Your cats will like knowing that they can go and have some alone time when they need it - so avoid confining your kitties to the same space together without any exits. I rescued a kitten, Amber, who was abused and abandoned.

It may take a few weeks until he is integrated in with your two feline social ambassadors. Whether you're bringing home a new pet or human family member, a Make sure that you try and share your attention between your kitties - you may need to provide your resident cat with more reassurance than usual.

Recently, I came across a 5-month-old male kitten in a vet kennel, waiting for a home. Provide him with a comfortable place to sleep, plenty of food and water, two clean cat litter” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>litter boxes, things to climb on and a way to look out of a secure window, if possible. Make sure there are boxes or other places for him to hide.
intimidating behavior.

The point is I can't keep them in the same room without them hissing at one another.

Ensuring that your kitties feel confident and secure in their space is an essential step to creating peace and harmony.
Hi all, Im totally unexperienced with cats and I need some confirmation. When choosing your new kitten, try and ensure it is compatible with your resident cat, with similar energy levels. Puppy Training 101: Your Guide to Mastering Basic Puppy Training, How to Bond With Your New Dog to Become Besties for Life. be a long-term behavioral problem. If there are existing conflicts and tensions between your kitties and they’re not getting along, FELIWAY FRIENDS can help. slow introduction may help ease tensions and reduce the amount of Your kitties will feel a lot better when they feel in control of their own environment. veterinarian-prescribed medication like Valium may be used to ease Before ... Is your household peace regularly shattered by kitty battles, scraps and spats? All-natural pheromone supplements like catnip, Feliway, or

animal or a visitor, it may be easiest to allow her to do so on her own

If your cats are not getting along very well, let them distance themselves - or safely diffuse the situation by talking loudly or using loud claps. help relieve some of these unwanted territorial tendencies.

To stop your kitties feeling stressed, always make sure that an exit is available; knowing that they can walk away can stop potential kitty tensions arising. time. Cats may also hiss while displaying aggression

Here is a summary of common reasons for cat hissing and three ways to For example, if one cat is avoiding certain areas or one cat is blocking the other from a particular space or resource then this is a sign of bullying. This confinement room will be his safe sanctuary for a while. Within one week, FELIWAY FRIENDS can reduce conflict behaviours between cats, even in households where conflict has been occurring for several years. Always let them meet on their own terms; never force them to be together, but leave doors open and hang around to supervise them. So yesterday I got a new kitten by surprise.

If this goes well then your kitties can start to have short meetings. Does your furbaby turn their nose up at sharing their space? View all 42 articles Learn about our editorial process.

Written by. What should I do?


Forcing her to interact with a newcomer may cause her to hiss out Are you planning to introduce a cuddly new bundle of fluff to your older, wiser kitty? A move

of fear or anger. Written by Alina Andreeva. It sounds like this little one is biting and reacting out of fear. She has published over 30 articles on how to care for pets properly. Every cat is different. Next, exchange each cat’s scents by switching blankets and bedding, and place them in your kitties separate areas.

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