Have a lovely morning. You are the sun I need. Nothing is new on earth, but my love for you is newer than a new day.

My morning still feels awesome and I hope yours is too. Do have a wonderful day ahead. I pray that God will bless you beyond measure this morning and grant you all your good heart desires today and always. Thanks for being real and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you. 6. You’re my morning, noon and night. You are necessary and a compulsory part of me. You bring out the child in me and enable me to see the world in a brighter way. You’re a beam of sunlight, you stand out as the richest colour in the rainbow. May all your wishes come true today and always. You have brought untold goodness to my world. 5. Without you, my world feels lonely and sad and it’s filled with obstacles.
Each morning I offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for blessing me with someone as beautiful and caring as you are, and as understanding and loving as you are. 20. 67.
I don’t feel like waking up this morning, I just want to keep being next to you. I trust you are doing well today my angel, I really miss being by your side when you wake up but be rest assured we will be together very soon, I miss you a lot, Take care, I love you. You unseated loneliness in my heart and sat on the throne of love. 91. It’s my prayer that His benevolence will abide with you, His blessings will overshadow you, and His mercy and goodness will follow you all the days of your life. I look forward to seeing a new day because each day is a new opportunity to renew our bond and for me to view my greatest treasure. I do not wish to change something about me and that is my love for you. The sun peeps out of the clouds each day to remind you of yet another opportunity to dazzle and outshine everyone. Good morning, my woman and my everything. You are my flashlight when I am in the dark and the sweet candy that I can’t get enough of. My objective is to do right by you. You are the reason why gold is of no value to me cause, if I had you, I have all. Your face is the look of love and your feet are the steps of grace. You’re the reason I’ll wish to come to the world again. You have brought so much joy to my life. How blessed I am cause I found me your heart! 96. May He bless you in all your endeavours. 24. Good morning, sweetheart. Sweet Long Paragraphs for Her you can send to your girlfriend. You are more than gold, diamonds, and silver put together. So I pray for you, may the blessings and gladness of this new day not depart from your heart and life. It’s such a great privilege being by your side. I’ll never want to experience other seasons, this is the bliss I want to hold onto for the rest of my life. May it bring you happiness and goodness, joy and love. I am forever bound to you. The light in your eyes when you smile brings serenity into my world. Darling, you are the perfect fit for me.

I love you more than you know. Good morning to you, my one and only. Loving you is so natural to me, it makes everything right. 89. The way you make me feel is a feeling I desire, for the rest of my life.

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