At that young age, he hunted alone at night in the mountains and dark woods of Albemarle County.

Lewis was nominated and recommended to serve as the first Master of the proposed Lodge, which was warranted as Lodge No.

At an early age his family moved to Georgia. James Waddell, a blind parson, and Parson Matthew Maury. Lewis was introverted and moody while Clark was extroverted, even-tempered and gregarious. One of these was Parson Matthew Maury, an uncle of Matthew Fontaine Maury. Deceased persons do not fall within the scope of these legal provisions. Although he died without legitimate heirs, he does have the putative DNA model haplotype for his paternal ancestors' lineage, which was that of the Warner Hall. In 1801, he was appointed as an aide by President Thomas Jefferson, whom he knew personally through Virginia society in Albemarle County. One visit to Georgia occurred in the summer of 1789 but Meriwether returned to his schooling in the fall. We are In 1792, after the death of his step-father the year before, he traveled to the Broad River community to accompany his mother and his two half-siblings, John and Mary, back to “Locust Hill”. Filed under #52ancestors, 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks, Ancestry, Family History, Family Search, Genealogy, History, Lewis and CLark, Meriwether Lewis, On the Map, Tennessee, Uncategorized, Virginia, Tagged as #52ancestors, 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks, Ancestry, Family History, Genealogy, Lewis and CLark, Meriwether Lewis, Tennessee, Virginia, On The Map ~ 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks ~ Week #38, our Family History: Doing It Right the First Time. Research genealogy for Nicholas Meriwether Lewis, as well as other members of the Lewis family, on Ancestry®. She observed his face to flush as if it had come on him in a fit. After Jane's death in 1845, her son, Dr. Meriwether Lewis Anderson, inherited Locust Hill. She was instrumental to the success of their mission as her presence let the Native American tribes they met along the way know that their intentions were peaceful. The expedition took almost three years and solidified the United States’ claims to land across the continent, and acquainted the world with new species, new people and new territory. Lewis was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, to Lt. William Lewis of Locust Hill (1733 – November 17, 1779),[1] who was of Welsh ancestry, and Lucy Meriwether (February 4, 1752 – September 8, 1837), daughter of Thomas Meriwether and wife Elizabeth Thornton, in turn daughter of Francis Thornton and wife Mary Taliaferro. 2 PLAC Governor of Louisiana, {{ media.short_title }} His mother taught him how to gather wild herbs for medicinal purposes. Several years after Lewis's death, Thomas Jefferson wrote: Jefferson also stated that Lewis had a "luminous and discriminating intellect.". Lewis, who had a better education, possessed a philosophical and speculative outlook and was at home with abstract ideas. These two Captains shared a common progenitor and were second cousins once removed. The Dowling Family Tree with a half million relatives, contains Lewis suggested that the expedition would benefit from a co-commander and, with Jefferson's consent, offered the assignment to his friend and former commanding officer, William Clark. The expedition was the first point of Euro-American contact for several Native American tribes; through translators and sign language, Lewis conducted rudimentary ethnographic studies of the peoples he encountered, even as he laid the groundwork for a trade economy to ensure American hegemony over its vast new interior territory. 44 in Albemarle, VA, between 1796 and 1797. Due to his shy personality, Lewis never married. His father William Lewis was an officer during the American Revolution. Home > Forum > Surnames > Lewis. In 1882, the house was sold to Mrs. Bearley, releasing the house from Lewis family descendents for the first time. He moved with his mother and stepfather Captain John Marks to Georgia in May of 1780.

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