@mirandalb Foxtel also transmits its satellite service into these cities as well as the state of Western Australia, and the cities of Newcastle, Geelong, Central Coast, and Canberra. -Mac, @DownunderWolf A call to the people, have your vote, and sign the Petition. Avoid queuing up and never worry about late fees again. Before troubleshooting, check that: Foxtel GO cannot be viewed on a VPN. Same issues on Telstra tv 2, and desktop version, all devices updated. Seems a little ridiculous. But it’s ok if you have an antenna, you can go to FTA broadcast... @Telstra Internet/wi-fi/foxtel issues again in Manly, Sydney. @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help your streaming service is down. Is there a problem? @Foxtel are you experiencing any issues with service? @newsheli Foxtel on Mobile is available on Telstra's Next G Network. Some channels only broadcast in Standard Definition. @FOXTEL_Help is foxtel go having a problem again i can't log in or watch anything get an error code sr100 when trying to log in, @GodGamerBTW The issue is affecting cable and Foxtel services within your area.

The MyFoxtel app also allows you to manage your programming by: While the MyFoxtel app provides you with a variety of options to manage your account and programming, you will need to use My Account to make any of the following changes: The MyFoxtel app is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

If your speed is above 7Mbps, try uninstalling your Foxtel GO app and then re-installing it from the Google Play store or Apple App store. Is there currently a outage for Foxtel NBN in 2122 ? They are simply the most useless company I have ever dealt with , @Foxtel But when adding to our subscription you have to confirm at the bottom but the live chat option is in the way on a mobile device that's the issue and annoying. On the Foxtel website, there is a dedicated section to see everything that’s coming up next on Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now. Download the MyFoxtel app for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/Foxtel-Guide/id341469468?mt=8. -Mac, @slipworld2 You must install or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player before you can upload images. I can't log into now. Any known issues? I, as a customer of over 10 years with a premier account, got nothing. @SimoneC87090760 No internet required. I've spent hours on chat, phone, tech visit and, yesterday afternoon you got me on to DM and told me you'll look into the matter. @FOXTEL_Help I have just been kicked of the Foxtel go app and now I can’t login. We now have no access to Vic News on ABC, just a dreadful national show. @andy_penn @Google i have been trying for the last 2 days to sort out an issue with my foxtel through telstra. @Foxtel But when adding to our subscription you have to confirm at the bottom but the live chat option is in the way on a mobile device that's the issue and annoying.

The MyFoxtel app allows you to manage your account by: Note: To make changes to your broadband or home phone package, see Manage your account. F0100 error. @BoganFit @brownyj97 @AdamCurleyMedia @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help I’m the same. I called the 131999 number and it said the wait time was 5 minutes. @NBN_Australia I’m in Bentleigh, @FOXTEL_Help Foxtel internet has been out / acting dodgy all day so far, no outages detected and I’ve reset my router multiple times. Hey @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help - has your service been disrupted in Sydney? • @NBN says there is no problem.

Only "on demand" content is working. If you're having an issue DM us your account deets. @Foxtel are there any problems in the Canberra region? Reboot your modem and Android mobile or tablet to refresh the internet connection, Step 1: Uninstall / reinstall the Foxtel Now app, Press the Home button twice to bring up all the active apps, Swipe the Foxtel Now app toward the top of the screento remove and close, Locate and hold down the Foxtel Now app icon until all icons begin to shake, Tap the X button on the top left corner of the icon, Select 'Delete' from the confirmation screen, Select download or click on the iCloud button to reinstall from iCloud, Remove the power cable from the back of the modem, wait 5 seconds, then reinsert the power cable, Wait for at least one minute before turning your iPhone or iPad off. no fix. If you are a Foxtel from Telstra customer, please contact Telstra directly on 13 22 00 or visit telstra.com.au/myaccount for all billing and account management matters. @PhillipCoorey Have cable to home via Foxtel cable and nbn. No internet or Foxtel. All I wanted was to change my package. Restart Foxtel GO. #foxtel #ifeelkayoismyfuture #overfoxtel. Thanks for your help! Is there anyone you can speak to these days? I can't get any foxtel channels. Call on hold for 40 mins only to be answered by an agent who couldn’t have been any less interested if she tried.

We get into details on the best VPNs for Foxtel below, but if you can’t stick around to read the whole piece, here’s a summary of our top picks for watching Foxtel abroad. If you’re having a technical issue with the Foxtel GO app, this page has detailed troubleshooting for the most common issues. @FOXTEL_Help hey guys, is there an outage on the Foxtel Go app? Restart your device. Neither working. But it’s ok if you have an antenna, you can go to FTA broadcast... @DelBachynSydney Hey @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help - has your service been disrupted in Sydney? @robmac773 Beware peeps, dealing with faceless, gutless Telstra, @swanona @DanSilkstone @nbn All of foxtel's streaming sucks. On jobkeeper. @ToddSean @beINSPORTS_AUS @CelticFC @RangersFC @kayosports @Foxtel Same here. Seems a little ridiculous. RE #LNP PaulFletcher in middle of 3 massive scandals(#NBN,airport land bought for millns more than requd & handing millns to #Foxtel w/o Cabinet process or tendrs) @PhillipCoorey Have cable to home via Foxtel cable and nbn. My Foxtel is down. Our picture in Rowville VIC is woeful. Telstra only uses chat and AI. That’s a hard no from me. Works an absolute treat. To ensure that your internet speed is sufficient to run the Foxtel Now app, please complete a speed test.

@Vecsatious If you do not have a Foxtel ID, click here. @DavidLeyonhjelm It is now late Friday morning. Anyone else having issues with #WWERAW broadcast, unsure if its Foxtel or the WWE having problems. You may not be able to use certain features of the MyFoxtel app because you are not logged in, not the primary account holder or your account or set top box type restricts you from using and/or seeing these features. @wickedcherub Oh no, there's different NBN technologies - yours is probably a fibre-optic system, mine runs on old Foxtel cable, it's known as HFC NBN. Stream the best choice of live sport, blockbuster movies, new shows and complete seasons from Australia and around the world on your compatible device with the Foxtel Go app~. @Bubbbyboo @BernardKeane @TurnbullMalcolm No but he offers Netflix on Foxtel, as well as Foxtel's own streaming service "Binge".

If you’re using a VPN on your device, you’ll need to disable it to be able to view Foxtel GO. • @Foxtel says Telstra is responsible

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