You must have definitely watched the hit show ‘Narcos’ or at least heard about it if you are a serial Netflix binge-watcher. The 1980s drug trafficker Pablo Escobar’s life has been shown in the Netflix series Narcos. He achieved this by buying a horse and stapling a corn to its head. Manuela Escobar: The Daughter of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar. He got to know Pablo was a drug dealer and killed the minister when he was just seven years old. Since 1999, Pablo Escobar’s daughter has had several depressive episodes, and, according to Juan Pablo, has attempted to take her own life. Required fields are marked *. Manuela went through deep depression and had to seek psychological treatment.

The opposition forced them to elope in 1976. Manuela and her family were living a life of riches until Pablo was alive. Though Pablo lived a life of criminal in the eyes of the world, he always was a family man. Mirtha Jung: Everything About George Jung’s Ex Wife, Kai KNAPP: The Truth About ALexis KNAPP Daughter Revealed, Elena Moussa: 7 Awesome Facts to Know About Greg Gutfeld’s Wife, 6 Practical tips to Make a Taurus Man Miss you (With Infographic), No Nonsense guide to Make a Libra Man Miss You Hard. Manuela was raised as a princess by her billionaire father. However, her brother still holds Colombian Citizenship.

With new identities, they flew to Mozambique, an African country. Upon the kingpin’s death, Manuela, her brother Juan Pablo, and her mother Maria Henao Escobar fled Colombia. No country would grant them asylum after Escobar’s crimes – they even petitioned the Vatican for help – and the Cali Cartel was demanding millions of dollars in reparations for Escobar’s crimes against them. Even though she had nothing to do with her father’s sin, she became victimized. Manuela and her mother, It is safe to assume that Manuela was the favourite kid of Pablo. They had to give all their wealth to Pablo’s enemies to save their lives. The Ibos want Biafra The North wants Ibo's exit The Yorubas want Ibo's exit The Ibos are... Ashley Jade Stern biography, net worth, Instagram, husband, Nolan North biography: kids, net worth, voices, video games and movies, tv shows. However, due to lack of evidence, Maria and Juan were released. They used to play soccer and monopoly together. She never got to socialize with the kids of her age as her life would be at risk from attack by her father’s unyielding foes. There Manuela and her brother attended public school like normal children. Manuela Escobar is living a life under an assumed name to let go from the dark shadows of her past life. Pablo Escobar was tracked down and shot dead by Colombian authorities on December 2, 1993, in Madelin, Colombia.

Manuela Escobar was born on 25 May 1984 in Colombia. Junior Escobar tried his best to protect his mother and sister Manuela from his father’s enemies. The Escobar family tried to take refuge in America, Germany, and several other countries. He believed reality was far grimmer. Though Pablo lived a life of criminal in the eyes of the world, he always was a family man.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When she fell ill and suffered from hypothermia in the Medellin mountainous region, Pablo set fire to $2 million to keep her warm. In the year following his death, they moved from one country to another trying to secure asylum. The family tried to hide in several countries including Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Peru, and Argentina and settled down in Argentina. However, they had no one to protect them this time. Manuela had a life of luxury residing in luxurious mansions filled with sculptures, lavish rooms, a zoo and many more. Eventually, they were let go, though many people had questions about their arrest. Pablo Escobar’s wife Maria Victoria Henao, son Juan Pablo and daughter Manuela Escobar paid a huge price after he was gunned down by Colombian authorities in 1993. The “king of cocaine” raised his daughter as a real princess, this famous drug dealer was one of the wealthiest people in the world. We can only hope she is living a safer life and has found a new home. In a 2009 documentary ‘Sins of My Father’, he has talked about Pablo’s actions that had an effect on his life. The kingpin’s daughter has since stayed out of the public eye. Manuela Escobar Wiki Bio. Unlike Manuela, Juan has not shied away from the media. Some resources claim that currently she lives with her brother, suffers from depression, and even tried to commit suicide. What happened to her. Everyone knows the story of Pablo Escobar’s dramatic demise. He has been going out and sharing his story everywhere. Pisces Man in Bed: What Exactly Makes Sex difficult with Pisces Man? Being the only daughter of Pablo Escobar, Manuela lived a world of fantasy in her native land Colombia. In 1994, the Colombian government gave them new identities with new names. Juan now lives a normal life with his wife and six years old son. The mother tried to start her own business, but her true identity always forced her to hide, once she was even incarcerated for a month. There’s not a lot of information about the whereabouts of Manuela Escobar; no Instagram, no Facebook, and no Twitter either! Next, read more about Pablo Escobar, like how crazy his net worth was, and how surprisingly mundane his day-to-day life was. Find out top 10 amazing facts about Pablo Escobar daughter. His attempt at escape across the barrio rooftops, the ensuing gunfight, and his eventual demise. Norman Kali: What’s Unknown about the Partner of ‘Lost’ Fame Actress Evangeline Lilly, Inside the Love Story of Tom Selleck and His Second Wife: Jillie Mack, Meet Gael Anderson: The Wife of Walking Dead Actor Andrew Lincoln. Hardships After Pablo Escobar’s Death. Pablo has really tried his hard to keep away Manuela’s life affected by his deeds. According to reports, she slept with the shirt of Pablo the day he died. Manuela Escobar was born on 25 May 1984 in Colombia. Manuela Escobar is, to date, the only member of the Escobar family never to be implicated or accused of any crimes. However, it wasn’t the weirdest act Pablo did so far to keep Manuela happy. After the death of the criminal, Pablo Escobar children and wife were forced to leave the country and be in hiding because many drug dealers wanted to kill them. One of the incidents proving his brilliant fatherhood is mentioned by Author J.D Rockefeller. Short Wiki like Bio on Manuela Escobar. However, she never lived the life of a normal child. Pablo was ranked at the seventh richest man in the world by Forbes earning $6 million per day back then. Manuela and her family were living a life of riches until Pablo was alive. Latest ENTERTAINMENT & Celebrity news in Nigeria, Manuela Escobar: What happened to Pablo’s daughter Manuela today. 7 countries, including Germany, refused to let the family in.

In November of 1994 Colombian government gave them a new identity her mother Maria Victoria Henao was given the name “Maria Isabel Santos Caballero,” her brother Juan Pablo Escobar name was changed to “Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos” and Manuela to “Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.”. Now, he is working on the second book which will include the last days of Pablo’s life when he wasn’t with his family. It is said that Pablo made his wife, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Required fields are marked *. All rights reserved. Any other normal parents would hand her a toy unicorn, but Pablo’s fatherhood was simply out of the box. [Featured Image by Luis Benavides/Fotolia/AP Images], Jade Grobler Stuns In A Red Bikini Top And Short Shorts In Latest Instagram Snap, ‘DWTS’ Pro Lindsay Arnold Shares First Pic After Giving Birth To A Baby Girl, JoJo Dazzles Fans In Sparkly Figure-Hugging Gown With Matching Long Gloves, Brennah Black Sizzles In Yellow Bikini While Soaking Up Some Sun, Janet Jackson Shows Off Her Abs In Throwback Photo With Nelly, Top European Soccer Clubs Urged To Sign International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Antisemitism Definition, Meagan Good Slays In A Skintight Catsuit With A Plunging Neckline For Halloween, Natalie Roser Flaunts Her Toned Figure In A Tiny Denim Miniskirt, Cindy Prado Rocks A Skimpy Pink Bikini In A Sultry Series Of Snaps, Arianny Celeste Sizzles In A Casual Jumpsuit With A Plunging Neckline, Tyler Johnson Tweets He’s Out As Theo On ‘The Young And The Restless’, Hunter McGrady Flaunts Her Voluptuous Figure In A Sports Bra & Skintight Leggings, Privacy Notice for Personal Data used for Interest-Based Advertising and Third-Party Marketing.

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