In 2009, ABC News reported, “Mezvinsky was convicted in 2002 of bilking his associates, friends and family members — even his own late mother-in-law — out of millions of dollars. Per the Daily Mail, he joined private equity firm TPG in 2019. Chelsea Clinton’s $10M Apartment: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, In this handout image provided by Genevieve de Manio, Chelsea Clinton (R) weds Marc Mezvinsky at the Astor Courts Estate on July 31, 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York. As one observer told the New York Post, "They both grew up with those dark clouds that hung over them.". He spent time in prison. A no-fly zone was enforced over Rhinebeck by the Federal Aviation Administration on the day of the wedding. HER HUSBAND IS THE SON OF A CORRUPT SENATOR, SO SORRY!” Snopes has debunked the false rumor that Marc Mezvinsky is related to billionaire George Soros. Mezvinsky added that he and his wife are quite different, but that their differences don't make them incompatible. [19], In 1998, she ran for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. According to the U.S. Congress biographical directory, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1942. House Democrats cheered as the House Republicans jeered, "Goodbye Marjorie! Considering the jaw-dropping amount of money Clinton and her husband make, it should come as no surprise that they have an astonishing home. Marc Mezvinsky is the eldest of the couple’s two birth children; the second, Andrew, is an artist, Politico says. [5] She worked as a television journalist at WCAU-TV from 1967 to 1969, was a CBS News Foundation Fellow, Columbia University from 1969 to 1970,[4] and then worked for WRC-TV from 1975 until 1990. Together, Margolies and Mezvinsky raised Margolies' two children, Mezvinsky's four children from a previous marriage, two biological sons (including Marc Mezvinsky), as well as three sons the couple adopted together from Vietnam. The documents were released by Clinton’s presidential library and included a letter from Edward Mezvinsky that said, “I have real reason to believe that without a pardon, charges will be brought against me in the very near future, and that I will then be faced with a long and difficult process of defending myself, and ultimately the prospect of a long prison term,” said Politico. In reality, however, Soros only has one brother, the late Paul Soros.

PIC: @billclinton stumps for Marjorie this afternoon in Philadelphia. From 1993 to 1995, she was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district.

She is best remembered for casting the deciding vote in favor of President Bill Clinton’s 1993 budget proposal. (Getty), A Congressional history of Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky’s life says she became so “moved by the experience” of covering a story on Korean orphans as a television reporter in 1970 that she “became the first single woman in the United States to adopt a foreign child, a Korean girl.”.

"[11][12] In a 2009 interview with The Daily Beast, she recalled U.S. Chelsea Clinton's husband gets along with his father-in-law quite well, unlike other people who have a less-than-positive relationship with their in-laws. [14][15] Margolies, however, wrote in the Washington Post that she was glad that she had cast her vote as she had, and urged vulnerable Democrats in Congress to vote for the healthcare bill in March 2010.

Soros invests heavily in Israeli companies; Avi Rosenblum on football in Israel. Clinton and Mezvinsky had been friends for decades before they finally began to date. Per her bio at Columbia's Mailman School of Health, Clinton is an adjunct professor at the institution, has authored several books, is the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, and sits on multiple boards. A presidential child who grew up to be gorgeous in front of America's eyes, Clinton has been known as a governor's daughter, the daughter of the POTUS, the daughter of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as a successful woman in her own right. In addition to the 11 children they raised, Mezvinsky's parents also sponsored a number of refugee families, providing for an estimated total of 25 children (via the U.S. House of Representatives website). The elder Mezvinsky also served as Democratic Party State Chairman of Pennsylvania from 1981 to 1986. She is also an adjunct professor at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania. As noted by Snopes, this rumor can be traced back to actor Scott Baio, who claimed on Facebook in 2016 that he had discovered that Mezvinsky is secretly related to Soros.
ABC then cancelled Roseanne’s show. Their friendship continued for years, even as they went their separate ways and dated other people. [28], One of their sons, Marc Mezvinsky, married Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A few years later, she adopted another daughter from Vietnam. Clinton was one vote short to get his budget passed, recalls Time Magazine. [27][29], Early life, education, and journalism career, 2000 congressional election and bankruptcy, Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1998, United States House of Representatives elections, 2000, United States House of Representatives elections in Pennsylvania, 2014, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, List of Jewish members of the United States Congress, Women in the United States House of Representatives, "Ex-congresswoman laments women's losses since 1992", "NLS/BPH: Other Writings, Say How? Here's the truth about Chelsea Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

He lives in Pennsylvania, said the biography. A Congressional history of Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky’s life says. [23], On May 17, 2014, Hillary Clinton held her first fundraiser of the year for Margolies' congressional campaign. Together, Margolies and Mezvinsky raised Margolies' two children, Mezvinsky's four children from a previous marriage, two biological sons (including Marc Mezvinsky), as well as three sons the couple adopted together from Vietnam. UK Daily Mail says Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea’s husband, also lost investors’ money by investing in Greece while working for a hedge fund.

Mezvinsky compared his wife to Hillary Clinton, saying that, like her former presidential hopeful mother, his wife is an eloquent speaker who "speaks in fully formed paragraphs," which he said is a gift that "defies logic." However, she switched her vote on the Clinton budget after receiving a personal call from him even though it proposed a federal tax increase, said the Congressional history. Do you know the older man in these pictures? "None of it was true," a representative told Vogue in 2012, adding that the rumor mill made Clinton realize that she needed to open up to the press more in order to "demystify" herself and put to rest any untold truth about her life and marriage. From their 11 children, the Mezvinskys have 18 grandchildren as of 2014. [27] The story of the foreign adoption of the girl from Korea as well as her adoption of a girl from Vietnam were detailed in her book, They Came to Stay. Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies, the parents of Chelsea Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky, have colorful political pasts.

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