The painter suggested leaving the ceilings SW Dover White to have the crown & trim POP! I’m helping out with a Church/community children’s area . I don’t want any cream but just a white that will go with grays and beige in furniture and rugs. I plan to use your online help once we move into the home. Hi Kylie, thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge! I asked Home Depot to do a custom color match of the cabinet sample – I saved the formula but did not buy a sample pot. I have to paint trim , 3 built in bookcases and an 80’s brick fireplace and kitchen cabinets. Perhaps a grayed-white? It seems that BM Decorator’s White blends the best with our trim but I am nervous to pick a white that leans cool.
The only thing is that I use only my own photos and I don’t have any clients exteriors in the best whites – so it would be hard for me to reference them! Personally, I’m a pinot gris fan myself, but I’ll settle for a nice chardonnay. I’m also open to other neutral paint colors for the cabinets as long as it won’t go out of style any time soon! It has been very helpful! My hubby and I love your posts. Our floors will be a light finished red oak hardwood. Now you might be like, ‘hey crazy pants, it all looks white to me!’ Fair enough, sometimes you don’t know which type of white you have until you compare it to something different, so let’s do that! U shaped house and moving from a creamy white (all looks yellow to me now) to a white. You really know your stuff, and you are an excellent writer with humor to boot. And while I never rely 100% on Pinterest, I do sometimes find it easier to base things on Pinterest as in person, those white samples can just look pretty colourful! Take a look at SW Pure White perhaps. The colour in this tile would be a warm off-white/creamy beige. By choosing the doors offered by Cabinet Door Depot you save hundreds of dollars. Lastly you can choose the painted approach, that is painting your boxes any color inside and out and then ordering MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) or Paint Grade Maple doors to paint over, thereby creating a unique and distinctive look for your kitchen remodeling project. Thank you! If you’re painting furniture, you might need to do it in stages based on drying time. In many instances, the modern-day styles are produced from synthetic materials. If you find that the complimentary blog post info isn’t working, it might be the next step! Any suggestions. Sand the face of the repair putty until it’s smooth and despite the surrounding wood surface. This is YOUR guiding light – and guiding white. The creamy tone in this next countertop definitely prefers a soft, warm off-white. There is no harm in asking them to do 50% lighter, but at that shift you can expect the undertones to change, so be sure to do a LARGE sample to make sure you like it. Could that be because the sample is a flatter sheen than cabinets will actually be?? White with light top. It’s pretty darned white with only a weee fraction of warmth in it. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. I thought maybe BM Chanitilly lace but now after reading a bit I’m totally confused. If you don’t have an existing white in your home, then you’ll want to look at the colours in your home and your general style to figure out which white is best for you. Ugh….putting up Half walls of shiplap . Hi Haddie, unfortunately there isn’t really a comparable in SW – but you could ask them to colour match it for you? Thank you for your informative articles!

Any advice would be most welcome! Would this be okay? We have honed black granite along the perimeter but changing out the island to make it lighter. However, if there is a separation of rooms, can another white be used? We are going to have white walls and trim with shaker style doors which would either be white or light coloured oak veneer. These ones lean to the cool side and often look fresh and a bit ‘icy’, Similar to Benjamin Moore Decorators White. I so appreciate any direction and insight you can provide. Hi! Love reading your analysis of whites and all undertones for that matter! What do you think about Simply White trim? I’ve read your articles on whites at least a dozen times since we’ve started building our new house.

Comparison is one of the BEST ways to see the undertones in a colour. However… Natural wood is just so incredibly rich and beautiful and organic. If you put a stark white or cool white with this, it wouldn’t work, The fireplace stone above calls for a soft white, not cold, but not too creamy warm either. Do you ever work with Dunn-Edwards paint? I’m going with a warm wood look on my floor, stainless steel appliances. The main reason behind remodeling is to modify the appearance of the kitchen and help it become wonderful.

I’m worried that the Stonington will read too cold with the northern light …. Even BM Cloud White could work? From the sounds of it, Pure White might be a better choice as it isn’t as yellow as Simply White, but not AS stark as some whites (but it is more white than not…), I wanted to come back and thank you for your input but couldn’t find my post! Lovely sharing any award-winning design from many ideas such as transformed spaces grand and small, from right here in Annapolis, north to Boston and New York, south from Virginia to Florida, out west from Montana to California and in the Caribbean and more. I think SW Pure White is the best match for my kitchen countertops. It can stretch itself JUST slightly cool…but barely, (I also like BM Oxford White for a simple, but not overly bright white look), Extra White will absolutely act like white, but a more ‘fresh and cool’ version of it – without being an actual colour, Decorators White is another nice pretty darned white colour that nods toward cool undertones, Alabaster is a warm, almost off-white. My countertop will be quartz- Looking at callacatta tuano which is white, but has warm greyge tones,I also saw another that is cooler, but nice and I like it as well. Soft and hinting at creamy, but grounded by a nice neutral base to calm it down, Definitely my 2nd fave white. The prep/activity areas tops are White with some grey bits, not sure of material but easy to clean, may be quartz.. Warmer white would be so nice for the north room but now I see it might clash with the white tops.

Our trim and crown molding is a close match to BM’s Super White but I’m afraid the kitchen will come across too stark if we go with that. The best way to do this without losing your mind is to take 2-3 stacked pieces of paper (or a piece of poster board) and compare them to your existing white. The cool thing is that because trim is generally a satin or semi-gloss finish and the walls are either ulti-matte or eggshell, there can be a weeee subtle shift between the 2 surfaces to set things off slightly, without worrying about undertones. That is my BEST thought for you I do love Simply White, but find it can look a wink yellowish for my tastes . I’m doing a color consult with you. It def sinks in mi cabesa lol. Hi Jed, yes north facing light could definitely kill the glory of PUre White. In this next example, the countertop would call for a clean or slightly cool white. Without knowing what that trim is, it’s hard to say, but i AM a big fan of matching my whites for consistency…definitely. I want a light bright, but warm feel to the house – we are building in a Great Lakes beach town. The #1 source for kitchen cabinets in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington! Get a look similar to this with Edgecomb Gray and BM White Dove, If your hard surfaces are in the warmer range of beige, cream, yellow, orange and red, Get a look similar to this with BM Navajo White and BM Simply White.

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