That night at closing, one of the Cast Members found some of the dirt in the queue graveyard disturbed. Disneyland – The Creepiest Place on Earth, 10 Best Hotels Near Disneyland for Families (Top Kid-Friendly Picks), The Evil Entity That Follows You Home From This Santa Barbara Park Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On.

They were enjoying their ride on It’s a Small World when the ride stopped, the lights came on, and Cast Members helped guests off the ride. Disney denies the story, but rumors persist.

One night, he tried to sneak into the park by running along the monorail track, thinking it was the safest way for him to achieve his mission, but when security spotted him, he took off running and was unfortunately killed by an oncoming monorail. Security cameras never show Mr. We are all familiar with the 90… Those dolls keep on going until the day is done. Are you that surprised, though? Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair; sometimes as a child. Even though people are afraid of ghosts and get easily scared by them, this particular woman in white seems to offer a helping hand to those in need at Disney. Visitors waiting anxiously to ride Space Mountain- and maybe hoping to meet Mr. One Way. Who knows…. Most often seen is the spirit known as Mr. Some have theorized that the old-timey feel of Main Street may have been why she remained. Another section of the ride where you can see ghosts in a graveyard. People speculate that the passenger passed way in the 70’s or the 80’s, making it one of the haunted rides at Disney.

Imagineers found it too costly and time consuming to replace the glass, so they covered it with a spider. This is a story about a ghost of a passenger who died on the ride and has some dark irony to it.

This is the most ghost filled attraction, of course, and has the ashes of loved ones spread around it. Is it, though? Visitors and staff of Disney report that they continue to see his spirit running along the track of the monorail. Yes, you read that correctly.

The famous Walt Disney at one of his parks. Most often seen is the spirit known as Mr. Today, he appears as a red-haired man who will board any car with a single passenger, then disappear in all the commotion of the trip. The Ghost Space Mountain. She is characterized by a phosphorescent green glow.

When the family developed the film later that day, the last photo on the roll appeared to be a figure hanged from the ceiling. According to a rumor, a man became so scared of the Haunted Mansion ride that he sadly suffered a heart attack and died before the end of the ride. Ever since then, that section of the track is called Dolly’s Dip by Cast Members, who sometimes report hearing her voice, feeling cold spots, or the feeling of being watched while walking the track after closing. They eventually dropped off the teenager, unharmed, in a neighboring city and drove off.

Tom Sawyer’s Island where an older boy drowned while swimming. Yes, the mastermind behind all things Disney is rumored to still be lurking around his parks. In 1980, though, she went on the famous Matterhorn ride and was horrifically killed on the ride as she was thrown out of her bobsled and killed by the oncoming one.

This is a place labeled “the most happiest place on Earth” because of the excitement and pure joy that is contained within it. Adding fuel to the fire, it has become more and more common for families to scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the park. A child? The mother, meanwhile, would notice their child missing after only a few minutes, alert security, and search frantically for the child. 8 Haunting Paranormal Games/Rituals You Can Play With Your Friends, The Top 50 Weird Mickey Mouse Pictures Ever. People who investigated her death are still questioning whether she intentionally unbuckled her seat belt and fell off of the ride or if her belt malfunctioned, making her meet her unfortunate death. A ghostly apparition wearing white Victorian clothing is said to wander Main Street, helping lost children find their way to the baby care center. There could always be one sitting next to you the next time you go on a ride. There are a multitude of urban legends and ghost stories that come from the most happiest place on Earth, but the real question is: are they real or not? The story associated with Walt, though, is more chilling than you may think. But there has never been a kidnapping at Disneyland, despite all sorts of crazy rumors. People have claimed and reported that they see a woman in white throughout the parks and say she is benevolent.

Nowadays it seems obvious that this was just mass hysteria, as the same story has been told about virtually every amusement park, shopping mall, and grocery store in America. One-Way. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own, and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers. As a Los Angeles native, I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby, and never experienced anything creepy, but others have. So, so many people visit Disneyland every day of the year that it’s hard to imagine any of these ghosts present a real danger. Laying loved ones to their eternal rest along the slopes of the Matterhorn or among the singing dolls of “It’s A Small World” makes sense, in a macabre way.

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