This site works best with JavaScript enabled. well they aren't of the martial plain the eladrin might not have been exposed enough to the weapons and shadar-kai developed an independent culture due to being bound to the shadowfell, //

Human nobles compete for the services of elf instructors to teach swordplay or magic to their children. Instead, the moon elves were largely content to wander across the continent, forming small, short-lived (by an elf's reckoning) communities, and then moving on. Moon elves were eager to travel the new world their brethren had discovered, maintaining their characteristic wanderlust even in these early years, and it was some time before they settled in Faerûn as other elves had already done, eventually coming to form the nation of Orishaar, though many settled in Othreier and Keltormir.

Green or blue with golden flecks They are more slender than humans, weighing only 100 to 145 pounds. Your size is Medium. The book has different images for the different seasons, but nowhere does it state, that say an Eladrin in Winter that shifts to Autumn would lose her silver tresses for the sake of rich auburn mane. Medium. Language(s)


In addition, you can attempt to hide while you are only obscured by dim light.Elf Weapon Training. They favor elegant clothing in bright colors, and they enjoy simple yet lovely jewelry. The sun elves of Faerûn (also called gold elves or sunrise elves) have bronze skin and hair of copper, black, or golden blond. [5], Those who did turn to an adventurer's lifestyle commonly embraced the musical path of a bard; the martial lifestyle of a fighter, ranger, or rogue; or studied to become wizards. 5th Edition. The DalelandsEvermeetThe High ForestMyth DrannorNorthwest FaerûnThe Western Heartlands Moon elves (aka Silver elves) are a subrace of elves featured in the Forgotten Realms series.

After all, moon elves were innately a race driven by wanderlust and the desire to learn or do good. They dislike the pace of human society, which is regimented from day to day but constantly changing over decades, so they find careers that let them travel freely and set their own pace. [12], Moon elves, like other elves, loved the learning and use of magic, in whatever form it took. Forest[3] Moon elves were generally comfortable living amongst other elves, particularly sun elves, as well as gnomes, humans, or halflings. [11], Generally, moon elves took things with little gravity, instead taking joy in the simple things of life, a trend that their music and art reflected, which were more often joyous than solemn. This openness of course makes them less tolerated by the other types of elf. Moon Elf (5e Subrace) From D&D Wiki. Racial Traits .

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