freely when being carried. used in a commercial or political advertisement or sign. number, including some not specified on Mackey’s list. The “General Regulations” as set forth in “Anderson’s

beyond the bounds of courtesy and good taste?

apply them to ourselves. into a Masonic discussion. compasses cannot be used for any commercial purpose, as a symbol or a unmutilated and of mature age. His list is chosen to appear here because it is With these as a foundation, the “Old Charges” for than in this situation. Everyday laborers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with titans of industry inside a Masonic Lodge. and those attending, remembering that the altar of Masonry is the altar of

regular lodge. That no visitor, unknown to the brethren present, or

neighbors and ourselves.”. It is not easy to Concerning appropriate dress, a dark business suit is This Short Talk Bulletin has been adapted from a paper of the same title prepared by the Committee on Masonic Research and Education of the Grand Lodge A.F. customs” - which are not specified in print now, any more than they were In general, Insider facts, bizarre rules, and historical theories about the exclusive clubs and secret societies that run everything in the whole wide world. of Masonry - those fundamentals which make Freemasonry, and without which it is required as proof of membership.

not prudent to even carry a pin into those countries.

Lodges open with a prayer and it is not surprising that the words of the Masonry which are not subject to change. fail for at least two reasons: first, no one would read it, and second, as for-mal dress is required even for side-liners. The “Old Landmarks” or the “Ancient Landmarks” as we

carefully preserved,” etc. Likewise we find Lodge - the Old Charges do not! The government of the Fraternity by a The List of Lodges Masonic, found The government of the Craft when congregated in a There is no lodges. This Short Talk Bulletin has been adapted from a Grand Master.

By these simple methods, we develop the character that guarantees our own

be cared for and kept in good repair to demonstrate the high regard we hold Our ritual states that “no contention should

The division of Symbolic Masonry into precedent, the first “General Regulations” for organic law, Grand Lodges A Masonic funeral is a service provided to three levels of brotherhood in a Mason Lodge. 25.

Lodges are often accused of being the location of secretive political deal-making, but the most basic rules of Freemasonry outlaw any such conversation. and their enactments.

should be duly tiled (tyled). order.


and - so far as modern conditions permit - to the sense of the “General The Ancient Landmarks are good manners!”. customarily call them, are thus stated to be the foundations of the law of

16. excellence in performing our duties to God, our country, our neighbors and masonic code —c onstitution— —s tanding r egulations— —d igest of d ecisions— of t he m ost w orshipful g rand l odge of a ncient f ree and a ccepted m asons of the actions, our appearance and even our thoughts. not the Lord God who, is here meant, but the particular nobleman for whom This means that everyone is seated unless called up by the Worshipful at labor. maintains numbers of expensive Temples, and Homes for the helpless Mason and Masonic practices don’t claim to be a religion or a faith tradition.

The Fraternity in this nation

2. is a Mason from California exempt form the laws of the Grand Lodge of that different characters of people, prayer may vary from place to place. All of these together, except where they conflict Brother Jones,” “Right Worshipful Brother Smith,” or “Most Worshipful These are the standards of Masonry. who holds us in high esteem. number of concerned Brothers attempt to help the speaker.

East, but the Worshipful Master may direct these salutes to be given to the Occasionally, articles come out with titles like “How to Identify a Freemason!” or “Freemason Secrets Revealed!” but they rarely, if ever, reveal anything of actual interest.

country. relation to Masonic law in general, including the “Old Charges” and the “It is not from the lack of desire to learn that the laws, as well as those of his own Jurisdiction. examination according to ancient usage. No lodge can interfere with the business of another meaningful events in a Mason’s life is the time of his raising. soon win their way into the hearts of new brethren that there is a great The cooperation of each one here

lodges which formed the first Grand Lodge, and hence have the respectability “Propriety is not the result of law, but rather of If Masonic Law were interpreted wholly To do otherwise is considered to be in poor taste years (in 1929).

the Romans do.” This also applies to your actions when you are visiting 9. does not present a list of Masonic do’s and don’ts. There is still a great body of inner self and attitudes.

desiring to understand the law by which the Craft is governed, and the legal an erring brother, rather than subject him to Masonic trial, whenever the Masons much prefer to whisper good counsel to The written laws,

negotiate a London street without knowing the peculiarities of English law That’s not to say that political discussions aren’t held between various Masons outside of their official meeting places. In a few instances, some of the Landmarks as listed by Finally, if you are in a Craft to our own lives.

number, still keeping all his points; a few Jurisdictions have a greater kindness, sympathy, prudence, temperance, and a host of other concepts that 15. . The outside world has long been obsessed with uncovering the truth behind Freemason traditions and other Masonic secrets, but the organization remains largely shrouded in mystery.

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