Double the raw image's height if it's below this threshold. To register a "press" with a throttle control during the input It doesn’t pause the game either, so you can actually leave it open while the game opcode continues to execute. named as .pal or ..pal, IE "Mega Man 4.pal" or "Mega Man 4.db45eb9413964295adb8d1da961807cc.pal". "192000" or "96000" on modern sound cards, "48000" on older(late 1990s, early 2000s), and "44100" on older still(early to mid 1990s). device, where ? Transparency of otherwise-opaque mask areas. for selected drive. To configure the virtual device on input port 1, press ALT+SHIFT+1. Push down the F1 key in order to bring up a help chart. Disabling vsync can also help to reduce keyboard and mouse input lag to a degree, due to the design of common GUI environments and SDL. Toggle frames-per-second display(from top to bottom, the display format is: virtual, rendered, blitted). Enable frameskip during emulation rendering. Path to directory for per-game configuration override files. The command would of course be different if you were configuring a different command. and may cause sound card or system malfunctions.

Some operating systems and environments will hide file extensions.

Mednafen: Set the sound rate setting to your sound card's native playback rate, IE the rate which On Microsoft Windows, these conditions are typically Evaluated left to right, with "&&" and "&!" Run a game, then press F1.

Setting up the keyboard or gamepad. Mednafen's settings file currently uses UN*X-style line breaks, which Notepad does not handle very well. Edit at your own risk. Currently, only "0x0" is allowed for the "keyboard" and "mouse" DEVICE_TYPE.

Can help obviate emulation hiccups due to emulated CD access. Disable for rendering code performance testing. variable is set, and the current user has an entry in the password file, the corresponding home directory At this time, you would press the physical joystick or keyboard button you want to map to button "A" on the first virtual gamepad. Opacity is specified in %; IE a value of "100" will give entirely black scanlines. lightguns) are active and mapped to the system mouse. For the lowest possible video lag, however, obtain and use an old CRT monitor, and set up a video mode with a vertical Configurations for various emulated consoles may behave differently, and these configurations may even be different between games. WARNING: Setting this to a large value may cause excessive RAM usage in some circumstances, such as with games that stream large volumes of data off of CDs. Mednafen's simple pixel shaders are ok, provided you have a decent video card as specified in the Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. other emulated input devices that rely on absolute mouse coordinates(e.g. This is especially important if you have either a wireless controller or any sort of USB device connected to your system. Set it to "0" if you want to allow constructs like absolute paths in CUE sheets, but only if you understand the security implications of doing so(see "Security Issues" section in the documentation). This tends to be

currently cannot be overridden properly: Caution: Any settings that change emulation behavior as seen from the emulated game are shown with the setting name bolded in the table.

For instance, if you wanted to set a fast forward key to your controller so you could speed up the game right from a shoulder button, then push the ` key when the prompt comes up asking you which command needs to be reconfigured. Accumulate color data rather than discarding it. You have to push the key or controller button you want the command to be assigned in response to this prompt. Caution: Users of XBox 360-type/compatible controllers on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows(e.g. button_(left|middle|right|x1|x2|0| ... |31). Since 0.8.4, Mednafen will perform simple data correction on disc images that contain EDC and L-EC data(2352-byte-per-sector "raw"). under the Mednafen base directory. Currently, this setting only has an effect on Windows Vista and Windows 7(and probably the equivalent server versions as well). For instance, if you needed to press F2 but F2 is shared with something on your keyboard, simply push Fn and F2 together each time to restore this functionality. Due to historical Linux distribution design decisions and problems with various software audio mixing solutions on Linux, Mednafen's ALSA output code

SCALE is an optional integer between 0-65535, representing a 4.12 fixed-point quantity used to scale analog(e.g. Keep in mind that you can’t access this help screen without already running a game. NOTE: The Sega Saturn emulation is currently experimental and under active development. Like F2, but after configuration completes, to activate the configured command key will require all buttons configured to it to be in a pressed state simultaneously to trigger the action. which save states are automatically utilized), the attacker may then have access to local private data from your The length of time, in milliseconds, that a button/key corresponding to a "dangerous" command like power, reset, exit, etc.

If the In combination with save states, this file inclusion presents

Push F2 if you’d like to configure a command key. If you’re playing a one-player game, then make sure your wireless or USB controller is connected, and then push ALT, Shift and 1 at the same time.

Mednafen supports raw, simple storage formats supported by

axis) inputs in most usage contexts.

Scaling factor for the Y axis in windowed mode. If you want to map any other physical buttons to virtual button "A", press them now.

Setting this volume control higher than the default of "100" may severely distort the sound. must be pressed before the command is executed.

The aforementioned per-module and per-game configuration override files will NOT be written to by Mednafen, and they will generally not Force usage of specified emulation module. WARNING: Do not set this path to a directory that contains Famicom Disk System disk images, or you will corrupt them when you load an FDS game and exit Mednafen. Operating System: Disable vsync and triple-buffering if enabled via your card driver's setting utility or control panel. Note that keyboard modifier keys(CTRL, ALT, SHIFT) are still treated as modifiers and not discrete keys. base directory.

After pressing the appropriate command key or command key combination, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen similar to "GamePad #1: A (1)". This has the effect of forcibly enabling or disabling vblank synchronization when running under Linux with NVidia's drivers. WARNING: %x should always be included, otherwise you run the risk of overwriting save data for games that create multiple save data files. "non-system" external libraries are linked to: Cygne is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL Version 2, 1991.Copyright 2002 Dox, They should be placed in the pgconfig directory

All joystick throttles should be set to their center position before configuring inputs. Once you’re ready, push F2 to receive a prompt about which command you want reconfigured. Operating System: Disable window/desktop compositor("Aero" on Windows Vista and newer). "nes.cfg", "pce.cfg", "gba.cfg", "psx.cfg", etc. them questions regarding Mednafen unless appropriate in context. Rewind emulation, if save-state rewinding functionality is enabled, up to. Mednafen supports "CUE" sheets, CloneCD "CCD/IMG/SUB", and cdrdao "TOC" files; though only a very limited

thereafter at connected players' command. Notepad++ instead. UN*X system, or cause Mednafen to lockup or abort. After you push the button, you should see something like "GamePad #1: A (2)". Scaling factor for the X axis in windowed mode. with Mednafen instead of the CUE/TOC/CCD files, and use the F6 and F8 keys to switch among the various discs available. MP3 is not supported, and will not be supported. See fname_format.txt for more information. Activate in-game input configuration process for a command key. Format string for save game backups filename. This main document covers general Mednafen usage, generally regardless of which system is being emulated. Scaling factor for the X axis in fullscreen mode. Mednafen's "base directory" is the directory under which Mednafen stores its data and

If you’re following mednafen’s prompts on any small machine that uses an Fn key to map one key to another one, then hold this down whenever you’re pressing the requisite key. on a per-module basis. Mednafen base directory.

If the palette has 32 color entries, the text fringe reduction variant of an RGB mode is enabled.

This is most useful to either change the F11 binding if you’re very used to that being used for maximizing windows, or for setting emulator commands to unused buttons on USB or wireless game controllers. Start with specified disk/CD(numbered from 0) inserted.

If only 256 triplets are present, then they will be used for both left and right views. For ejected, pass -1. controllers with analog buttons, should complete the following process before attempting any configuration that will map a physical analog button to a virtual input. A value of "0" will cause the current desktop horizontal resolution to be used. Mednafen: Choose full-screen resolutions, via the x-resolution and otherwise you will likely need to alter the filesys.untrusted_fip_check setting. Operating System: Disable 3D spatialization, equalizer, and other special effects via your sound card driver's setting utility or control panel, if applicable.

May cause more harm than good on low memory systems, systems with swap enabled, and/or when the disc images in question are on a fast SSD. Avoid selecting a higher-level sound device that is routed through a sound server like PulseAudio! Linux), or users of other Attempt to synchronize OpenGL page flips to vertical retrace period. If you want to use ALSA's "default", use "sexyal-literal-default". It should ask you to start giving inputs. Options Push the button you wish to use for up twice.

Even though these handheld systems actually lacked detachable controllers, mednafen emulates them by mapping them to the first assignment.

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