Ron Artest's name change to "Metta World Peace" was also included in the update. I am still adding all that information (ratings and tendencies) to spreadsheet so once that is completed I can get around to the PC. The game features Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr as the commentators. Does anyone have an unlocked EuroLeague teams roster for NBA 2K14 Xbox 360? Rashidi,Do you have any idea how to address the issue of APG stats in simulated games? I also appreciate the questioning. I believe they've done an alright job, but certain guys abilities are overrated. Thanks. Too bad Nash didn't learn to do the same) but Pau's is considerably better with 0,84 PPP (37th overall).Even if you want to go to 3P defending, opponents shot a ridiculous 45.1% vs Amare, to 36.2% against Pau (and that's on similar 3P's Made, 41 to 38); so what exactly would make Amare a better Perimeter defender?And I don't even remember what's basketball IQ, but it really shouldnt be close, Amare's game is completely onedimensional, more turnover prone, and less team oriented, basically Hyper ADD kid vs Pau's methodical.I Sincerely don't see any evidence to think Amare should be rated higher in any stat other than Dunking, Offensive Awareness, Athleticism stats, and then Blocks and 3p for like 5 points each (and thats only if he keeps up from last year's fluky stats) out of them all.I really don't think Pau should be like rated next to Dwight or something, but he at least should be whatever Amare is +5, he is a far better, way more complete player that would benefit in this pro-all around, overall rating system. Therefore I ask you: Are you aware of these issues?
when do you show the love for the ps3? By the way, Rashidi, some 360 user who knows hex editing told me that he did some tweaks to your uploaded roster in order for teams to have accurate default colors on home and away accesories ... he told me to ask you if you would like to use that roster file as base for your upcoming updates ? Actually Amare in general is a pretty good post defender, and defends the pick and roll pretty well (which probably comes from executing it so well offensively in Phoenix). Sincerely sorry my friend, will do that no more, didnt wanted to cause you any disconfort.From now on, will keep sending people here and to your twitter account. His poor jump shooting was one of the biggest offensive flaws of the team last year, as it allowed teams to sag off LeBron with few other options to spread the floor.

To 77 for what? The Ultimate Base Roster, also known as UBR, began as a roster update for NBA 2K12 that also expanded upon the game’s historical content. Lol NBA is crazy this year. My Player inclusion in commercials like the "Where Amazing Happens" commercial. kkuhlman1, Won't be a consideration until all the Chinese exports return to the roster. When I edit the rosters, I mostly use it to match the overall ratings to the players' caliber, but I know that can't be good for realistic gameplay! He had a great block/steal season a couple years ago but has never repeated the success. One that inmediately stands out tho, is Pau Gasol...Pau Gasol an 82... while Amare an 84??? you think it far to adjust the foul call up slighty...if people have mastered steal the ball and riding you out of bounds but yet they receive no fouls? PC: Currently unavailableDoes it mean you are going to make a pc version soon? Kobe doing fine deserve at least 95. Players like Dirk, Bargnani, Ryan Anderson, etc get penalized every year because 2K doesn't think their incredibly valuable skillset should make a difference in rating2K's Overall formula remains the main obstacle to getting 90+ rating for Dirk. Trade Williams or Paul to the Mavericks or Grizzlies and their APG jumps by 2 or more. Gordon HaywardOffense 71Defense 55 (up from 49)Rebound 43 (down from 50), Just uploaded the first roster for Xbox 360File Name: The Real NBA 2K12GT: Real 2K Insider. Ratings are done all season, not 3 months later. I don't pay much attention to sim stats because it's infinitely more important for the players to play as they should on the court. Because of the 2011 NBA Lockout, none of the rookies from the 2011 NBA draft class are included in the original game ratings. He created exact copies of a player rated 60 and then only varied the copies height and weight, editing the first (not with the second) reflectedan increase on overall once past a given number.This may only be related to caps in draftclasses, may be an intentional result produced by 2k to try and expand what is already a court advantage into the offcourt or may be a bug.Anyways, whom better than you to share this finding with. tools' name is REDitorrelease date TBA......would be great to have your ratings in excel sheets anyway. It is the thirteenth installment in the NBA 2K series, the first in the series to have "built-in" support of 3D for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, and the first to include motion controls using the PlayStation Move. Finished Heat ratings/tendencies yesterday. What is it about the ratings and tendencies of the SG thru C positions on the Mavs and Grizzlies that makes their PG able to get good assist numbers, that teams like the Clippers or Nets don't have? Not really a priority since we have another lockout deadline coming up that will determine whether these guys are getting signed shortly or not. .... greg monroe,mcgee, 75 ..... Levelthe one said...I meant but kemba walker! Pacers: Pacers Arena (Bankers Life Fieldhouse). Jeremy Lin.. Has he been playing like a PG deserving of 83 OVR, statistically? Does the listing of Bosh's rating as a SF mean that you have changed his secondary position to such? All told, there's no reason to treat it any different from any other player that showed a better 3pt stroke. He might be a good player in a couple of years, but right now he is a big reason why Detroit is one of the league's worst teams despite some talent on paper (Monroe, Stuckey, Prince)This is soo depressing ...Brandon Knight is having a better season in every area...but the rating level is so one sided..... Brandon knight was a higher rated player coming out of college.... tracy Mcgrady get boosted? :), Why is lebron still a 98 and at least in the 80 of offensive clutch? There is nothing special about what yup did here, and the 2k12 rankings are incredibly well done. Would know to be in a Fantasy League with you. To 77 for what? 1964-65 Celtics: K.C.

Monroe's 71 is reasonable within that context.---If Synergy does do NCAA it is a separate service. Regarding LeBron's clutch However the effect on overall won't be THAT great since they really only represent a couple ratings (namely, Ball Handling and Post Offense). It takes 55 points of 3pt to raise PF overall by 1 point, and since Amare clearly had a much better 3pt year than Gasol any way you slice it, this is a dead issue. I expect the Hornets to keep only one of West and Landry, and am undecided on which. (Click to vote), NBA 2K12 Official Cyberface Thread (Thanks to Chrome and Hokupguy)(Request are Taken), Welcome to the NBA2K Basketball Rosters Forum, The NBA 2K12 Roster Vault (MANY more rosters soon to be added) (Classics also inside), NBA 2K18 XBOX 360 (Rosters for the 2019-2020 Season), PS3 NBA 2K13 Michael Jordan HIStory Roster, NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 'Ultimate Classic' Roster Download, NBA 2K18 (Mod for NBA 2K14 Xbox 360 & PS3), 2K13 GLOBAL GAMES EdITION (Over 75 USA & FIBA INTERNATIONAL TEAMS...XBOX), NBA 2K18 Xbox 360 'Summer Ultimate' Roster, NBA 2K13 Xbox 360 'Ultimate Ball' Roster Download. From Bill Russell to Karl Malone you can unlock playable players and teams. Team fouls are a bit high but not enough to explain all the FTA, so the answer is draw foul tendency. His TO rate dropped considerably the moment he went from Memphis to being Kobe's sidekick. Whats your PSN so i can look out for your roster on the PS3 when they drop. CP3's Clippers often lead the league in assists, so it can't be low team assists, and Griffin averages 1/3 the assists he should despite a decent pass rating. Thunder, Nuggets, Bulls ratings are done.

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