So you found that perfect gem of a low mileage 5.3-liter LS out of a rotted-out SUV to donate to your latest creation. There are numerous options to overcome this quandary. By Jake Longolucco January 04, 2019.
Wire It Up: LS Swap Harness Options On A Budget. The most cost-effective is to download a schematic online and relocate your sensors where you want them, delete unnecessary wires, solder in the plugs you want, where you want them and add wire where it needs to be added. LS wiring harnesses and swap kits for all Gen III and IV engines.

I offer a worry free troubleshooting forum - If you have an issue or cannot figure something out, just send me a message and I'll get you taken care of.

Follow me on Instagram to see tons of cool stuff in your feed. All work is done in house and quality checked before it leaves the door. Whether you want to use a stock PCM and LS Harness Connection harness, or go full-send with a Holley Dominator engine management system, LS Harness Connection is your source for your high performance needs with special pricing tables growing each and every day! Our customer service is second to none and can be reached by phone five days a week and emailed 24 hours a day.

We have a combined 25+ years experience. In this specific scenario, some significant changes need to take place to the wiring harness to make it work as a stand-alone. Is there a good place for it in the engine bay, or do you want it tucked away somewhere under your dash or center console? Now, where does the computer go? All of these options, from re-pinning your original wiring harness to purchasing a complete, standalone operating system, come with different individual costs and level of complexity. His free time is spent wrenching on, and drag racing, GM musclecars. This could be an ideal situation for someone who picks up a junkyard engine with a botched harness (they aren’t always nice to the wires on the way out). In one of our custom builds, we chose to utilize a small operation out of Kentucky, who builds its harnesses from all-new equipment. Better yet, what happens with all the wiring you don’t need? Sounds easy, however, if you’re anything like me, what starts as a well-orchestrated plan turns into an unorganized rat’s nest.

Jake believes all hot rods should have a third pedal. Jake is a graduate of Roger Williams University, and has a career as a firefighter in southern Rhode Island.

Hopefully, you can find guidance, or at least some clarity in what options are available and make a decision that best fits your application and budget. These guys are out there however, there are a ton of fly-by-night operations on eBay that may not deliver, so choose wisely. Speartech is your LS & LT wiring harness swap specialist. Swap Specialties 24x Standalone wiring harness for GM Gen3 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0L Engines have proven to be the best harness on the market today. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. So how do you get your 20-year-old LS1 intake manifold, Camaro fuel injectors, and long-tube headers talk to each other through a wiring harness designed for an early-2000’s Suburban? Some of the changes were: forward-facing oxygen sensors, passenger-side coolant temperature sensor, EV-1 (SD 80) injector plugs, and a 5-foot lead for the primary fuse block. A PSI Harness is made with top quality material right here in the USA. Depending on header configurations or turbo applications, lengths and locations for oxygen sensors could be drastically different than from that of the SUV you robbed your $300 engine from. Most builders are familiar with fabrication techniques, trouble shooting, and parts swapping to make things work, but electronics rise to a … We'll send you the most interesting LSX Magazine articles, news, car features, and videos every week.
I'm committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Startup guaranteed. Don't wait 4 to 5 weeks for your harness to ship. The main difference between our Direct-Fit custom harnesses and a standalone engine management harness is that the custom harness is exactly that… meaning it is built custom for your application. So you found that perfect gem of a low mileage 5.3-liter LS out of a rotted-out SUV to donate to your latest creation. Log in, LS SWAPS: HOW TO SWAP GM LS ENGINES INTO ALMOST ANYTHING, Ultimate LS Rectangular Port Cylinder Heads Guide, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Crankshaft and Camshaft Signals Guide, LS Engine Rebuilds: Parts Selection Guide, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Wiring Guide, What You Need to Know About LS-Series Engines, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Electronic Throttle Equipment Guide, LS ENGINE INDUCTION SUPPORT AND AUXILIARY COMPONENTS, Fuel and Spark Guide for Big-Inch LS Engines, How to Build an LS Engine: Cylinder Heads, Camshafts and Induction, LS Engine Turbocharger Projects: Step-by-Step, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Exhaust and Induction Guide, LS ENGINE SUPERCHARGER TYPES AND HOW TO CHOOSE, How to Tune Supercharged and Turbocharged LS Engines, Gen III (3) LS Engine Basics – Getting Started, LS SWAPS: Wiring Harness and Wiring Guide, Gen III (3) LS Vortec Truck Engine Buildup Guide, LS Cylinder Head Supporting Components Guide, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Engine and Subframe Guide, TUNING FOR SUPERCHARGED AND TURBOCHARGED LS ENGINES, HOW TO BUILD AN LS ENGINE: HEADS, CAM AND INDUCTION, Gen III (3) LS 500+ Horsepower NA Street-Racer Buildup, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Front-Drive Accessory Guide, LS Cylinder Blocks Guide for High-Performance, Gen III LS PCM Conversion Upgrades: Projects, Lessons and Strategies, Engine Block Options for Building Big-Inch LS Engines, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Initial Start-Up Guide, How to Remove and Install Gen III LS Engines: Tips and Tricks, GM LS-Series PCM: Understanding the Small-Block Generations, Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Transmission Guide, LS Engine: Intro to Turbocharging and Turbochargers, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: How to Change the Firing Order, How to Build an LS Engine: Cylinder Block and Rotating Assembly, LS SWAPS: Engine Management Systems Guide, Firebird and Camaro LS Swap: Cooling System Guide, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: On-Board Diagnostics Troubleshooting, Firebird and Camaro LS Swap: Fuel System Guide, The Arrival of the LS Engine – Start Your Rebuild, LS Engine Rebuilds: Break-In and Tuning Guide, Firebird and Camaro LS Swap: Transmission Guide, Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Cruise Control Guide, Choosing an LS Engine for Camaro and Firebird LS Swap, Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Signal Output Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Gen 3 LS Bolt on Power, LS Engine: Intro to Supercharging and Superchargers, Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Electric Fan Guide, 100 Horsepower Anybody Can Install in Gen 3 LS Engines, Gen III (3) LS 1200 Horsepower, 387-Cubic-Inch C5R Power Guide, Induction Guide for Building Big-Inch LS Engines, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Wire Harness Selection Guide, LS Engine Rebuilds: Component Preparation Guide, Camaro and Firebird LS Swap: Chassis and Suspension, LS: Forced-Induction Support and Auxiliary Components, Connecting Rod Guide for Building Big-Inch LS Engines, Intro to GM’s LS Gen III and Gen IV: The Small-Block Chevy Reborn, Cylinder Head Options for Building Big-Inch LS Engines, Ultimate LS Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads Guide, GM LS-Series PCM/ECM: Comparing Gen III Controllers, LS Engine Supercharger Projects: Step-by-Step, GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Tuning Software and Equipment, LS SWAPS: Accessory Drives and Cooling System Guide, Upgrading to Gen III LS-Series PCM: Air Conditioning Guide, Crankshaft Guide for Building Big-Inch LS Engines, The LS Engine Family – Building Big-Inch LS Engines, Proven Stroker Combos for Big-Inch LS Engines, LS ENGINE SUPERCHARGER INSTALLATION PROJECTS, LS: Pre-Installtion Guide for Turbochargers and Superchargers. He built his 1967 Chevelle at the age of 14, which he still pounds the pavement in today. These harnesses include the Gen II LT1/LT4, Gen III (24x) LS1/LS6 and Vortec Truck Engines as well as Gen IV (58x) LS2, LS3, LS7, & Vortec and GEN V LT / ECOTEC3 Engines. We explained all of the modifications and they offered some great suggestions and handled the rest. We offer LS / LT swap harnesses for all Gen 3, 4 and 5 LS / LT engines including LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSA, LS9, Gen 5 V8, LT1, LT4 ,LQ4, LQ6, L99, Vortec variants - DOD, VVT, AFM.

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