Always come back for more great stuff - COD 4: Modern Warfare - Broadcast Day 403 18:59:23 (Modern Warfare)

© 2020 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, GUITAR HERO, GH, SKYLANDERS, SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS, SWAP FORCE, PORTAL OF POWER, LIGHTCORE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. There are some corkboards on the walls throughout the broadcast station with messages pinned on, including a missing pet flyer for someone's cat. The stairs connecting the hallway and lower roof are crammed in a small space, perfect for shotgun users to blast enemies at close range.

The broadcast station’s hallways and upper floor are prime locations to run into enemy Claymores and Proximity Mines.

For more information and the latest intel on Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, check out:, and follow @InfinityWard and @CallofDuty on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. USMC vs. OpFor (CoD4) Allegiance vs.

A skylight is above where the bomb area B spawns. Scrapyard is an aircraft boneyard with many airplane parts scattered around. Warzone players will recognize Broadcast’s layout from the BCH4 TV Station located just northwest of Verdansk Stadium.

Teams But tread carefully and avoid getting pulled into long-distance engagements in the main broadcasting room or the parking lot. Pick one side to take and defend and then throw all your resources at B, smack in the middle of the main broadcasting room. The Tactical Insertion is another valuable field upgrade to consider here. When it comes to Killstreaks, aerial Killstreaks have very limited utility on Broadcast.

There’s trouble at the news station, and we’re heading in for the fight.

The parking lot consists of abandoned vehicles and covered parking spaces in the middle section nearest the broadcasting station, with stone walls and some small buildings on the far end. Part of the Season Six content offering, Broadcast sets Allegiance and Coalition forces against one another in and around the broadcasting station.

Scan the Room. Snipers can find some good sightlines into the upper station from this back area.

There are fewer points of entry into the A site, making it slightly easier to defend.

See the following overhead maps for a clear look at Broadcast’s layout as well as objective locations in popular modes. Move through the areas where your weapon excels to maintain the upper hand in battle. Set Your Spawn.

- Broadcast - Welcome to the place of everything Call of Duty maps, every map from every game can be found here and will continue to be added.

Stop by and loot up in your Battle Royale and Plunder matches so you’re already warmed up when you switch back over to Multiplayer.

4. Whatever the mode, be a team player and stick to the objective. The UAV and Counter UAV remain useful for their obvious advantages, though you can find success with the Care Package as well.

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Type of Combat Being able to shoot down on enemies makes the roof a key tactical position; albeit one vulnerable to Chopper Gunners, etc.

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Modern Warfare Season 6 Maps: Broadcast.

Of course, aerial Killstreaks can still be used to clear the roof, which is one of the more valuable locations.

by Daniel Noel on October 01, 2020.

on October 01, 2020.

Smile for the Camera. Part of the Season Six content offering, Broadcast sets Allegiance and Coalition forces against one another in and around the broadcasting station.

Navigate into the main lobby to tag enemies in both locations. It would seem that the original Broadcast resembled the TV station in ". The parking lot outside is filled with cars and a roof over the middle of it. Use Spotter to find and hack them, turning their lethality on the enemy team. MWR SMGs and shotguns shine in the station’s hallways and behind the parking lot walls. Swipe or click left or right to cycle through them. There’s no time like the present.

Learn the rotations so that you can lead the charge to the next Hardpoint before it appears on the map. Lights, Camera, Action! Use the ground floor to capture objectives and to move from one area to the next but favor the height advantage whenever possible. A small building is located on the edge of the parking lot where snipers can pick off soldiers on the second floor of the TV station. With the Season Six of content for Modern Warfare, Broadcast was added as a multiplayer in the game. Explore Everything.


Notice the open skylight above the B site — players can use it to jump down from the roof to the site, or to throw explosives down into the room. Broadcast is a classic Multiplayer map set up for epic gunfights and relentless action.

You’ll also regenerate health faster while capturing and holding objectives, so get on that point, soldier. Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Broadcast This classic 6v6 map translates perfectly into the modern era. CoD4 and Battle Hardened once your team gets a firm hold on the point. Location A skylight is above where the bomb area B spawns. It’s easy to get caught up in and around the central broadcasting room, but there’s so much more to explore. Broadcast is a multiplayer map from the Variety Map Pack in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

It features a total of 11 sprites. Check out our maps to see where the objectives are located in popular game modes. Don’t neglect the main lobby as an overwatch position with quick access to interior and exterior views. As such, options like the Sentry Gun or UAV are likely to be more useful.

Read on for a full intel briefing of Broadcast, including tips and strategies to beat back the opposition and secure the station. 2.

Watch your six in the hallways and side rooms.

Switch between loadouts to meet your needs in Hardpoint. The more space you command, the better.


Veteran Call of Duty players – or indeed, Warzone players – may well recognise the layout of Broadcast. The map first appeared in the original Modern Warfare game, and it also serves as part of the Verdansk map, where it has a near-identical layout. In general, the narrow corridors and smaller rooms of Broadcast favour close-range or snappy mid-range weapons best.

Smart, aggressive play helps win matches on this map. Play the map to your weapon’s strengths.

Game Shotgun in the Stairs. Broadcast Of course, bear in mind that much of the rest of the map is indoors or under cover, affording players full protection from aerial Killstreaks.

There’s too much cover in the station and even the parking lot provides some safe spots. Game modes such as Ground War, Domination and Hardcore Headquartersare highly chaotic; the size of the map combined with a high number of players or highly-damaging weapons means there is constant action. For its standalone Modern Warfare iteration, Broadcast is largely unchanged from its …

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