That is her goal! Why? How did the King judge the women who were competing for the role of Queen? Use these ideas to help students relate the literature to other areas of the curriculum.

Students are asked to infer the character traits of both daughters as well as find evidence to support their inference. How many layers can they add before the stones start to fall? /Title (�� M u f a r o ' s B e a u t i f u l D a u g h t e r s L e s s o n P l a n | S c h o l a s t i c . Although they are extremely pretty, they are very different from each other. Share with students that folktales are stories handed down from one generation to another by word of mouth; these tales are told by ordinary folks. * Venn Diagram Activity Although this unit is a companion to the mentor sentence unit, it could be used independently as well!Not familiar with mentor sentences?


Then students will analyze the text to determine chara, COMPACT COMPREHENSION GUIDES (CCGs) This multicultural unit plan should be used with the book,"Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, An African Tale", by John Steptoe. The DIGITAL AND PRINTABLE language arts interactive activities in this unit address the focus skills in the Volume 3, FOURTH Ten Weeks: Mentor Sentence Unit. This activity checks student's understanding of sequencing by placing events in the correct order, and major plot points within a fictional text.

In a classroom, students can work in pairs/groups. /Height 16

Each lesson has differentiated reading responses to fit the needs of Kindergarten- 2nd grade.No Prep DIGITAL & Print & Go Lesson Planning made easy!Engaging Reading Lessons & PromptsIncludes QR codes to videos Includes Slides for Seesaw PRELO, These supplemental activities follow the Louisiana K-2 Guidebook for Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe. By immersing themselves in the genre, students will determine why people tell such magical tales!

Print this activity with these worksheets here: Mielie Meel (or mealie meal) is a staple in Zimbabwe. /Width 16 Kindness Just Because Students analyze acts of kindness and selfishness, place events of the story in their proper sequence, describe the setting, and trace a route on a map that shows rivers and mountains. This activity is designed for the book "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters" by John Steptoe. It is aligned with the common core curriculum and integrates many of the content area su, Use literature to teach life skills. Use their responses to complete the chart. This product is ready to print and distribute to students! Use both items to e, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (Cinderella Folktale), Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Interactive Brochure, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters sequence cards and Venn Diagram for Cinderella, RL.2.3 Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Character Response work sample, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters~a One Week Reading Unit for the story by J. Steptoe, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - Read Aloud Lessons and Actvities, Jessica Bradley - Learning Through Literacy, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters a Common Core Literacy Unit, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters sequencing and plot map activity-distance learning, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters ~ 48 pgs. Lessons and activities focus on:multicultural fairy t, This product is used to accompany the book, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters.

1. 148 results for mufaros beautiful daughters, Also included in: Five Interactive Read Alouds for Upper Elementary - BUNDLE ONE, Also included in: SEESAW DIVERSE BOOKS BUNDLE ENGAGING READERS.

Activities are engaging and include: anticipation bags with concrete items, context clues, vocabulary flip book, and venn diagram.

Guess the Word Activity (summary)

Explain that the chart shows some of the main characteristics of a folktale. Why do you think Manyara doesn’t not like Nyasha? 1 2 . 5 9 customer reviews.

The king disguises himself to find the true nature of each girl. You will find 30 pages of great activities to align with the guidebook lessons. What is the difference between the goal of the women in this story and that of the women in Cinderella? Interactive Language Arts Notebook (Vol 3) Bundle (Grades 3-5) - Four Units! Inspired by a traditional African folktale, this is the story of Mufaro, who is proud of his two beautiful daughters. Students might create fanciful invitations to the wedding of Nyasha and the king.

Both of Mufaro’s daughters are beautiful, but one is bad-tempered, and one is kind. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This plot map activity goes along with the story Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. Guide students through a fairy-tale genre study.

<< How about a great read aloud that, Compassion will come to life in your classroom in the form of this play!

Take a look at the preview pages! Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters is an African Cinderella story about two stunning sisters that want to marry the king. Students are also asked make connections and sh, These supplemental activities follow the Louisiana K-2 Guidebook for Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe. Students might also draw pictures of the wedding gift they would give to the newlyweds. It is aligned with Common Core State Standards, and the Louisiana K-2 Guidebook. MUFARO’S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS By John Steptoe (Lothrop) Themes: African Culture, Relationships Grade Level: 3-5 Running Time: 14 minutes SUMMARY In a small African village lives a man named Mufaro and his two beautiful daughters, Manyara and Nyasha. Their invitations might include time, place, guests of honor, and appropriate dress. After reading the story through, explore the following with students: Provide other versions of the Cinderella story and have students compare them. Use these comprehension questions and other printables for the fiction story called Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe. There are 5 pages of activities including pre-reading questions, vocabulary, determining mood from illustrations, character inferences, word work and a writing prompt relating to the book's central message. I have included Blooms Questions, Cause and Effect, Sequencing, and a Story Scoot Review. This activity checks student's understanding of sequencing by placing events in the correct order, and major plot points within a fictional text.

/ColorSpace /DeviceRGB This could be, Based upon John Steptoe's African "Cinderella" story, Mufaro's Beautfiul Daughters, this Think-Tac-Toe provides students with enrichment choices based upon Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge levels. Free . �C��Ń�A�u����:�����2;�:��̸��/�;�����1/J9���Jx{IŘ��wd���� f(m����E��U� B�O��dN@Wu����Xη��f������D�Wˌ8�[�F~�P&*��8����X+

Required fields are marked *. Explain that long ago before books were available, people told stories as a way of preserving them. Kristina Brooke Daniele is a writer, educator, homeschooler, entrepreneur, avid reader, life-long learner, and advocate for freedom, equality, and justice. At-Home Learning Lesson Plans and Activities! 4 0 obj Predictions The card then asks students to look for clues around the word, and then giv. Your email address will not be published.

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