Reblog. In 2008, original Rock-afire Explosion creator and technical engineer Aaron Fechter, along with Chris Thrash reintroduced the ensemble as a cover band for a variety of pop, rock, and hip-hop groups, including acts ranging from the mid 20th century to the present. Finding my own style… At the age of 23. During the days when Showbiz was uninvolved in programming, the circuitry of the RAE was purchased by Creative Engineering from Superscope, the makers of Pianocorder. Being able to restore one would be a huge dream come true. Additionally, thirty stores were outfitted with "Uncle Klunk," a human character who replaced Rolfe and hosted talk-show segments with his bird sidekick, Click. Fechter sells both new, unused, and used animatronic equipment in addition to giving tours of the facility. Almost all Rock-afire shows were produced completely in-house, with Creative Engineering employees not only manufacturing the characters, but also writing and performing their songs and skits.

The Rock-afire Explosion operates using four tracks of audio, two for audio and two for data. In the 2000s, spurred by the growing online Rock-afire fan community, Fechter reunited some of the Rock-afire performers and began to program shows set to fan-requested songs. The data tracks were encoded using Biphase mark code produced during the programming process by two Apple IIe computers. Where: UNIV 1053 South Coast Highway Encinitas, Ca 92024 (All ages) When: Friday, September 20th                     Time: 7:30 – 10 pm, this has been bothering for a couple years now. [3] The show was created and manufactured by inventor Aaron Fechter, creator of Whac-A-Mole, through his company Creative Engineering, Inc. in Orlando, Florida; in addition to overseeing the production of the animatronics, Fechter also provided the voices for several characters. The Klunks also served to be retrofitted into Santa Claus shows during the holidays.

In addition to these main Voice Actors, each character was portrayed by an inside VA for ShowBiz company-made tapes in the late 1980s. [1] They would perform medleys of classic rock, pop, and country music, as well as original compositions and comedic skits.[2].
The stage would then rotate to reveal Beach Bear and another Looney Bird (Just his head).

Using parts from the old animatronics, he created different shows, in hope to sell to other establishments. In the mid-1980s, both venues began to suffer financial difficulties, partially due to the video game crash of 1983 and also due to both companies having opened more restaurants than they could afford to maintain. An early outtake skit had the Sun as a female, and the Moon as a male. [citation needed], Smitty's Super Service Station has an almost fully functional show in Sandy Hook, Mississippi. … Unused animatronics (which included Billy Bob, Earl Schmerle, and Antioch) and props were either sold off or destroyed.[6]. The characters in The Rock-afire Explosion were various anthropomorphized animals, including a brown bear, a grey wolf, a silverback gorilla, and other species. Fechter also implemented computer programming that permitted some of the characters to move in rhythm with music, making it theoretically possible for them to play actual instruments. Both Rick Bailey and Jeff Howell have been active as musicians in the Orlando area. They were put in Looney Bird's, a spinoff restaurant. An experiment of Paul Linden and Dave Philipsen using JVC BR-7000 VHS Hi-Fi tape decks which integrated two stereo audio tracks, two longitudinal data tracks, and video led to a system in 1988 where TV screens were installed above the Rock-afire stage as the company introduced their new Cyberstar TV screen system.

Gif animations are great to use as greeting cards, blog images or to share with friends on Facebook or email. [6], Several Rock-afire performers went on to careers of their own: Shalisa James is currently a member of the a cappella group Toxic Audio, while Burt Wilson was better known as Bubba "Whoop-Ass" Wilson, a member of The Monsters in the Morning radio show. [6] As concept unification began at each location, the right and center stages of the Rock-afire show were shut down, leaving only the Rolfe and Earl characters operational.

When Pizza Time Theatre filed for bankruptcy in 1984, ShowBiz bought the company, hoping that new talent and merchandising opportunities could save both companies.


"The Rolfe and Earle Show" was the final Rock-afire show; after concept unification had been completed on the center and right stages, Rolfe and Earl were ready to be removed. There was Princess Haley (a female vocalist that used Mitzi's animatronics), Quazar (a guitar player that used Beach Bear's animatronics), Orc (a keyboardist that used Fatz's animatronics), and Ozone (a drummer that used Dook's animatronics). Have a wicked day babes! There was Princess Haley (a female vocalist that used Mitzi's animatronics), Quazar (a guitar player that used Beach Bear's animatronics), Orc (a keyboardist that used Fatz's animatronics), and Ozone (a drummer that used Dook's animatronics). The two performed "The Rolfe and Earle Show" (Earl's name was unintentionally misspelled), featuring the voices of Showbiz employees imitating Fechter's voice; the two ran a highlights reel of old Rock-afire Cyberstar segments and wondered aloud what the band would do now, and hinted at the coming Chuck E. Cheese-themed show. There are no more New Rock-afire's left in the public. Amazon's Toys & Games store features thousands of products, including dolls, action figures, games and puzzles, advent calendars, hobbies, models and … The remodel included the elimination of all Rock-afire characters from merchandise and advertising and retrofitting/reprogramming the Rock-afire Explosion animatronics into a new show called Munch's Make Believe Band featuring the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre characters. Following the completion of rebranding, the show was sold to other restaurants and entertainment centers, such as Circus Pizza, Pistol Pete's Pizza, and Billy Bob's Wonderland. This show also featured a rotating stage allowing a more advanced and versatile show. He was just a prop who did not move or speak.

One of these was the Moon Rockers, which represented a group of aliens from a city in the moon. A reel-to-reel version of Cyberstar called "Cybervision" was tested at two restaurants in Austin, TX; Cybervision can be distinguished from Cyberstar by the fact that they only feature the animatronics, and no graphics or walkaround characters. Enjoy. ), Rolfe & Earl, Dook and Billy now all available! Alex Knost Ford Archbold Kassia Meador Ellis Ericson Thom Pringle Warren Smith Dane Peterson and Justin Adams. These robots were dubbed 'mijjins', as a reference to their smaller, shorter size. During showtime, the characters were finally shown performing in video, as reel-to-reel formatted tapes began to be used less often. Videos of the performances—posted to YouTube[8] upon completion—are credited with helping to further revive interest in the group and ShowBiz pizza, and spurred individuals who owned their own Rock-afire bands to begin programming new shows themselves. After ties between Creative Engineering and ShowBiz were completely severed, owing to Aaron Fechter's refusal to sign over the rights of the band completely, "Concept Unification" began in September 1990 and occurred sporadically at ShowBiz locations for the next two years, with the final ShowBiz being converted in 1992. [14], Later years at ShowBiz and Concept Unification, "Characters Index Page- The Rock-afire Explosion", "Stages Index Page- The Rock-afire Explosion", "Masters of Puppets: The Rock Explosion Story", "The Rolfe and Earle Show (Cyberstar) Show Tape Review", "Animatronic Band Moves from Pizza Parlors to YouTube", "It's true: The ShowBiz Pizza robot band is back, at a retro arcade bar", "MEET THE DUDE WHO PERFECTLY RECREATED AN '80S 'SHOWBIZ PIZZA' IN RURAL MISSISSIPPI", "Rock-Afire Explosion gets a makeover at Billy Bob's", "Some find it odd, others see re-creating mechanical band as a way to tap into happy childhood memories",,, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2014, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The corporation maintained the two restaurant chains simultaneously for several years. 123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999 (123) 555-6789. . Join the Insider Video Club for lots of archival footage of animatronics and inventions, as well as all the new projects going on at Creative Engineering.
Later, as ShowBiz Pizza Place began to take over programming, they used a system inherited from their acquisition of Pizza Time Theatre called "Songcode".

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