However as expected still a hefty garage bill to repair the damage to the engine, valves and a new chain. RA Replacing timing chain (N43) BMW AG - TIS. Balancing shafts rotate and must be readjusted as described later. If the guides are still in one piece with no missing bits, you can leave the sump on but you may well break a 1/2 inch breaker bar getting the crank bolt out. MG CHRIS. And how do you suppose they check the chain?

Another BMW chain fail and repair .Its 4 cylinder 2.0l N43 petrol engine, direct injection with vanos on both cam shafts . The N47 or M57 engine is rebuilt with modified chains, guides and tensioners supplied by BMW to reduce the risk of a repeat failure. 5. The fact that the issue is common supports the OPs position rather than harming it. Although when I went to undo it I found it was so loose it could be unscrewed by hand(!) I rang BMW and cited that at the last full service was the Timing Chain checked? Thanks for prompt responses already. The tensioner change takes 30 mins tops and no special tools needed.

This shows the procedure for replacing the N42/N46 chain set up - N43 is very similar. After the central bolt is released, the sprocket wheels of the timing chain and the oil pump will no longer be non-positivelyconnected to the crankshaft (risk of damage). Issue status (12/2007) Valid only until next DVD is issued. Top.

BMW did introduce a modified tensioner which helps if fitted early enough. I wonder what they got wrong in their engine durability work to miss this one. Well, I had a stab at it today, and it's looking promising. Great, thanks! Coil pack was a recall item, check if yours was done. The timing chain is located at the rear of the engine, therefore we must remove the entire engine and completely strip down all components to discover and replace all damaged parts to ensure we restore the engine to perfect running order. Remove intake filter housing with air-mass flow sensor. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 product rating.

In hindsight maybe it would have been better to tow the car to the BMW garage though the garage it is in now though not BMW is reputable. Not something that could be done as part of a service. My wife has a BMW 1-Series 61 plate, diesel, 80K mileage.
When it's been ~4 hours since last driven, takes a few seconds of turning over before it starts. Share - Febi Bilstein BMW N43 Timing Chain Kit Part No 30335. Sorry for the lack of replies but for whatever reason I stopped getting notifications. Quick update - the tensioner on the car was an OEM BMW one, of the new design.,, Got low oil pressure light once - stopped immediately, restarted and it went away (I changed oil right after this), Sometimes it's a little jerky pulling away. Sunday 17th September 2017. Thanks! © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Question I have is that the car has been serviced regularly by BMW (last full service Dec 2016 and no issues with timing chain noted) can BMW be held liable for the repair or funding part of the repair given if it was checked then the wear of the chain may have been spotted and replacement advised. Hi, in need of some advice from all you knowledgable pistonheads.

If I recall correctly, the chains stretch. From my research I see that there has been problems with the timing chains on some models of BMW's in the past though this was a few years prior the 61 plate. Just google bmw N47 timing chain (diesel) or N43 (petrol) to see how common this problem is. Well done for diying it.

Is this the 'timing wheel' do you mean? If the timing has slipped you would need to retime it first. I called BMW once to ask about engine codes as my less than 4year old 1 series had s. The common link (excuse pun) I have seen in most timing chain failures has been a non-genuine oil filter. Edited by Fun Bus on Sunday 14th August 20:19. 4.

- so I assume it has been replaced at some point. N47 Timing Chain failure --- how common is it still? I guess if there's no EML then it's less likely the chain has slipped? To replace the timing chain and associated parts , I'm gobsmacked , i believe this is classed as associated work with regards to the retrofit brake diagnostics due to a full diagnostic being run on the car. The timing chains can last well.
Most commonly affecting the 2.0 litre diesel with the N47 engine, we also regularly rebuild damaged engines in the 3.0 litre diesel range, BMW petrol engines and also BMW Minis

Gassing Station | BMW General | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. I removed the inlet manifold on one I did to get better access. He relies in proving the fault was present when he bought the car, the widespread occurance of it helps demonstrate that. Normally if the chain has slipped there will be a fault stored, eg camshaft/crankshaft correlation.

7,190 posts. Response given the chain is expected to run the life of the car despite mileage or years (hard to believe) and they do not check the chain on a service unless there is a reason to. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved.

N43 Engine sump removal & clean Extra £259.00 inc vat (Front subframe has to be lowered to remove sump) Beware of cheap remanufactured Engines and rebuilds Be very wary of companies offering to repair or replace your engine cheaply as they may not be using genuine BMW parts. There are lots of online guides to the job, or you could buy a copy of TIS on cd. After removing oil sump, provisionally reinstall front axle supportand remove special tool for securing engine in installation position. Coils were done before we got the car.

I find it difficult to understand why the timing chain is not checked at full services given the crucial part it plays and extensive damage it can cause when it snaps.

A weakish timing chain, extended service intervals, wrong spec oil/cheap filters. Also its a very known issue for timing chain failure on these engines and fail at any time. Checking an N47 timing chain properly is an engine out job. I'll have a word with the dealer.

Retiming and changing the chain are both time consuming jobs that require special tools. Reply Prev of ... the N43 petrol 2.0 is also a crap engine and lots of them needed replacing at low mileage. Currently the car is being repaired and I am wondering if its worth my while pursuing this with BMW - suggestions welcome please, thanking you all in advance.

126 months. 5.0 average based on 1 product rating.

Just to note, the N43 oil pump/balance shafts need to be locked off before undoing the crankshaft pulley bolt...This means the sump needs to be removed and additional special tools fitted. Sadly since about 2008 BMW 4 cylinder engines (petrol and diesel) are a liability. Balancing shafts rotate and must be readjusted as describedlater. Edited by rabidh on Sunday 14th August 14:06, I just looked at the tensioner, and it has the thin end on it rather than the older 'thick' one. Maybe a polite letter to BMW may be worth doing..nothing ventured nothing gained. Make sure you fit new crank and cam pulley stretch bolts - the better Febi kits include new ones. That's Audi and BMW only though.

> The timing pin should fit tightly in the flywheel. If the car has done average miles and serviced by BMW on schedule, it might be reasonable to expect the timing chain to last longer than it has. Last week the timing chain (aka Cam belt) broke without any prior warning/noise while the car was in motion. For removal of the timing chain, the central bolt must beslackened and later removed. 1 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 1. Febi Bilstein BMW N43 Timing Chain Kit Part No 30335.

I am wondering if its worth my while pursuing this with BMW. My mistake timing chain is different to cam belt. Edited by Fun Bus on Friday 30th September 21:29. Note how the sprockets, chain and rails all come out in one hit. Thanks for all the help!

N43 Timing chain & guides replacement £499.00 inc vat.

Most are well worn at 80k.

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