First, get all the newbie offers. (This is not required). For more explanation, see the WTF page on Questing in the game itself. This would be a good time to start saving up EXP for the ‘Basic Loot Filter’ in ‘spend exp -> misc’ The Basic loot filter will allow you to stay in forest but auto-recycle categories. At this point, you'd want to use Poop on Pomegranate, Fruit of Adventure, Fruit of Luck, Fruit of Knowledge, and Fruit of Arbitrariness. The Gun from here is a good tool for laser sword challenges. The second row is your aura skills. The more bars, the faster magic is regenerated. I personally use a 3.5:90k:2 ratio. Each level of this perk adds a 1% stacking bonus to the total boost power of any applied boost. I've got about 400 exp to spend but I … Should bars be so insignificant such that their cost can be ignored, 37.5k energy cap cost the same as a power. Except for the inventory spaces and boost recycling, these can only be purchased once. Each level grants +0.2% bonus multiplier to Energy Cap! Normally this is 10. 1 Energy power is 150 energy, and thus would be equal to 2.5 times this actual cost. If you rebirth often, the money pit will be active once every hour, otherwise the timer will go up by one hour each throw in that specific run. The ideal ratio of energy and magic depends on the stage of the game. This does not mean you need to max the specials for the equipment, just getting the red border in the Item List is considered "completing" the item. This will prevent it from being thrown away (trashed) or merged. Unfortunately, you cannot close the tab as offline progress will make the timer increase. With a maxed set from Caves of Many Things, the player should make preparation to farm the High Security Base.

At this point, Magic becomes far more important than energy. After you do this 4 times, you'll be able to screw Final Form Walderp, and he will begin to drop loot. Check this Pastebin url for an ordered list to buy things in. I personally prefer 1:35k:0.75, but 1:40k:1 is much easier to use. Beast Version 4 whenever possible, preferably with drop rate gear. Gain a permanent 10% multiplier to your Drop Chance! This perk grants a +5% multiplier to all gold drops in Adventure. Originally this value is 1.20. However, because certain things are more important for one or the other, the final ratio should not be.

The player will roughly need 450m power to idle it. Your use of Kongregate’s Services is subject to our revised Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and User Agreement. These rewards come with the cost of all of your current gold (you are not able to pick a certain amount), so be careful when you make your wish. This situation is completely normal in a regular progression and is commonly referred to as "the Mega Lands wall" or just "the mega wall".

There isn't anything special to fighting Gordon Ramsay Bolton (GRB). Bars will also give you energy faster, but aren’t worth it until your speed is 25. The player will now fight to the highest possible floor. This comes to an actual cost of 60 exp. 1.5 Q: Ramball: How do I kill bosses? Otherwise, the player will need far higher stats. Works offline, but you lose item drops. "NGU IDLE is an Idle Game created by independent developer 4G."

Random drop for defeating enemies in Adventure Mode 3. You can throw away your Tutorial Zone equipment if they have reached level 100. Gain an extra Inventory Space for each level of this perk! Depending on much exp the player has, they should push to either evilverse, or to Pretty Princess, which are at zone 58 and 100 respectively. Listen kid, inventory space is a hot commodity right now, it's just business. didn't really do it for credit anyway, just for ease of access. To push, the player should do 30 mins runs, which will allow both Fruit of Power Beta and Fruit of Numbers Beta to activate. Failure to do so will result in his activating an attack that is not survivable (at least before you are able to autokill him). It should be noted that the word boss will be used for both the boss in the "Fight Boss" part of the game and also the bosses in the "Adventure" part. Quest and earn an exclusive shiny kongpanion + 10 kreds Enables the "Auto-merge" check-box by the inventory. Each level adds + 1 to Major Quests' Base QP! However, the techniques for beating each Walderp form are the same. This will give A Power Pill, and A Small Gerbil.

Go to the adventure zone that you can idle, get that gear set to level 100 and fully boosted. We first note that the total power of an augmentation is proportional to the product between the augmentation level taken to a certain power p, and the upgrade level squared. For now, the player just wants to unlock as many perk points as possible, to unlock the Newbie perks. Go to the forest, look for Droop, and beat the crap out of him for Ring of Apathy. Gain a permanent 100% multiplier to your Attack and Defense! Raises the Speed of Magic-based NGU's by 2% per level! Perhaps the player would like to have 1 bar every 40k cap instead. For subsequent runs, the player should do normal NGUs, and use potions until they can cap all the normal NGUs. The player must first do a basic challenge under 24 hours. boost with gear So in short, the following needs to be done. This quest should be started when you first beat boss 100. Energy is still important for drop rate and Adventure NGU. Afterwards, you can consider Fruit of Power Beta (mainly for No rebirth challenges). Use the former to build up your number. Seriously, all credit goes to them. Each level grants +0.1% bonus multiplier to Energy Cap! Advanced training is only unlocked once you have unlocked both last Basic Training (Ultimate Attack and Ultimate Defense). The player should consider simply getting enough advanced training to idle the zone (note that having the Cave gear at level 100 might be enough without advanced training, especially if you have been using Iron Pill). Once something is capped, it can no longer go faster. Each level of this perk adds a 2% stacking bonus to the total power of any applied boost! Thanks @Oiry on the Discord server. Most importantly, the player will be limited by bosses, instead of adventure zones. After beating boss 100 and maxing and greening the set from A Very Strange Place, the player will most likely find themselves in a situation where they don't have enough Power and Toughness to idle the Mega Lands zone. Go through your exp shop, buy the cheap things.

Even if its 4G!

As noted, you want to spend your first EXP on energy speed. 1 Perk Point is awarded every time you earn 1,000,000 progress points. However, if you had enough stats to easily kill the Beast, it is probably better overall to start a Quest, go to that area, then merge the quest item you get up to level 100 for +2% QP rewards per maxed quest item, and repeat this for the first quest you get in every zone. In short, the optimal ratio would be 1:0:3.75. I've got about 400 exp to spend but I just don't know where that should go. Augmentations are the first one of the pair, those ones that take more time to complete but are cheaper. Both of which should be used. Defeating bosses 2. I would sugest you use your EXP to fix your base ratios. Note that you can check the gold spending per second by mousing over the ritual after you've put blood in it. Notably, Typo Zonw items do not have very good Special Bonuses.

These ratios are still a work in progress. Or the biggest number you would get from SPEED X BAR. After they start to charge up, a block should be used 2–3 seconds afterward. [Kongregate] The "Save Online" button will use your Kong ID and save on Kong's Cloud. Each level in this Perk will improve the drop chance for Quest Items by 0.5%. While it is also good to max your gear, it is recommended to trash them even if their level is <50. Fruit of Arbitrariness also becomes a lot more useful near level 24. Make the Daycare kitty even happier, and she'll grow your daycare items 1% faster per level! For energy, there are multiple reasonable ratios. The player should consider using Ring of Might for the first Beast Kill.

Switch back and forth between zones until you get a boss, then fight it. You'll need it to beat The Unmentionable. Perk Point (PP) is the currency used in the Infinite Tower of Pissed-Off Dudes, aka ITOPOD . A lot of people max a zone set before moving to the next zone. You can view the set by going into the Inventory --> Item List and hovering the mouse over the item in the Item List.

This will unlock MacGuffin drops in the ITOPOD! In general, killing adventure bosses drops gear, while killing non-bosses drops boosts. As such, the player should continue to buy the best augmentation they can afford. Worry more about lowering your Basic Training Caps. This will give you 200 exp, amongst other things. The player can move to the Tutorial Zone. After you get another piece of the same equipment, place your mouse over the gear, and press D for it to merge with all of the same items. Make good use of them.

Getting the Newbie Adventure Perk should help with this if the player has trouble reaching floor 50. Extremely helpful. Go to the fight boss section, and fight bosses. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. If the player feels that this task is quite easy, the player should go for it. Killing monsters in adventure gives drops in the inventory. Your first purchase should be the Yellow Heart, which should go into daycare. However, in truth, the utility is not equal to the product of energy and magic. Yggdrasil, The World Tree is a feature unlocked by consuming "A Giant Seed" (CTRL+Left Click) through Inventory, which is always obtained after defeating the Grand Corrupted Tree (the second Titan). In NGU, EXP, aka experience points, are the currency used to buy various permanent upgrades to improve players abilities. Eventually (preferably after Waldroop), you'd want to complete Troll challenge 3 to get max level to 24. You must use the battle log to see this. Power boosts increase power and max health. For certain enemies, the correct use of block may be vital. Training exclusively.

But alas, it doesn't matter much which to buy if you are splurging using your credit card like some norwegian.

Congratulations! Set the End Floor to 1000 and enter the ITOPOD. Complete Initialization for 10 kreds Blue heart is really good as it affects poop and potions, which you'll be using later. Boostception is here. This would be a good time to start saving up EXP for the ‘Basic Loot Filter’ in ‘spend exp -> misc’ The Basic loot filter will allow you to stay in forest but auto-recycle categories. Pp fruit added. Gain 1% Cap per level. Normally this is 50. Completing challenges 6. Early on, you want to try to minimize the energy needed to completely cap skills. At some point, you should do 3 sequential rebirths, each of less than 30 mins, and each beating at least boss 37. The first time you reach a multiple of 100 floors, you earn Floor/10 Perk Points. This changes as you advance in zones, but is the rule for the first half dozen zones or so.

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