So they might be some concussion. Any info would be deeply appreciated.

In Puerto Rico, the rent for a one bedroom apartment in a city center costs about $580 per month. @Reggie The public schools are generally not bilingual.

I love my island! The average low weather in winter time is 65 to 70 and it is very rare to have lower temperatures,yes there was a record low around the 40° a very long time ago but it is very rare. I like Puerto Rican music, but I miss the opportunity to listen to live country, blues, bluegrass, etc. Have a question? Am giving serious thought to moving there from Ga. I am disabled and my wellness depends on my moving someplace quiet and nice.

I’m buying a condo in Isabela, Pr.

I’m not sure about engineering salaries in Rincon. I used to advertise it when I was not there but Rio Mar does not rent well because is not close to the metro area. I would simply need a way to mail purchases to the US without it costing an arm and a leg.

We are freelancers living in PR. They also don’t have to pay tax on income that comes from within Puerto Rico. Did we emphasized on the awful traffic and awful public transportation system. Traffic in San Juan and surrounding areas, Hurricane season from May to November (but the locals don’t care), Everything (especially in the government) has to be done in person. Example in Puerto Rico a dental cleaning for my dog is $45 here the estimate was $300!!!

This would allow them to sell and buy from many more countries in the world. Sanitation standards in Puerto Rico aren’t as rigorous as what you’d typically find in the U.S., especially after Hurricane Maria. There are three prominent parties in Puerto Rico – the Statehood, Commonwealth, and Nationalist parties. In this way, the country’s economy started developing gradually. I expect to have a fixed income of right around $3,000 a month (with about $50,000 in the bank for whatever) and am on Medicare. I wish you the best. And it is “Puerto Rican”, not “puertorrican”. Since it is part of the United States. God bless The Tropical Island or Puerto Rico.

Thanks, Hello, Can anyone tell me about phlebotomy jobs in PR in hospital? I have no family in Puerto Rico but would love to live there.

I read all the above questions and answers. Since the country is a part of the United States, you can easily use the Medicare card for health-related problems. I was recently told that a hotel was being built right next to the water park. My husband wants to fish.

There are other living expenses that can also balance out your budget. One more question: I was thinking that maybe I could buy a house in Puerto Rico first while I am still working, then retire, sell the house and move to PR. While 3K may seem adequate, it depends on what your expected standards are: will your kids attend public school? You know more Spanish than many here! With its moderate climate, strong infrastructure, many beautiful residential options, good private schools, and gorgeous nature preserves, many are finding that Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to live. There is an English language class in all schools. One difference is that most doctors do not take appointments. Hi, I am a retired US Veteran, reading all the above posts sounds like I will be visiting the west-side of PR & I’m considering moving there.

: ).

It’s more like a state in the way pricing is done. I live on the busier eastern side of the island in San Juan but I’ve visited the West side.

The Aguadilla airport is an asset and the area, Porta del Sol, has a wealth of activities to keep one occupied. 3- I think the answer is yes, but you should verify the rules with the health and safety workers.

I would rather live in the “Mountains” than near the beach. Hiddem gems everywhere There are also millionaires and poor. Any suggestions? The cost of rental housing is comparable to the mainland US, but if you have the financial ability to purchase a home, this is the best option.

My son has high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger’s) and ADHD and struggles with social skills and bullying in his school.

Contact a local inheritance attorney and do your own research as well.

The laws are NOT what they are in the US, for the most part, the government states HOW and WHAT will be divided among forced heirs. The Jones Act of 1920 requires that everything that comes to Puerto Rico must first be shipped to the States and then reshipped to the island by US transport, thereby increasing cost. Puerto Rico is the land of professionals in every career. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hospitals, medical facilities and doctors are certainly equal to US doctors in abilities, and healthcare on the island resembles the US model. Always fun, happy, optimistic, caring. My husband and I, with our 2 kids (10 and 8) are planning a relocation later this year; who would we contact to pursue opening a business in PR? The article mention beautiful woman but did not mention that we ha have five Ms Universe. Puerto Ricans proudly remember their more than five hundred year history of cultural development.

Is there anyone out there who I can chat with by e-mail or even in this forum. It’s so close to the malecon (boardwalk) that I can walk from my apartment. My wife and I are already on medicare, would we need to do anything or make any changes to continue utilizing it if we moved to PR. I will schedule all PR VA appts prior to coming. I would be moving with a friend who could help with bills until I got a job. Are You Still Currently Living In Puerto Rico ? I understand one must call a taxi company to dispatch a cab; I’ve done this and a. seems highly expensive, and b. sometimes they show up but often they do not. Based on where I came from, Long Island, New York, some items on my list PROs on living in PR are the very low property tax, great coffee, panaderias and local food, My personal list of CONs includes the limited variety of live music. Will also be checking out Aquadilla this trip.

Or there’s one trailer park that I know of – Trailer Park del Atlantico, Calle Amador Brall, Camuy, Puerto Rico. I’m considering to retire in PR, can someone suggest an area that is rich in culture and history. Groceries are about 23% higher than mainland US grocery stores. My priorities include settling somewhere warm, inviting, affordable, while offering excellent AND efficient medical care.

Is basically a new concept (2006) implemented by Juan Mari Bras. Hopefully things will have improved in 10 years. Ask our Retirement expert. Old San Juan certainly offers a lot in terms of culture and activities; Ponce has some and San German even less but some… you may want to look at their tourism sites…. I did not vote in PR in 2012, but I am sure if I would have voted on both no one would have noticed. Having said this, do not expect standards for care services one would find in most US states. Working here presents a few problems – usually people need to met you to hire you. Compare the Top 3 Financial Advisors For You, Puerto Rico is a relatively inexpensive place to retire, and your Social Security benefits may be enough to cover most of your expenses, depending on your benefit amount and cost of living.

Hospitals visited did not appear to be in great shape and, again, long waits even in ER. I’m retiring on about $5,000 per month gross. My son”s girlfriend has a web based mail order kind of business and she manages fine. Sometimes people from the US come to Puerto Rico and assume that everyone wants to be a part of the United States but this is not true. check out Que Pasa PR! If you expect life in Puerto Rico to be a paradise and that’s why you’re considering retiring here, think again. I know something, the economy is changing but Puerto Ricoooooooooooooooo is Rich… And I can go on and on and on about Borinquen Bella. Pro Since you have a car, you could explore areas you would like to live in. Jon, I can only think or Old San Juan, San German, and Ponce where old colonial properties might be available. There is a lot of potential in this beautiful Island. We have a Fine Arts performance theater for concerts and dance, a PR symphony orchestra, lots of museums in Old San Juan and a beautiful one in Ponce.

I’m here to stay and I am determined to love it…it is what it is. People who live in Puerto Rico are real people with real lives.

I am really drawn to the NE and East coast. I would like to know if is good place to move. Similarly, on March 2, 1917, the United States finally granted Puerto Ricans U.S statutory citizenship.

As far as realtors, I’ve dealt with several, mostly in Rincon/Isabela beachfront areas, and having had experience in NYC, Chicago, and upstate NY I can tell you: a realtor is a realtor anywhere…. Love it there. The same as for any estate. Check this out:

It’s actually very easy to get by without knowing Spanish well. You electricity will go out.

Are there any affordable elderly complexes? Are you a rehabilitation counselor? I hear lots good things about Isabella, Charles. We are in exactly the same situation, and are planning to move in about a year … maybe 18 months.

In fact, resistance to the Spanish colonial government continues to be celebrated by many Puerto Ricans on the holiday, Grito de Lares (Cry of Lares) on September 23, 1868.

I live in the South part of the island, in Ponce and the electricity and water service are pretty good. Love it here! And it’s unfortunate bc we just started getting used to it here… I hope it’s all hype, but Zika will seriously affect people’s decision on living in Puerto Rico , Your email address will not be published.

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