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This genus contains some of the largest wolf spiders in Kentucky, with body lengths up to about 1".
Size: Range from the size of …

Whilst large for an arthropod, Megarachne was dwarfed by other eurypterids, even relatively close relatives such as Hibbertopterus which could reach lengths exceeding 1.5 m (59 in). [1], Megarachne was part of the stylonurine suborder, a relatively rare clade of eurypterids. The Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi) is the world's largest spider … This Year's MasterChef: The Professionals Trailer Is Finally Here!

[3] Selden and colleagues (2005) concluded that despite only being represented by two known specimens, Megarachne is the most complete eurypterid discovered in Carboniferous deposits in South America so far.

People are understandably scared of poisonous spiders. [8][7], The identification of the specimen as a spider was doubted by some arachnologists, such as Shear and colleagues (1989), who stated that whilst Megarachne had been assigned to the Araneae, it "may represent an unnamed order or a ricinuleid".

Spiders found in Kentucky include 47 unique species from confirmed sightings by contributing members of Spider ID. With a leg span measuring up to 10cm, the creatures are one of Britain’s biggest arachnid species and can even be the size of your hand.

[9] Even Hünicken himself acknowledged discrepancies in the morphology of the fossil that could not be accommodated with an arachnid identity.

Discussion", "The true identity of the supposed giant fossil spider Megarachne – 3. It was concluded that Megarachne and Woodwardopterus were part of the same family by Selden and colleagues (2005), with two primary differences; the tergites and the mucrones on the carapace are more sparsely packed in Megarachne and the protrusion of the anteroedian (i.e.

A bite from a Black Widow needs to be treated immediately by a medical professional.

Male house spiders venture indoors each autumn as they seek out warm, dry places while on the lookout for females to be their mate. They will bite if you disturb them or their home. The plant fossils present also suggest that it was subject to monsoons during certain time intervals. [1][6], Hünicken wrongly identified the specimen as a mygalomorph spider (the group that includes tarantulae) based on the shape of the carapace, the 15-millimetre (0.59 in) wide circular eye tubercle (round outgrowth) located in the center of the head between the two eyes and a circular structure behind the first body segment which he identified as the "moderately hairy" abdomen.
[13] In addition to Megarachne, the Bajo de Véliz Formation preserves a wide array of fossilized flying insects, such as Rigattoptera (classified in the order Protorthoptera),[14] but as a freshwater predator, Megarachne would probably not have fed on them. "The males are up to 10cm across the leg span and can be the size of your hand - that is the top range but it can be two thirds of that size. [8], In 2005, a second, more complete specimen consisting of a part and counterpart (the matching halves of a compression fossil) was recovered, preserving parts of the front section of the body, as well as coxae possibly from the fourth pair of appendages, was recovered from the same locality and horizon. All of these species are harmless to humans, Dr Terrell-Nield said, and play an important role in our homes by eating large quantities of flies and other insects.

It is commonly found on the trunks of trees that are near water. A little spider identification and education can reduce your chances of an unwanted encounter. [13], During Megarachne's time, Argentina and the rest of South America was part of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana which was beginning to fuse with the northern continents of Euramerica, North China, Siberia and Kazakhstania to form Pangaea. One very large Kentucky fishing spider is Dolomedes tenebrosus (below left), which has a legspan of up to about 3". The smallest genus, Mycterops, has even more densely packed ornaments on its carapace and tergite and might thus be the youngest ontogenetic stage of the animal.

It is commonly found on the trunks of trees that are near water. The cladogram below is adapted from Lamsdell and colleagues (2010)[4] and shows the relationship of Megarachne within the suborder Stylonurina.

Goliath Birdeater: 12 Inches. Spiders don’t really like you either. [3] Should Mycterops, Megarachne and Woodwardopterus represent the same animal, the name taking priority would be Mycterops as it was named first, in 1886.[11].

Instead, the blades on the frontal appendages of Megarachne would have allowed it to sweep-feed, raking through the soft sediment of the rivers it inhabited in order to capture and feed on small invertebrates.

The plant life consisted of pteridosperm trees such as Nothorhacopteris, Triphyllopteris and Botrychiopsis, and lycopsid trees Malanzania, Lepidodendropsis and Bumbudendron. Keep grass mowed so that your yard doesn’t become an overwhelming breeding ground. As soon as you are bitten, draw a circle around the bite mark and head straight to the emergency room. [6][7] The specimen preserves the carapace, the first two tergites, three partial appendages and what is possibly a coxa (the proximalmost limb segment). Some orb weavers are very large, but, like most Kentucky spiders, the bites of orb weavers are harmless except to allergic individuals. The Yellow-and-black Argiope (pictured below, top left), one of the largest spiders in Kentucky, is a type of orb weaver. [10] A morphological comparison with other eurypterids indicated that Megarachne most closely resembled another large Permo-Carboniferous eurypterid, the mycteroptid Woodwardopterus scabrosus which is known only from a single specimen. Among them, the raised lunules (the vaguely moon-shaped ornamentation, similar to scales) and the cuticular sculpture of the mucrones (a dividing ridge continuing uninterrupted throughout the carapace, the part of the exoskeleton which covers the head) are especially important since these features are characteristic of eurypterids. They concluded that Megarachne servinei was a large eurypterid (a group also known as "sea scorpions"), not a spider. Spiders can be distinguished from other arachnids in Kentucky by the connection between the abdomen and the cephalothorax. While they are found in Louisville, KY and throughout the state, they are timid and unlikely to bite unless handled or disturbed.

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