set of conventions which can help you identify language techniques, and can change the way the message is communicated to the audience. What does it add to Rooke’s journey?

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