The more cleaner way would be to check if the new uid already exists in the db and then acting accordingly. Apologies for the hasty first comment. I need to ignore duplicate inserts when using insert_many with pymongo, where the duplicates are based on the index. You can also cache your database results in redis. Is there some parameter I can pass to the insert command to achieve this behavior? Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and

Also, this way, since you are doing custom coded loops, you can also check, if entries are cuplicated, if you prefer one over the other (maybe the latest entry is better to keep than an older one for example). What are all fantastic creatures on The Nile mosaic of Palestrina? I suppose it's a problem of time vs transfer cost since either way Mongo will have to know if the data already exists. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. My boss makes me using cracked software. except lastError will be set if any insert fails, not just the last Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Android changing Floating Action Button color. Is it legal for a pointer to point to C++ register? there is nothing wrong with using nested try-catches, it's even more "correct", i would say, than putting your whole code in one big try-catch and hope for the best :). Sign in MongoDB: v4.0.2. Does it make any scientific sense that a comet coming to crush Earth would appear "sideways" from a telescope and on the sky (from Earth)? Microsoft OA | Longest Substring Without 3 Contiguous Occurrences of Letter. The interesting parts are in details: On a first run, this will give the list of errors under e.details['writeErrors']: On a second run, you see three errors because all items existed: So all you need do is filter the array for entries with "code": 11000 and then only "panic" when something else is in there. My use case for this type of "throw data over the wall" insertion is in data aggregation from disparate data feeds that may or may not be updated when I pull their data on an interval. So when I commit, it throws up that exception.

So... i guess you were just thinking "it throws an error, so no documents were stored" maybe? Is it a good idea to shove your arm down a werewolf's throat if you only want to incapacitate them? I don't fully understand your problem and the mistake might be somewhere else :). MongoDB can also store maps to my knowledge but even if you need the array-structure inside the db-schema, you could just convert the map to an array before passing it. How many people voted early (absentee, by mail) in the 2016 US presidential election? Does every open orientable even-dimensional smooth manifold admit an almost complex structure? Regarding the missing catch for database-problems: To avoid duplicate entries in MongoDB, you can use createIndex(). Instead of insert shouldn't you use upsert? Important In most cases, multi-document transaction incurs a greater performance cost over single document writes, and the availability of multi-document transactions should not be a replacement for effective schema design. The syntax is as follows −, Let us implement the above syntax. MongoDB query to group duplicate documents.

Suggestions for braking with severe osteoarthritis in both hands, Psychology Today's Classical IQ test question - abstract line shapes. please help me if any alternative of this. Can a clause be added to a terms of use that forbids use of the service if the terms of use would be illegal in the user's jurisdiction? privacy statement. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Is it ethical to award points for hilariously bad answers?

By default documents are inserted in order. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Why not just put your call to .insert() inside a try: ... except: block and continue if the insert fails? (C64).

If so, the exception would be expected. Program to remove duplicate entries in a list in Python, Suppressing duplicate entries in classical and ALV report in SAP ABAP, Program to remove duplicate entries in a linked list in Python, Using recursion to remove consecutive duplicate entries from an array - JavaScript, Using recursion to remove consecutive duplicate entries from an array in JavaScript, Avoid MongoDB performance issues while using regex. @mhombach you are correct, it does insert the data but throws an error at the end. how to ignore duplicate documents when using insertMany in mongodb php library? MongoDB How to insert batch of documents and ignore duplicates c#, MongoDb: Insert or update multiple documents with a unique index, MongoDB: Insert multiple documents into collection with unique index even if some violate the index. How can I ignore this duplicate key error in a transactional setting? If multiple errors occur, only the most recent will be reported This way you are not running into the problem ever that you have duplicated entries. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. (node). 2nd: You can try-catch the database.issues too. So i would never suggest to create or use such an option, though it would be theoretical possible.

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